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2083: A European Declaration of Independence by Anders Behring Breivik

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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 09:26 AM
2083 - A European Declaration of Independence

What did the Oslo killer want?
Posted By Blake Hounshell Saturday, July 23, 2011 - 6:29 PM Share

I have just finished reading through what appears to be the 1,518-page manifesto and handbook of the alleged perpetrator of the worst terrorist attack in Norwegian history.

The manifesto, bylined by someone calling himself Andrew Berwick, is entitled "2083: A European Declaration of Independence" and was posted on, a white supremacist website, and discovered by American blogger Kevin I. Slaughter. [UPDATE: Norwegian TV has confirmed that the author is indeed the Oslo shooter, according to the New York Times.]

In it, "Berwick" declares himself a "Justiciar Knight Commander," a leading member of a "re-founded" Knights Templar group formed at an April 2002 meeting in London. He claims the founding group has 9 members, whom he does not name, and that three other sympathizers were not able to attend the original meeting.

"Our purpose," the document reads, is to "seize political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda."

In grim, apocalyptic language, it advocates attacks on "traitors" across Europe who are supposedly enabling a Muslim takeover of the continent.

"[W]e should… not exceed (per 2010) aprox. 45 000 dead and 1 million wounded cultural Marxists/multiculturalists in Western Europe," the author writes. "The time for dialogue is over. We gave peace a chance. The time for armed resistance has come."

The manifesto also provides detailed instructions for everything from making a bomb to raising funds to preparing physically and mentally for what the author describes as a coming three-stage "civil war" between patriotic nationalists and "multiculturalists" who are, wittingly or not, destroying European civilization.

Filled with hateful rantings against Muslims -- whom the author claims are on a trajectory to take over Europe and erase its culture patrimony -- the writing bears a great resemblence to online comments attributed to Anders Breivik, 32, the confessed perpetrator of a massacre that has so far claimed nearly 100 lives.

The author also claims to be Norwegian, and says that English is not his native language. And at the bottom of the document are several pictures of Breivick in different outfits, including the frogman costume pictured above.

Most suggestive of all, perhaps, is the detailed diary the author kept of his 82-day attempt to secretly build a fertilizer bomb while hiding out at a farm purchased explicitly for that purpose -- chronicling his attempts to construct a device that would kill as many people as possible.

Here's his entry from June 13, when he had his first successful detonation:

I prepared a test device today and drove off to a very isolated site. The test bomb was composed of a 3g DDNP primary and a 30g PA secondary. If this test would fail, I would abandon operation A and move forward with the non-spectacular operation B.

I lit the fuse, went out of range and waited. It was probably the longest 10 seconds I have ever endured…

BOOM! The detonation was successful!!!:-) I quickly drove away to avoid any potential unwanted attention, from people in the vicinity. I would have to come back a few hours later to investigate the blast hole, to see if both compounds had detonated.

Oddly, despite his evident hatred of Muslims and Arabs, "Berwick" professes admiration for al Qaeda, which he lists as one of only two "successful militant organisations" due to its "superior structural adaptation."

"If Muhammad was alive today," he writes, "Usama Bin Laden would have been his second in command."

Elsewhere, he cites al Qaeda's training manual as a reference, and declares, "Just like Jihadi warriors are the plum tree of the Ummah, we will be the plum tree for Europe and for Christianity."

In another eerie parallel, he also calls for suicidal operations in service of the larger cause: "Let us be perfectly clear; if you are unwilling to martyr yourself for the cause, then the PCCTS, Knights Templar is not for you."

(PCCTS, he explains, stands for "Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici" or, in English, "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.")

Chillingly, the manifesto ends:

I believe this will be my last entry. It is now Fri July 22nd, 12.51.

Sincere regards,
Andrew Berwick
Justiciar Knight Commander
Knights Templar Europe
Knights Templar Norway

This is the Massive manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik. I have yet to read any of it as i just found it and read what you just did now. The guy sounds militant, christian and methodical. The first question that comes to my mind is is this organization a ghost from his mind, or is it a real organization?? I doubt there is any connection but you never know, there is a group in Mexico who call themselves the Knights Templar.. interesting. Your thoughts?

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 09:43 AM
I'm sorry, but how exactly does he sound Christian????????

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 09:47 AM

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 10:32 AM
Sounds like more neo conservative ramblings. Any excuse to continue dividing the populations thus creating tensions amongst citizens.

