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9/11, ATS, I really need your help here! Come on, together we thrive

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posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 06:07 PM
Please help me inbed or get the video up called consiracy theories 9/11 ten years on, on bbc2.BBC iplayer
Hey guys and girls, I need some help here big time.
I have been into for a while now, and know pretty much all about the 9/11 consiracy therories.
I Have been doing my upmost now for nearly a year to get my friends and work colleges to know or try and find out about, the real world, and what is really going on.I know there are many theories out there that you really have to be open minded about which is why I thought I'd start with the with the 9/11 ( thing that happend) as I get so much conflict from it, obviously they think or do know about it cos of the msm.
And yes they do know so much about it cos they've seen a few programs on the BBC.
Seriously though, I am well liked in my work place, most think i'm crazy but I just play along so we can keep talking about stuff (plant a seed n stuff) I never go over the top, you know the people who are really willing to listen, and to be fair now i get at least 1 person a month interested at the mimimum.
I love it because within 2 hours of me getting into work, the whole place starts talking about conspiracies,Yea most of them take the mickey,but I just reply things like O well the queen's a lizard or aliens are coming.( i don't think the queens a lizzard who says hello to the public then goes back in her palace and shapeshifts) but I just do it to so people don't think i'm really serious and will argue with them as they are all good friends. yea granted 80% of them just watch the news and argue, well I saw it here and they said it on here.
But i'm just happy 2 keep planting seeds.

Holy mother of mary and jesus have I been babbling on. Please don't reply 2 the mary and jesus bit.

OK so my problem lies in the program that the BBC showed last night called the conspiacy files 9/11 ten years on.
I have been off work for 2 weeks and I go back today to people coming straight up to me and saying, did you see that program last night on bbc2 it ripped what ( you lot ) said appart.
So I came home and watched it and I could rip it appart but it would take me so so long to do what I already have done many times before .
SOOOoooooo I was hoping, that maybe if just 1 person could say about 1 point in the film and debunk what they are trying to debunk, which is very obvious when you watch the video, it woudn't take me so long.
Ok bearing in mind you think what a lazy guy. But I could of done it another way.
I could of just put the video up( if I knew how ) And said debunk this 1 then you 9/11 truthers... ha you cant can you..... and it would be done in a an hour.
Thanks for reading sorry if it was a little long . But my colleges want answers and YOU lot have em all.
Thank you sooooo much for your help.xx
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