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The BIG March to Brussels, October 15, 2011

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posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 10:27 AM
I couldn't find anything about this on ats yet, except for a small one-line comment someone made on a political thread.

So the Big march to brussels,

It all starts in Spain, where the '15th of may movement', also knows as the “Indignados”, organized several demonstrations and marches in the last months.
In July ‘La Marcha Popular Indignada’ was held, where thousends of people from all around Spain undertook a 600 km journey, on foot, to Madrid. They arrived on July 23th and occupied the Madrid squares for days in peaceful protest.
The Indignados, also called the '15th of may movement' is a group that splintered from the “Democracias Real Ya!” (Real democracy NOW!) political group and for the last 4 months they have demonstrated and fought against the entire Spanish political system (as you sure have seen on the news).

15 may movement and Spanish protest on Wiki
Democratia Real Ya! on Wiki

With the Indignados' actions as an example, the fight against the system is becoming bigger and bigger in Europe. Meanwhile new formed groups of Indignados and like minded people are planning and undertaking their own protest marches, on foot, to Brussels to demonstrate in front of the EU headquarters.

There are known to be several groups of people underway from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Swiss, UK and Holland, there is even rumor that a group from Russia is already marching, all to arrive here in the next two months.
And exactly because they are becoming many, there has been set a date for one big protest in Brussels, instead of several smaller manifestations planned by individual groups: October 15.
All those groups that are about to arrive in Belgium soon are asked to stay there until okt 15 and participate in what is to be expected a big event by the participants.
Democracia Real Ya declared oct 15 the 'international day for direct democracy

Under the motto “Indignados of Europe! Unite!” They are still calling through all available media for entire Europe to start gathering small groups of people and undertake a foot march to Brussels and gather there at the set date. They are turning to like minded people and groups and many are hearing the call.
Some of the first groups have already arrived in Belgium, where the first problem was housing for these people. When more arrive, this problem will become bigger since almost none of them have made arrangements for their stay. There is a comite of Indignados set up in Brussels that is trying to organize it all.

Brussels itself is keeping quit about this. The only word from them is “we don't know about a protest on oct 15, no one has asked permission for that”.
The big media is painting a picture of a small event and mention that 'only 5 marches' are underway. But when you look at the several internet pages and msg's on alternative websites, it is much bigger then that. Not to mention all the people from around Europe that will not march but just come to Brussels on the set date to demonstrate.

Next link is only one example of the countless suport group:
support for the big march
There are many others, but most of them are not in English (I chose only to link English sources, but you can always use a translater on the other pages)

Next links are two groups, one from Spain and one from France who are keeping an online diary about there march, again there are many more like this in languages other then English
online march blog 1

We travel on foot the more than 1,500 km separating Madrid and Brussels. We will stop in Paris on September 17 to support the different actions of our comrades around the world that day. On October 8 we will arrive at Brussels, where an intensive week of protests and discussion forums will take place and culminate with the big global event planned for October 15.

online march blog 2

It's a nobal cause, it's almost like these people are on somekind of crusade....
But then again, there are rumors on the net and on facebook that other groups are planning to join the demonstration for their own, other causes. One dutch website reports that a Bulgarian group is coming to demonstrate against chemtrails (no source on that yet).

I for one am very curious to see how this will turn out.
Will it be peaceful? Since the Indignados are known to be a peaceful, non violent group... or will hell break loose in Brussels when more people than expected show up? Because, permission or not, this march WILL happen...

When will this march start to get the media attention it deserves?
And most important: will it change something at all?

Banner that is all around the pages of suport groups

disclamer: This thread is meant to be informational, I am in no way trying to promote or advertise the protest event or the political groups behind it.
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posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 11:25 AM

Oh. Wait...

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 11:31 AM

Originally posted by GypsK
...the fight against the system
It's a nobal cause...

What exactly is the cause?
I couldn't find anything about this in your posting, except for a small one-line comment someone made about chemtrails.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by alfa1

Well, as you can read in the links I provided, lot's of groups are in it for several reasons. The overall reason being: bringing change by challenging the entire political system in Europe.
Especially in Spain, where it all originated, the politcal system is blamed for just about everything: economical crisis, unemployment, etc...
change is the cause

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