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Why do Homo sapiens sapiens, always need a villain.

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posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 11:08 AM
Might be a stupid post, but reading some of the things on here, and from history, why do we need to have something to hate and fear? Why does it always have to be something we don't understand, seems like a caveman response to me. People of color, people of different religions, people that look different. Mean not long ago Judaism was the evil behind the curtain terror, then the reds oh no the communists would get us. Now it's Muslims, and anyone who remotely looks Arabic.

Why are we motivated by fear, hate, rage, misinformation, lies and rumors, why does the world have to be out to get us? Why do people who think outside the box have to be belittled, maybe they really did see something, when did we become a race that needs proof in everything. We cant see air and know it's there, we can't hear a dog whistle but we know it works. Yes I will admit I've done the same (for example, the post where people thought NZ was on the other side of Australia >.> and like 90 percent of those who posted it were american.) But second glance through even if I think it's a silly stupid mistake maybe they did slip through a crack somewhere.

We are big on conspiracies and TSHTF, and the PTB, but we turn and attack each other, we say proof of didn't happen, we all sit high and mighty behind or computers in a comfy spot and judge. How easy that is, but if we were there in that spot in that situation, how do we know what we would do, how would we know how we would act. Plus on topic of that, it is so easy to look back on the past and say silly things, like oh they couldn't of been more advanced, or the Mayan predicted our doom, we weren't there we don't know all we can do is guess and interpret and estimate. Maybe they ran out of room, or stone, or maybe they went to war, got sick or the creator designed something else. Hell maybe the calendar like the circle goes back to the beginning and nothing happens. Next you will say web-bot, and timewave zero and other things like that, well it picks up on the human conscience, and browses through the net and things like that, and since we're talking about it more and more, of course it's going to pick up on 2012, and doom and gloom, and they say it predicted certain events, kind of funny they announced that it did after those events happen so how do we know it really did?

Yes some people are crack-pots, some are liars and cheats, but everyone should get a fair judgement once, we want others to wake up and be aware like us, but we bash them and be little them, that in my book makes us no better then the people we're trying to save them from.

We need to come together as once, who cares what we look like, sound like, what race or sex we are. The color of our skin, our hair, or eyes. Maybe we're all secretly scared on the inside, maybe we're waiting for some one to stand up and we'll follow, we all bitch and complain but do nothing to fix it. If we plan on surviving either here on earth, or in another world, another life, or even a higher plane, we need to lose our pettiness, our hate and skepticism.

I know it wont happen all at once, but maybe little by little, take one post you probably would of bashed today, and think about it, do a little research before posting, and take a leap of faith and back up the op. Or politely explain why you don't believe them. Trolls will be trolls, we don't have to stoop to their level, show others, each other, and the world we're not crack=pots, we're not crazy, that we just want to be told the truth, we want to see the big picture with our own eyes.

I'm well aware this post will probably get nay-sayers, and bashers, and trolls, and I'm ok with that, I have to follow my own advice too, if you disagree that is your choice, if you agree again your choice, if you believe in something different I'm fine with that too. I will try to respond to all in a timely manner, but this is just maybe a moment of awareness after waking up, or a moment of silliness, who knows just figured I would share it with you all.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 12:05 PM
well good on you OP for wanting humanity to embrace each other as the brothers sisters and allies we are

as for the Villains ,well there are villains and we don't need them ,so the point of being awake and aware would be to get rid of them and or break their ability to harm us

some of them are us, some of them are, umm something that isn't us ,

I don't think there ever were cavemen in the sense most people think

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 12:10 PM
I think we need villains, because we evolved in a setting full of conflicts ranging from surviving animal attacks to defeating an encroaching tribe that attempted to take from our resources due to either scarcity, greed, or aspirations of empire, and that's how we have grown to define ourselves - by how we manage and survive conflict.
There is also the intrinsic belief that most of us hold that we are good, right, and virtuous, therefore in the context of conflict, those in opposition of us, must be a villain. It has given meaning to our existence for so long, that we've begun to define ourselves by it, and in the absence of conflict and the associated villain, we have difficulty defining a meaningful self image, and overall purpose for being.

