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armys throughout time?

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posted on Apr, 6 2003 @ 02:01 PM
Okay I need some help here. I am doing some research on the different armys throughout civilization. Since there are a bunch of them I need to know from you all which ones are the major ones? I need pictures of what they may have looked like. For instance I have some images of aztec army soldiers and Modern day american military soldiers. I am looking for armys of the bible... I would guess these would be Isreali armys but I need images of what they may have looked like etc. Actually which ones of the biblical period would be important to note? Which eastern warriors/soldiers would be most important to note? Im thinking of maybe babylonian soldiers... asyrian soldiers also etc. etc. .... anyone else? What soldiers existed closer to 100 a.d.... or the end of b.c? I want to know which soldiers throughout time are most important to note (ones that would touch upon the major eras of civilization i guess). Since they are many of them.... i want to only recongnize a few that are most important. Bare with me Im not to versed on this kind of subject matter which is why I am asking those who are.
I just want to make sure you all understand what I am asking or looking for. Also I posted this here (not knowing if its the most appropriate place to do so) because I figure the people entering this part of the board would know more on the subject matter I am talking about. So sorry if this is not an "appropriate" post on this board but I am looking for help. If any mod wants to move it to a more appropriate area (if there is any) then thats fine with me.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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posted on Apr, 6 2003 @ 03:55 PM
someones got to have some idea of what im talking about.


posted on Apr, 6 2003 @ 04:04 PM
There is only one army from Biblical times you need to know about - The Roman Army.

Those boys rocked the world!!!

posted on Apr, 6 2003 @ 04:21 PM
when people try to get others to do work for them no one replies, but i'll help a little type in bibcal armies on google

posted on Apr, 6 2003 @ 05:32 PM
okay yeah roman definitly. no nazis. anyone else in the biblical period?
i dont mean for you all to do all the work for me. i assume that maybe you all know from the top of your head. if you dont .. dont feel presured or feel like you have to work for me. im doing my research and this is part of it. i have searched in google.

i found this site which is providing some info.

theres just so many freking battles and huge armys in the history of mankind and coupled with my lack of knowledge on this i cant figure out which ones are most important.

if i were to choose right now with my current lack of knowledge i would choose...

greek, roman, an eastern army?, aztec and american.

dont laugh.

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posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 01:16 AM
What do you mean no "Nazis"?

You can't do "Armies through out time" and not do "Nazis".

For they perfected the idea of segregation through uniforms. The SA had one Uniform, the Wermacht another, the Waffen SS yet another and so on. Not new, but more distinct than ever before...

And they also introduced the Mechanized tactic.

They are a crucial part of Military history because America has modeled most of its modern warfare, on the lessons taught fighting aganist the Nazis.

Either way, I'd find it important to include everything. Even if they are evil bastards...

As for pics though I have none, I don't care for pictures of the different soldiers through out time. I've seen them in books but never looked for them online.

Biblical soldiers hmm...not just Rome.

You have the Jews, the Babylonians.

One famous picture is of an Assyrian horse rider, and it's in stone, you've probably seen it before, but again, have no link to it.

Egyptians really didn't have clothes to start with lol...just that famous skirt like thing, it was white and they were armed with clubs, and bronze axes...

That was of course 2000 BC or whatever.

The Greeks, you'll have to look up too, them and their Phalanx. They would often scorn their circular shields with eyes or letters and such.

So there are some interesting ancient societies to look up on your quest:

Assyrians, Greeks, Sumers, Egyptians, Jews, Babylonians, Hittites.

Oh how could I have forgotten the Hittites, you must look them up too, though I've never seen drawings of them.

posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 02:28 AM
Okay thanks man.

Heres what Ive come up with so far without any bias...