As soon as I was able to learn and understand, I have been told that I am different. Different from other ethnic groups living in my community, different from other nationalities allied to my country, different from the Eastern Europeans and so on and so forth.

These differences have been instilled into me to make me believe that my whole way of life is being threatened, particularly from those reds in the East when I was a child. And that if called upon to do so I would join in the fight against the other groups that are different to my own culture/beliefs in order to defend my freedoms.

However, as I have got older and more experienced, I can see this is just a way of continuing the divide and rule culture that has existed since the beginning of time. This will probably not change in my lifetime, but I do believe the time will come when all of this will be meaningless.

Whoever is responsible for the attacks in Norway there is no justification in killing innocent people, many of them children. Whatever guise they choose to use the time for killing and maiming must stop. Christians are told to turn the other cheek, not kill children in cold blood. Christian fundamentalists? No such thing. They can hide behind this tag, but we all know that anybody purporting to be Christian and intent on killing, are no such thing.

Any Muslim hiding behind Islam intent on killing fellow human beings are not Muslim. Any Jew killing innocent Palestinians are not fundamentally Jewish.

These people hide behind religion, but are not true followers of their faith.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 10:36 AM

"I joined the session after visiting one of the initial facilitators, a Serbian Crusader Commander and war hero, in Monrovia, Liberia... Our primary objective is to develop PCCTS, Knights Templar into becoming the foremost conservative revolutionary movement in Western Europe [in] the next few decades."

So there are indeed others...

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by Cobaltic1978

you could say the same about communists... stalin, mao, etc.. they weren't communists, they were fascists who hid behind communism..

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by sonofliberty1776

calling himself a Knight Templar is a dead give-away. also the bit where he said "Just like Jihadi warriors are the plum tree of the Ummah, we will be the plum tree for Europe and for Christianity."

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by TheCoffinman

I agree with you totally. People/Governments hide behind tags, in democratic countries politicians usually spout time for change. But in my 40+ years on this spinning rock, nothing changes regardless of which particular party is in power.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 10:51 AM
im trying to find the 22-page manifesto of the Code of the Knights Templar of Michoacan for similarities.. i did find excerpts of it but not the whole thing, any help would be appreciated.

"The members of the Order must fight against materialism, injustice and tyranny in the world."
"The Knights Templar will begin a challenging ideological battle to defend the values of a society based on ethics."
"I swear and promise to always seek to protect the oppressed, the widow and the orphan."
"A Temple soldier cannot be enslaved by sectarian beliefs or narrow-minded opinions ... a Templar must always seek the truth, because God is in the truth."
"The Order promotes patriotism, and the expression of pride in one's own land."
"The Knights of the Order must conduct themselves with humility and be the most honorable, the most noble, the most courteous, the most honest and the most chivalrous."

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 11:14 AM
i know the norwegian labor party was pro-multiculturalist (i think) but what i don't understand is how is killing teeangers going to further ones cause? thee is no justification for it.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by ktrip
I'm sorry, but that no more makes him a Christian than it makes him an actual plum.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 01:56 PM

Originally posted by TheCoffinman
i know the norwegian labor party was pro-multiculturalist (i think) but what i don't understand is how is killing teeangers going to further ones cause? thee is no justification for it.
I can "understand" though not agree with his "justification". The people he killed were, in his mind, the future leaders of the sellout parties that were selling his nation down the multiculturalism river. He MAY HAVE believed that by killing them now he was scoring a victory for the future; along the same lines of people who would go back in time and kill Hitler.
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posted on Jul, 25 2011 @ 04:45 AM
Looks like most of the first half of the book is content taken from other sources - mostly he credited them but sometimes he didn’t. I’d like to write up a contents that shows all the chapters that aren’t his. I’ve documented a few chapters that are made up of all/mostly content from other authors. I’d like some help though. If anyone wants to contribute please do.

Here’s the docx version of the book. it has a contents page and is easier to copy/paste into Google than the PDF version. To see if content isn’t his just copy a sentence or two and paste it into Google.

Here’s the list. I’ve put the authors name in square brackets next to the chapter name. The page numbers are from the docx version and not the pdf version.

These are not all the chapters, just the ones with unoriginal content. The docx has a full chapter list.

