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Charles Dyer: A case of Parental Alienation Syndrome

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 08:58 PM
The Charles Dyer case caught national attention here recently when he skipped bond and did not show for the second trial in which he faces accusations that he raped his 7-year-old daughter. The case has been muddied by more than one side, and by more than one issue. Since Dyer is a very vocal active personality in militia and pseudo-militia groups and has made many you-tube videos in which his bravado and anti-government rhetoric has propelled him to near hero status with these groups, when the Federal government became involved in his life due to a stolen grenade launcher being found in his possession during the execution of a local search warrant to get DNA in the child abuse case, Dyer's situation went from one man fighting against despicable allegations concerning his daughter, to a chorus of followers claiming he was the victim of a government conspiracy.

In actuality, it appears that Charles Dyer is the victim of Parental Alienation Syndrome coupled with the fact he's made quite a few bad decisions in his life that brought more focus than I believe he now cares to have.

Parental Alienation Syndrome strips hundreds to thousands of fathers, and mothers, each year from their ability to fulfill their parental role in their children's lives. They are stripped of the ability to spend time with their children, to enjoy the laughter, the love and the familial bonds of parenthood. Many times, due to false claims of abuse in various forms, they end up serving time, or worse yet, serving time and then being labeled for the rest of their lives as registered sex offenders; all due to vengeful lies by a spouse out to take all of what life can give them.

It appears to me Charles Dyer is a victim of this very thing.

I write a blog that follows criminal cases, mostly those that deal with crimes against children. I am an advocate of stronger protections of our children, and I believe that the child protective agencies of the nation still view our children as chattel of the parents. Because of this skewed view many times "unity of family" is placed far and above the welfare of the child and the child, viewed as property that must be returned to the parents, is placed back in harms way to suffer more neglect, more abuse...and even death.

But my staunch position that our children deserve more protections does not equate to possibly innocent men and women falling victim to a vengeful spouse's false claims, or local law enforcement not protecting even the accused due to their own inability to have an open mind out of fear they might not "call it right". In Charles Dyer's case I believe there may be an underlying fear by local law enforcement, and the District Attorney (as an elected official), that if they do not prosecute, even with little to no evidence, the accusations against Dyer MIGHT be true, and then they will have their own "Willy" on their hands that will destroy their career.

I only recently began covering this case which has been acted out within my own local region of Oklahoma. At first I thought Dyer was guilty. I thought him to be an instigator, a manipulator, definitely narcissistic, and a child rapist. Then I started reading the court documents. I have begun a library of the court documents that I am gradually adding to every day I can spend time at the court house. I have also begun to take notes of the testimony that was given at his first trial on the child abuse charges, which ended in a hung jury. I began with the accuser - his ex-wife, Valerie Dyer.

Right now, I do not believe that Charles Dyer raped his daughter. I believe he is a victim himself - of Parental Alienation Syndrome. Unfortunately, he continued to make bad decisions and listen to the cheerleaders who sit behind their keyboards pounding out words of bravado that have no real muster behind them (and apparently no real face when the going gets rough). He now faces REAL charges, brought on only by himself and his bad decisions.

You may read the court documents as I gather them and get them uploaded here on my library:

This case is NOT what the militia groups have whipped it up to be (a vast government conspiracy). And it is NOT what the allegations state (Dyer being a perverse molester of his own daughter).

It really becomes much more private, personal and tragic than that...and far more common, I hate to say.

In addition to the Library of court documents, if you wish to follow the notes I am taking from the transcripts of testimony during the first trial (transcripts of which I currently can't get copies), this is the category where the Dyer articles are posted. You can see how my view changed after beginning to read the case files.

This is a sad case of a tragic social issue, coupled with a narcissistic personality (Dyer's). I am hoping that the truth will get out and he will only serve for those recent crimes he has committed, and not those that appear to be false accusations by a scorned woman. For now, that's exactly what I think they are. I may change my mind as I read more evidence, but it's not looking that way to me at this time.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 09:22 PM
I have never heard of this case before. I don't know what the doctors are like where this took place, but, in Texas a a simple visit to the hospital is all it takes to find out if a 7 year old girl has been raped. It's alittle harder with adults that are sexually active, but a 7 year old would be obvious.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by Valhall

I have had it tried on me as well. My ex took my daughter to a children's advocate and told them that her step-brother, my step-son, made her do things and did things to her. After an extensive interview the advocate determined that this was nothing more than childhood curiousity and nothing sexual happened. This wasn't good enough for my ex and she took my daughter to the Dr. and had him do an internal examination of her, of which he found, nothing. The court didn't even take any of that into account when it was presented at a custody hearing. By the way, they were 5 and 6. This is a horrible thing that happens to many parents when the other partner doesn't care about the child's welfare, only that they "win". I wish this was studied and taken more seriously.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 09:31 PM

I understand the grief and the rage. I live it myself.

That rage is righteous and if turn inward, Thomas Ball incidents happen.

I want to see men marching on capitals and holding signs at political campaigns to make this an issue for the children and for fathers before the public-- long before I want to see an increase in sales in grenade launchers and men flocking to militia groups.

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