I think that the need to overcome is good and necessary for survival and evolution, but instead of conflict with our fellow man, whereby we vilify others over ideological differences, we need to focus our need to overcome on more productive obstacles like living in harmony with each other and the planet, unlocking free energy and putting it to the best use for the most good, and making ourselves fit to join a larger community of space-faring peoples that have already overcome these obstacles to evolution.

However, there are considerable stones in our path, placed there by powers that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo in order to maintain their wealth and power. Therefore, these powers, through deception, misdirection, and geopolitical puppetry create boogeymen like terrorists, evil aliens, opposing religions and political ideologies to keep us distracted, divided, and fragmented in our efforts against paper, vapor, or real enemies that have either been dreamt up or installed for us by the aforementioned powers.

With the advent of the modern "intelligence" agencies that have crept up in and around governments around the world, the pieces on the board are no longer ours to control, and those who do exert control are no longer accountable to the body politic which they are, by design, supposed to protect and serve. In our past, a threat, real or imagined caused the American People and other peoples to give at least tacit consent for intelligence operations to be allowed to operate behind a veil of secrecy that was deemed necessary for it's efforts to succeed against the nefarious machinations of our enemies. That veil has allowed insidious forces to infiltrate our intelligence networks and to carry out illegal operations that now ONLY serve the interests of the power elite, and bear no accountability to anyone.

On the not so rare occasion when these agents are caught red-handed and shown to be what they are, several problems present themselves. First, the news media has been infiltrated and slowly become the mouthpiece of the power elite, so it is impossible for most people, busy with their lives, to distill the spin and disinformation into meaningful truth. Second most people came up in this country believing in a paradigm of government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and most cannot accept that this precept no longer exists as anything more than an illusion maintained by the power elite and the willing subjugated masses who cannot accept the horror of what they have allowed to become, or the guilt for allowing it. Third, as some people awaken to the truth of the world, they cannot handle it and have a nervous breakdown. Not knowing if they are alone in their understanding or if they will be targeted by the forces set against them, they want so badly to return to their former understanding, that many will pretend that they do not know the truth and try to forget it, going about the business of life with their blinders on, denying the truth that is eating away at their insides because it is too difficult to face truth, in light of the seeming uselessness at even considering overcoming the almost unfathomable evil that has cropped up in place of our principled and idealistic system.

This reply has run much longer than anticipated, but I just allowed myself to follow the natural progression of why we have not progressed beyond needing a villain, and this is where I arrived. We need challenges to overcome, not villains, but now we are faced with a true challenge in wresting illegitimate power from the corrupt hands of those who unjustly wield it against all of us. Unless we are able to awaken in mass to this realization, I suspect we will forever be doomed as a people and a planet to be locked into these unhappy, unevolved, and destructive patterns of behavior and interaction with one another, as the power elite is in no way running short on fresh ideas for new villains that they can install in order to keep us dancing.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 12:16 PM
When I think of the collective peril we now face as a people, civilization, and planet, a peril that is as real as a meteor or plague wiping us out, I am reminded of the words of Duke Leto Atreides from Frank Herbet's Dune as he talks to his son Paul on a balcony overlooking the oceans on Caladan, regarding the turmoil of the upcoming change as House Atreides prepares to take over the spice mining operation on Iracus from House Harkonnen. Paul was expressing his concerns and fears over events to come. Duke Leto says to his son, "Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken." And indeed, if we are to survive our current peril, then so must the sleeper awaken in all or at least, most of us.
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posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 01:24 PM
Thanks for the replies, didn't think I would get as many as I did, seem's lately we all want is violence and terror, and to be angry at something. But I agree, and I know it's a random post but I woke up this morning and was just thinking. People as a whole point fingers and blame, and want things to be fixed but we don't do anything about it instead we pass judgement.

Dune good book and good movie. But again thanks guys.

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