1. What you need to know, our falsified history and other forms of cultural Marxist/multiculturalist propaganda (Book 1)
History, Marxism and Islam – What your government, the academia and the media are hiding from you. Revisionism based on appeasement and anti-European thinking
1.1 Historical revisionism (negationism) 45 [Taken and substituted from Negationism in India - Concealing the record of Islam, By Koenraad Elst]
1.2 General characteristics of European Islamic Negationism 50 [Negationism in India]
1.3 The Failure of Western Universities 58 [Fjordman]
1.4 Review 1: Religion of Peace? Islam’s war against the world - Islam 101 66 [Islam 101]
1.5 Al-Taqiyya – Religious/political deception 78 [Islam 101]
1.6 Naskh - Quranic abrogation 86 [Islam 101]
1.7 Review 2: Islam – What the West needs to know 108 [Islam – What the West needs to know]
1.8 European Slaves, Arab Masters 129 [Andrew G. Bostom]
1.9 Hindu Kush, the largest Genocides in the history of man 138 [Shrinandan Vyas]
1.10 Additional info - Hindu Kush 143 [Negationism in India]
1.11 What the Crusades Were Really Like 144 [What the Crusades Were Really Like, Thomas Madden]
1.12 The Crusades and today 147 [What the Crusades Were Really Like]
1.13 The factors that led to the Crusades 150 [Lúcio Mascarenhas]
1.14 Modern Aftermath of the Crusades 151 [Robert Spencer]
1.15 History of the Islamic Ottoman Turkish Empire I (1299-1876) 154
1.16 Jus Primae Noctis - Institutionalised rape of Christians under the Ottoman Empire 164 [Part comes from The Failure of Post-Communist Political Arrangements in Former Yugoslavia, Heather Field]
1.17 Jihadi Genocides of Christians in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey - The Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides 166 [Part from The Legacy of Jihad, Andrew G. Bostom]
1.18 Turkey: Back to the Future? 181 [Andrew G. Bostom]
1.19 The fall of the Christian state of Lebanon 197 [Fouad Abi-Esber BA MA]
1.20 Battle of Poitiers (Battle of Tours) – First Islamic Wave – Year 732 226 [Wikipedia - Battle of Tours]
1.21 Battle of Vienna – Second Islamic wave – Year 1683 242 [Wikipedia - Battle of Vienna]
1.22 European Crusader heroes, champions, legends 247 [Various sources]
1.23 Western vs. Islamic Science and Religion 251 [Fjordman]
1.24 Historically - Bosnia is Serbian Land 260 [Various sources]
1.25 Who are the 'Bosniaks'? 263 [Various sources]
1.26 Historical Islamic demographic warfare in Kosovo 270 [Mostly from an old Wikipedia article, I believe]
1.27 Myths and Politics - Origin or the Myth of a Tolerant Pluralistic Islamic Society 273 [Bay Ye’Or speech]
1.28 Palestine for the Syrians? 281 [Daniel Pipes]

2. Europe Burning (Book 2)
In this book we review and analyse Europe’s current problems. We will also look at possible solutions
2.1 EU’s Eurabia Project (The Eurabia Code) - Documenting EU’s deliberate strategy to Islamise Europe 287 [Fjordman]
2.2 The Eurabia Code – 2008 Updates 315 [Fjordman]
2.3 Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the European Union 320 [Fjordman]
2.4 Why the EU Needs to be Destroyed, and Soon 329 [Fjordman]
2.5 Boycott the United Nations! 336 [Fjordman]
2.6 The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg is a cultural Marxist controlled political entity 345
2.7 Waiting for Churchill or Godot? 346 [Fjordman]

The name of the devil: cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, globalism, feminism, emotionalism, suicidal humanism, egalitarianism - a recipe for disaster
2.8 The Failure of Western Feminism 350 [Fjordman]
2.9 How the Feminists’ 'War against Boys' Paved the Way for Islam 351 [Fjordman]
2.10 Feminism Leads to the Oppression of Women 360 [Fjordman]
2.11 What is the Cause of Low Birth Rates? 363 [Fjordman]
2.12 The Fatherless Civilisation 366 [Fjordman]
2.13 The Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist intellectual elite – who are they? 371
2.14 Labour wants mass immigration to engineer multicultural UK, says former Blair and Straw adviser. 372 [Tom Whitehead]
2.15 The outrageous truth slips out: Labour cynically plotted to transform the entire make-up of Britain without telling us 375 [Melanie Phillips]
2.16 Why the discipline of Sociology must be completely removed from Academia 377
2.17 The psychology of cultural Marxists 380 [Taken and substituted from the Unabomber’s manifesto]
2.18 Democracy and the Media Bias 383 [Fjordman]
2.19 a. The EUSSR/USASSR Media hegemony 387 [Taken and substituted from The Western Media -]
2.23 Understanding the fundaments behind multiculturalism; From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide of Europe 397 [Reconquista]
2.24 Ignorance and Multiculturalism must be destroyed 407 [D.L. Adams]

