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Weird dreams :

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posted on Apr, 5 2003 @ 01:42 AM
Tonite I made a Weird dream :

I as in a supermarket, and near the HiFi-Video zone I met Georges BUSH and Junior (
), I wasn't really them :
In fact, in my dream, it was like if they had caricatures masks of them (Like in spotting images); Their was a really strange music, A kind of techno country

When I saw them, the supermarket turned into a maze and a black-angel took junior in hell; The elder, (in my dream he had a pace-maker instead of a heart !)
felt down of a cardiac crisis. I finally meet my mother in the supermarket and e come back home in his car !

This is one the "weirdest" dream i had;
Please tell us yours !

posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 10:28 AM
i had weird dreams if i eat cheese before i go to sleep, or if i have been drinking..

posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 10:54 AM
I had this dream over 15 years ago when I was just an adolescent. I still remember it like it was last night's dream...

I was with a couple guys I grew up with on some sort of hunting trip. We are standing on a bluff on my parent's farm looking toward the hillside across a valley from us. It was almost dusk or an overcast day. Through the treeline on top the hillside I see a creature against the skyline. I can make out its shape at first, a bull with horns standing erect and running like a man, I then see thats its covered with snow white fur. Its torso is elongated and its lower extremities are rather short yet its moving toward us at a high rate of speed. Its chest is huge and its arms are very muscular with human hands covered with the same fur clenched in fists. Its stride is very determined and sends a panic through me I've never felt before. I turn and suddenly, my friends are gone and I'm alone. Its still coming. I look down and my rifle is now an old musket. I look up, its still coming..faster and closer. I look down, my musket is now a toy pistol from my early childhood. Its useless! A feeling of hopelessness comes over me and my panic escalates!! I look up, its still running toward me and I know its a matter of seconds now..then I wake up.

I awoke from this dream and it was almost daybreak. I told my parents. they told me it would fade as all dreams do. But it never has and is crystal clear to me to this day. I was 11 or 12 at the time and I'm 34 now.

The only dream I have ever remembered is the white bull.

posted on Apr, 7 2003 @ 08:09 PM
I had this dream around 9/11, not sure if it was before or after. But It was a very realistic dream, I mean everything was realistic down to the wind howling and stuff. So it started where i was on the back deck of my house and there was a storm coming in. It was nice outside like around 75 give or take, a calm breeze but it was cloudly and appeared as though it was about to rain, but it didn't. It was just gloomy outside. I looked up into the sky and there was this like HUGE television type thing and satan's face was in it. I guess it was satan, that's who I thought it was in the dream. I looked around and everyone was out of their houses and looking into the sky and they were all getting down on their knees, i looked up and I heard this thing say in a trembling voice BOW YOURSELF BOW YOUR HEAD TO ME! or something very close to that. When I defied him I felt the biggest clash of thunder ever, it shook me off my feet and I fell onto the ground, I then looked up into the sky and there was a speck of red and this speck got larger and larger from a single point until the whole sky seemed to bleed red, like a blood red. It was really weird..

posted on Apr, 8 2003 @ 01:54 PM
Interesting that you mention red sky and this dream happening post 9/11. I was on the scene on Sept. 11th being that I live a mile away, and am an EMT. And when the sun was setting the dust and smoke caused the oddest looking blood red sky I have ever seen.

posted on Apr, 12 2003 @ 03:15 AM
discorvered after the 9/11, while the afganistan attack of the alqaeda training camps, you'll see that ossama and his lieutenants also mentionned some ESP dreams about the 9/11.

posted on Apr, 12 2003 @ 11:27 PM
I know what they were talking about. If I had Yossef Bodansky's book on Bin Laden, then I would know for sure, but from what I remember reading, Bin Laden's men had dreams about airliners in the desert. One of them had a dream that they were dragging a 747 through the Arabian desert. I think that the person was Khalid Shiek Mohammed, but I am not sure.

I don't anymore then what was told in Bodansky's book: Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War On America. The book talks about these dreams only a little. The reason the dreams were mentioned is because Bodansky was trying to show you how the minds of these people created the horrible scences they install in our minds. It was in the dreams of airplanes that the ideas came to blow up 12 airliners over the Pacific Ocean in 1995. Thank God that these operations were not carried out. Thank the FBI as well.

If anyone else has this book available to reference then I would be pleased to see them qoute the book on the dream references. Thank you.

I would do it if I had my book with me, but I don't. If anyone has any other references to Al-Quida dreams or insight into ESP capabilites then please say something. The info can save lives.

posted on Apr, 13 2003 @ 01:29 AM
Here is one about you Nans.

