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Follow the Money!! Soros Making More Cash With Congress. It's all about the GAS!

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posted on Jul, 25 2011 @ 07:32 AM
Say it ain't so!! However, it would appear that Soros is positioning himself for some serious gains. Gains that are needed to support his cause. In they eyes of Soros and his followers, the ends always justify the means.

What can you accomplish with a little help from your friends..

As the Administration’s push for alternative fuels grows stronger, Congress is set to consider H.R. 1380, which would create very generous tax credits to manufacturers who retrofit existing work vehicles to run on natural gas rather than on that terrifying global menace known as oil, and very generous subsidies to natural gas vehicle consumers: $7500 per car and a whopping $64,000 for heavy-duty trucks and 18-wheelers. It’s common knowledge in DC that Texas hedge-fund operator and natural gas-magnate T. Boone Pickens is the force behind this bi-partisan, pork-laden legislation, possibly because his natural gas empire would greatly profit from the sudden influx of billions of taxpayer dollars in the form of subsidies listed in the bill.

Soros again lurks in the shadows..

But hidden behind the scenes is another multi-billionaire, one with a much more sinister motive than mere profit. A man who’s vast fortune of nearly $7 billion is being used to subvert nearly every American institution to conform with his dream of a worldwide socialist utopia.

George Soros.

According to the website GuruFocus, which tracks the investment habits and portfolio trends of some of the world’s richest people, George Soros has made some intrigiung investments into alternative fuel companies of late, specifically those at the forefront of natural gas. This would not be so troubling except that, as GuruFocus points out, Soros has accurately predicted both economic bubbles and quickly growing industries. As a result, Soros’s funds have turned out a 30% return on investments since their inception.

A 30% return!!?? Pure luck???

One of the stocks Soros invested in recently is Westport Innovations (WPST), a global supplier of “solutions” that allow vehicles to operate on clean-burning fuels, such as natural gas. In fact, they are the world’s leading engineer of natural gas engines. Westport is currently working with Caterpillar to develop a natural-gas powered engine that would work in a number of utility vehicles, all of which would be eligible for the subsidies Congress is now considering. Soros’s investment funds have pumped about $122 million into WPST, and he’s added to his control as recently as December and March, when he picked up over a million shares, bringing his total to 5.5 million shares.

The kicker and Soros' patience. Just like a spider waiting for its next meal to fly into his web.

No other major investor shares his rosy outlook for natural gas engines, and the stock has barely crept up during the time Soros has held it, leading many to suspect Soros knows of a major future development. Could that development be Congress’s NAT GAS act? It seems likely.

Can our nation afford H.R. 1380?

Designed to promote a switchover from petroleum-based fuels to natural gas for transportation. Would provide a variety of tax breaks to trucking companies, vehicle owners, vehicle manufacturers and fueling stations to transition from gasoline and diesel to natural gas. The bill would provide approximately $5 billion in subsidies over a five year period, though an official budget estimate has yet to be conducted.

We all know the big push to increase fracking is on in an effort to exploit our nations shale gas reserves. Is this how they plan on killing oil in this country? The Key players are licking their chops as more states consider lifting bans on the fracking process

New York aims to lift moratorium

Maryland too

Exxon makes the big push

I wonder how much Soros and Pickens stand to make off of this.

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posted on Jul, 25 2011 @ 12:46 PM
I would rather run my truck on nat gas than i would ethanol, wich seems like it's main competitor. We got a lot of nat gas here in the USA, i'm all for switching over and a dude wanting to make some money does'nt seem like much of a conspiracy to me. Soros is'nt doing anything that Exxon and GE plus a hundred other big corporation's don't do everyday.

posted on Jul, 25 2011 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by jibeho
The correct NASDAQ symbol is WPRT. It's currently trading at around 26.50.

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