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Chronicles of Lord Everwinter

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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 03:50 PM
They called this place the Shining Realm. Everything in this realm seemed to have its own inner glow. Its as if the very air of this part of the world was alive. Objects are clearer. Edges sharper. Vibrant. Even now the sky is a bright azure blue. The fields outside the castle walls are emerald green, a sign that summer is in full swing. Peaceful.

Within the walls the courtyard sits in stark contrast to the beauty outside. The cobblestones are covered with the dismembered corpses of castle guards. Blood is on everything adding a bright splash of color to a horrid scene of death. Carrion birds quickly arrived on scene. One in particular squawked in anger as an armored warrior strode towards the castle's main building.

Breathing evenly, sword still grasped tightly in his right hand one would not think that he had just finished dispatching twenty highly trained warriors. Only the blood on his armor betrayed that. He paused, swatting at a hungry insect and looked up at the castle's lone tower.

Was that a person looking down at him? He squinted, shading his eyes to get a better look. But, whatever was there before had gone. This moments respite did not last however, for just at that time the large double doors leading to the great hall exploded with tremendous force.

"Sayent!" A deep voice bellowed from within. "How dare you invade my home!"

Sayent dove to the side as huge chunks of debris flew past him. One in particular struck his sword and sent it skittering across the ground. As his back touched down he tumbled into a crouch. Left palm on the ground. Knees bent. Muscles tense, his eyes raised as a shadow fell over him.

"This is not your home Clx," Sayent spoke softly. "You know why I am here."

"I do," the demon chuckled softly. It's armored body plates shifted as it positioned itself for a quick blow to the downed warrior. "Your god has no business here slave. And in that, neither do you. You traveled a long way to die."

As the demon was speaking Sayent had balled his right fist behind his foot. When the insectoid demon raised his massive hands above its head for a killing blow he sprang into action. The blow caught the demon as he swung downward. Clx struck nothing but air. Sayent fared far better.

His armored fist connected solidly with Clx's lower mandible. A thunderous crack resounded. The huge demon was lifted many feet into the air. Before he even landed Sayent had turned and walked away. As he bent to retrieve his sword he felt the air stir behind him. With a tight smile he rolled quickly to one side as the demon's taloned foot slammed the ground where he once was.


"Foolish lawbringer!" The demon roared. "Never turn your back on a Chosen of Chaos!"

His mighty fist struck out at Sayent and clipped him on the shoulder. It sent ripples of pain through his body though his movements never slowed. Sayent reversed his grip on his sword as he rolled with the blow. He brought the shining gold blade in a wicked arc that ended at the demon's right knee. Black ichor sprayed and the demon roared. Sayent backed off a few feet giving himself a moment to recover.

"Let's end this Clx," Sayent said. "I have places to go." The demon roared again and rushed at him, talons outstretched.

"Brute force," he said as he bound from the demon's thigh to his shoulder. "How typical."

Sayent flipped over the demon to land behind his back. As he came down his sword scored a large tear in the demon' chitin covered back. More of the creature's black blood spilled onto the ground. Clx spun to glare at Sayent as he stood a dozen feet away, sword point in the ground. A small amused smile creased Sayent's face.

"There is more to my Lord's power than you think slave," the demon rumbled. "He will feast on your very essence and I will be there to watch."

"Your kind learn too slowly Clx," Sayent heafted his sword. "You cannot defeat me. To sound cliche. My God is better than yours. And , thus, so AM I!!"

With that he sprang forward golden sword flashing as blow after blow fell against the demon's armored skin. Clx struggled to land a blow of his own but the Lawbringer was far to fast for him. After mere seconds a great amount of the demon's blood leaked from numerous wounds. Sayent was only sweating.

"Unlike you Clx, I serve a greater power by choice, " Sayent began to circle the demon who had dropped to one knee. "I choose to slay your kind because there is no place in the world, or any, for such as you."

"You are wrong lawbringer," Clx breath wheezed. "Without Chaos there can be no Order for you to serve. You destroy us and you destroy yourself. I beg no mercy if that is what you wait for. Send me back to where I came from, slave."

"I have better plans for you Clx," Sayent smiled. "For the countless deaths you have brought to this country. For the enslavement of those that remained. And for the imprisonment of a select few for your amusement. I condemn you to a life of serving Order through servitude to ME!"

Sayent lept forward. The demon raised his arm to protect itself. It was sliced cleanly off, just below the elbow. Sayent spun and drove his blade deep into the demon's throat the blade jutting out the back.


posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 03:52 PM
"You see Clx," Sayent spoke as if to a small child. "I am no mere Lawbringer. I am an extention of my Lord's will. I take that which I need and recreate it as my master desires. I am The Shaper. And your soul is mine."

Clx's eyes widened at the realization of what was about to happen. No wonder he could not even challenge this being. He was Shaper, soul vampire. Every being he has ever killed has been drawn into him. His power grew exponentially at each feeding. The last thing the demon saw was Sayent standing over him, eyes ablaze with a fiery golden light.

"Eh ' Da!!" Sayent roared.

The demon briefly lit up as if from within. Then it crumbled to dust. A sudden wind swept Sayent's cloak around him. He inhaled deeply feeling the demon's very lifeforce being drawn into him. He felt his power grow. He cast his head back and smiled at the sky.

Movement in the tower again caught his eye, breaking him from his reverie. Peering intently he wondered who was watching from up there. His job was done. Minders of Law would be along by morning to begin to set things right here. They always came to clean up his mess. All he had to do now was leave.

Perhaps it was curiosity. Moments later he found himself climbing the stairs of the tower. Could there be two demons?

'I will soon find out', he thought as he arrived at the only door.

Grabbing the handle he realized it was locked. It was a heavy wooden door bound with great iron bands. Quite a difficult thing to open for a normal man. But...

He stepped back and with sword in hand kicked the door as hard as he could. It nearly spun off its hinges as it collided with the wall. A small shriek sounded from within the room. Sword raised he entered and saw a woman standing near the window. Her hands covered her face and she peered at him through her fingers.

"Do not be afraid," Sayent said softly.

'No demon here', he thought. 'Just another prisoner.'

"I have slain the demon. You are free."

At these last words her hands fell away from her face. Sayent swooned. She was the most beautiful creature he had every seen. Even bedraggled and dirty she seemed to radiate the same energy that flowed from everything else in this kingdom. Sayent knew immediately that what stood before him was more dangerous than all the demons in the world. He was powerless to fight it.

He was immediately in love.

"Thank you noble warrior," her voice was soft, gentle, and yet powerful. "I am
Irendara. What is your name?"

"I am Sayent," he whispered, and was astonished to find himself kneeling before her.


(This is my work. I place a portion of it here for you to read and comment on.)

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 04:48 PM
Pretty good. Since it is deemed chronicles, I take it it will be a Trilogy or larger?

Will the Gods have parts in the tale as well?

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 07:32 PM

Pretty good. Since it is deemed chronicles, I take it it will be a Trilogy or larger?
reply to post by TDawgRex

Yes I have it planned to be a 4 book series.

Will the Gods have parts in the tale as well?

They play a very large role in the whole series.

A great portion of this is still in my head. I am actually looking for an artist that would like to help me turn this into a graphic novel. Not sure if that will ever happen but, one can dream.

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