I seemed to be in the passenger seat of a small VW Bug with you driving, and two other people in the back. I didn't know who they were, but one was a hispanic female and the other was a black male.

The dream started off in the middle of a conversation between me and the driver of the car(Nans). The conversation seemed to be going on for hours, and it felt like I was deeply consumed and interested. It was at about the time that I realized how lengthly and involving that the conversation was, when I finally realized who I was talking to and what they were saying.

You see, the begining of the dream came on real fast and abruptly. So once I realized I was where I was, I had to naturally find out what I was doing and who was I doing it with. My mind was collecting these important conclusions as I was dreaming. So I was in effect, already there. Does that make sense????

Let me explain. You see, I couldn't understand the conversation until I figured out who I was talking to. The converstation was deep and like most dream talk it was something I could barely remember. I rarely remember the things said in my dreams. So the whole idea of talking in a dream for me is almost pointless. I can't comprehend anything unless it has base meaning in my life. So as I was coming into this dream, I was deeply invovled in something I could not hold down as base, because I had not found it's true meaning yet.

Take into consideration that Nans(the driver) was talking to me, I wasn't talking to her. I was only responding to her explainations and concerns. So because I have not yet met Nans in person, and because the conversation was too deeply involved in some massive struggle, I couldn't grasp the reality and the base meaning of this dream to it's entirety until I realized that I was talking to Nans.

Everything before the moment I realized she was the driver was very vague, and only lasted 10-20 seconds.

After the first 30 seconds or so, I began to realize that Nans, and I were with two 'strangers' who were in the back seat of the car. The car seemed to be in some South American country. It reminded me of Equador or Columbia. We drove through what seemed to be un-driveable roads, in a piece of crap car. The black guy and the hispanic girl were not even paying attention to our conversation.

Our conversation seemed to be about ATS. It seems that you were discussing to me, some of the ideals you had that were misunderstood by others on ATS. It was a peaceful engagement, but still it was deep. You seemed to be very concerned for the image you represented, and how the people who saw it were affected by it. You also seemed to be concerned of the way people treated you on ATS. The discussion was revolving around that subject. We were in peace with the people who had conflicts with you, but still questioned their reason. We were simply engaging in a critique of the ethics from other ATS users. All this while we were driving in the South American jungle with two 'strangers'.

So after a while the conversation just ends, like it was all resolved and nothing else needed to be said. At that point we were pulling up to an enclosed orchid of these colorful trees and leaves. The scene resembled a wooded area in like the Black Forrest in Germany, except that the trees were small and bushy, not tall and skinny. You saw millions of leaves on the ground and a useful amount on the branches as well. So it seemed like fall, but not nearly winter.

After pulling into this orchid, we see a large arrangement of stone sculptures lying on the ground like someone had forgotten them. They were large replicas of a man's feet cut off above the ankles, and a man's hands cut off above the wrists. The other replica was much larger than the two feet and two hands. It was about the size of the VW Bug but a little bit bigger. It was nothing more than a square cube with a large bronze hook attached to the top of it. The feet, the hands and the cube were all gold colored. Cheap spray paint gold in fact. The surface material was made up of that stuff they put on lifting weights that always chips off (you know the stuff).

The only people who left the vehichle were the Black guy and I. Nans and the hispanic girl stayed in the car. Everyone was amazed by the sculptures but only the black guy and I got out to investigate. I could hear the voices of amazement coming from the ladies in the car, while myself and the black man were looking at the replicas at first hand. We got with in inches of the sculptures and started to walk around them in awe. We observed the out of place arrangement and unusual mystique of the items. We talked about the size and reasonable weight of the items. They looked like they were extremely heavy, and extremely out of place. It was alomst as if someone had been carrying these items and left them on the ground for a moment and either forgot about them or left them abruptly.

The whole area was strange and mysterious. After much anticipation the black man grabbed one of the hands so that he could try and determine the appoximate weight. As he did so, he was horrifically suprised by the unusual light weight of the items. He picked them up, without expecting to, and because he didn't expect to be able to lift those massive items, he immediately dropped them on implusive fear. He and I were completely over-whelmed by some menacing fear as we both witnessed his ability to lift these replicas of the leaf ridden ground. They must have felt like foam. That is how light they were. When he lifted them, the replicas seemed to float up in the air, because the force he expected to be needed to lift was much more than needed. It is like grabbing for a full milk carton only to find out it is empty. Did you ever do that?? Do you remember how over-whelming that unneccasary force was?? It was no different with these huge replica hands.

Once we noticed the menacing fear we came to the conclusion to run like hell. As we were making that important decision to get away fast, we heard the cries from the ladies to come on. They saw it too, and were just as scared. Once we made it back to the girls waiting for us in the car, we left like we had just held up a bank.

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