Globalised capitalism – another reason for the Fall of Europe
2.25 Is Capitalism Always a Force for Freedom? 410 [Fjordman]
2.26 Big Business, a Driving Force behind Immigration 412 [John Laughland]
2.27 Migration has brought ’zero’ economic benefit 414 [Philip Johnston and Robert Winnett]
2.28 What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe? 415 [Fjordman]

Modern Jihad
2.29 Current and recent Jihads in Asia and Africa 424 [Various sources]
2.30 Overview of Jihadi terror attacks 430 [Various sources]
2.31 Muslim Persecution of Christians 437 [Robert Spencer]
2.33 Fighting for their survival - A Christian Exodus from the Arab World 454 [Amira El Ahl, Daniel Steinvorth, Volkhard Windfuhr and Bernhard Zand]
2.35 Text book Jihad in Egypt 461 [Andrew G. Bostom]
2.36 The Afghan-Bosnian Mujahideen Network in Europe 463 [Evan F. Kohlmann]
2.37 Justification of Muslim crime against non-Muslims 482 [GOV]
2.38 The Real Roots of Muslim Hatred 483 [Andrew G. Bostom]
2.39 The ongoing Civil War in Europe – Muslims want autonomous territory, not better integration 486 [The Brussels Journal, 10.2006]
2.47 Europe’s Wahhabi Lobby 512 [Stephen Schwartz - 10/06/2005, Warsaw]
2.48 Leaving Islam – interview with an ex-Muslim 514 [Mohammad Asghar/Jamie Glazov]
2.50 Why We Cannot Rely on Moderate Muslims 527 [Fjordman]
2.51 Is Islam Compatible With Democracy? 536 [Fjordman]

Europe today
2.54 Europe’s Decline – Hurrah! We Capitulate! 595 [Fjordman]
2.55 Jihad Destroys the Swedish Model 596 [Fjordman]
2.56 Islamisation and Cowardice in Scandinavia 601 [Fjordman]
2.57 Our Offensive National Flag 605 [Fjordman]
2.58 Will Netherland Survive the 21st Century? 606 [Fjordman]
2.59 The Spanish and the Portuguese — Once and Future Dhimmis? 611 [Fjordman]
2.60 Collusion between British Government and Muslim Terrorists 614 [Mister Fox]
2.62 The Norwegian Inquisition - Sunset in the Land of the Midnight Sun 621 [Fjordman]
2.63 The Anti-Racist Witch-Hunts 624 [Fjordman]
2.65 ANTIFA/Labour Jugend – State sponsored Marxist lynch mobs 630 [Fjordman]
2.68 How the West Lost the Cold War 645 [Fjordman]
2.71 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded for Appeasement of Jihad… again 654 [Fjordman]

Because our survival depends on it
2.81 The Strategy of Western Survivalists 683 [Fjordman]
2.82 Christianity, Pros and Cons 684 [Fjordman]
2.83 The Church – Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? 686 [Fjordman]
2.84 Thou Shalt Hate Christianity and Judaism 691 [Fjordman]
2.85 A future Christian identity for Europe? 694 [Kyle Spotswood]
2.86 Conflict avoidance and how to avoid it 698 [Brett Stevens]
2.88 Democracy not working 705 [Fjordman]
2.90 Suggestions for the Future 708 [Fjordman]
2.91 What Do We Fight For? 716 [Fjordman]
2.92 Who Are We, Who Are Our Enemies - The Cost of Historical Amnesia 720 [Fjordman]
2.93 A European Declaration of Independence 727 [Fjordman]
2.95 Islamisation of Europe – possible outcomes 734 [Daniel Pipes]
2.96 From the death of Multiculturalism 734 [Fjordman]
2.97 Europe heading for Civil War 736 [Fjordman]
2.99 The Self-Defeat of the United States 747 [Fjordman]

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