1) U.S. (1900s- 2000s)
2)Roman Empire (500 BC-1000 AD)
3)British Empire (1500-1945)
4)Chinese (Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 AD)
5)Crusaders (1100s AD)
6)Zulu (1800s-1900s AD)
7)Napoleon (France, 1800's AD)
8)Grecian Empire (600BC-500BC)
9)Japense Army (1932-1945)
10)Hittite Empire (pre 1000BC)
11)Constatine (1100AD)
12)Alexander the Great
13)Babylonian Empire (1000BC-700BC)
14)Nazi Germany(1915-1945)
15)Mongol Army(1300AD)
17) Moors


oh yeah i forgot...

18) Iraqi Army (2003)


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posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 03:11 AM
If you're doing the Aztecs, while there may not be much difference in their "uniforms" if you can call it that.

You should add the "Incas" which basically covers the two spectrums of Meso-American warfare.

Which if memory serves, it would be much akin to Aztecs = Greek tribal army and Incas = Roman legion army.

But adding Incas also would give a better broad spectrum of that cultural area and of course...schools love that political correctness stuff ~.~

Also...Samurai...Japan's Feudal age from 1185-1880s AD, you can NOT forget them.

They of course were their OWN thing lol

And hmm the "Han" dynasty in China...actually try and get several dynasties if you want...the "Shan?" the "Han" Ming...Mao? something like that.

In fact it might be interesting to see if there are uniformal changes through out Chinese history, through the dynasties.

*EDIT* Yeah actually, it would be interesting to show some military pictures of the Dynasties of China, and then to show modern photos of Red China's Army.

[Edited on 7-4-2003 by 5POF]

posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 03:25 AM
Major era's of civilization as seen through Military:


1) Egyptians
2) Sumers
3) Hittites
4) Asyrians
5) Phonecians (naval warfare)
6) Greeks (land and sea, introduction of Phalanx)
7) Alexander's Army (Introduction of long spears)
8) Rome (Introduction of the Legion).
9) Germanic, Celtic peoples just cover the Tribes loosely.
10) Feudal war in Europe (Knights and peasant soldiers)
11) The Islamic Army.
12) Vikings//Norse (introduction of amphibious warfare).
13) 1600s - Cromwell and the English Civil War (Introduction of the Gun)
14) Brittish
15) USA 1776-present.

That's about as skimmed up as I can think of it for western society (this is fun


1) Indus River Valley (Soldiers faught only during the day)
2) China (and its myriad of dynasties)
3) Shaolin Monks (as you can see, not sure what order because not certain of dates).
4) Atilla the Hun (Introduced horseback riding from his homeland)
5) Japan (Samurai and their "Bushido")
6) Russian Red Army
7) Chinese Army.

Hmm poorer list but still, good estimate in my eyes


1) Aztecs
2) Myans
3) Incas
4) Native Americans New England
5) Native Americans Mid-west and West.


1) Age of Empires (900-1800 AD)
2) Zulu's (First attempts at using a sword in South Africa, by Shaka Zulu. 1800s AD ~Pretty sad when you think about it~)

And there's my list, because I'm a bit bored, but hopefully this will help you sift through points in history where militaries had a significant change and the like.

posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 04:20 AM
OK it's armies in some sort of organised modern sense -as opposed to simply fighting men.
I'd recommend:
Persian Empire
Macedonian Phalanx (Alexander)
Hannibal and elephants
and above all the Roman legions.
ample detail and illustraions available for all.

posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 08:38 AM
It's interesting no American cited the Spanish Empire (1492-1898). It was not only the 'Armada Invencible' (Invincible Navy), armys were needed to conquer The empire with no sunsets'.

posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 06:13 PM
Uh was the british regarded as the Empire where the sun never sets.

But you're right, since its "Armies" though I think only the Conquestadores would make it into the report.

But they're a worthy bunch, 100s conquered empires...And there are plenty of pics of them.

posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by 5POF
Uh was the british regarded as the Empire where the sun never sets.

Then both. Spanish Empire took most of Western and Central-Europe, Guinea, SouthAmerica, Filipinne Islands,... Really, the sun never setted.

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