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A Beautiful Dream Experience

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 08:10 PM
Hi everyone,

Wanted to share my dream experience with you. This dream has stuck with me for about 10 years now, and by far has been the 'best' dream experience ever for me.

I have very vivid memories of my dream: It was so lucid and the feelings that I had, I can not even put into words really. This dream was very powerful to me. If you have ever loved, think of love personified 1000x over, this is the feeling I felt while there in my dream.

All I remember of my dream was that someone had me by the hand and led me into a room, into this little house or bungalo, I felt like it was by the beach or somewhere like *although I didn't see this... it's just a feeling.*. And this room - It was full of love and light and it had a slight breeze blowing through.. You could see the curtains blow and this room had a lot of fresh air. It was very nice and comfortable very refreshing.

I then was pulled toward and embraced by this man. He held me in his arms securely, tightly and lovingly. I knew I was loved and protected. It felt as though this was the purest form of love ever. I have never really felt like this on this plane before.! and no not even with my spouse!

This dream was so realistic: It was like I was with God Himself. I never saw his face but I sure did feel the love, and I remember that I didn't want to leave or wake up!. Guess I woke up because I HAD to - lol..

Now, though, any time that I don't feel so loved or whatever, I can go back to that special place and visit
I can remember this feeling as if it were real and experience it all over again and calm myself. It's difficult to explain , put into words, but I do hope you guys can understand where I'm coming from and see just how special this was for me.

I actually felt that God had held me in this dream because of it being that powerful! What a powerful loving presence I felt and it was such pure bliss: It kept me going for days! I was truly empowered by this and I am thankful for this dream. It truly was the most awesome one ever for me. So awesome, that I would love to go back!

Maybe you have something similar to share? or a similar dream that has gotten you through rough times?

Yes, it ,my dream, was short and sweet but oh, what power it had! Hope you enjoy , and thanks for reading,

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 09:04 PM
I took note of how you explained the love. When I was a very young boy of nine or so, I was taken along with my brother to a farm after nearly dying of neglect and starvation. I was always stressed as my brother was violent as well, being mentally wild and wanting to constantly kill me. I know, it sounds like some tv drama, but I was to the point of losing myself, I could barely hang onto sanity at that point, we had just left our 22nd foster home, and lived in abandoned buildings and once a winter in a chicken coop, so life was getting me down.

I was in this barn alone when a voice from within, yet I heard it proclaimed my name. It was pregnant with meaning, meaning a lot was said or transferred at a point of defeat on my part, it was pure love which when I write this, still comes back strong. I think some of us in fact are connected to a higher consciousness or God as some say. By the way, the voice I heard was that of a woman.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by sailormon

Thank you sailor for sharing your story. Am so sorry you had the rough life you had . Am glad you have made it through those tough times and I am sure when you needed *it most* is when the experience happened. Venturing a guess that it is so anyway...Am I correct?

I agree, some are more attuned to God than others. God also sends to us, ministering angels , to help in times of need. I believe that God works on all planes. His ways are higher than ours and no man knoweth the mind of God and his planned workings. He has a will and purpose for your life, and has allowed you to go through this for some reason, albeit maybe even just to make you a stronger person? Bless you.. . and may you find nothing but peace and happiness all your remaining years.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by SeekerLou

I recently had a lucid dream. It was nowhere near as benevolent as yours, but possibly interesting to read of nonetheless.

I was on the island of Oahu (backstory: I used to live on Oahu), situated in an urban area bordering Diamond Head (a large crater).

With me were two friends of old & other faces I didn't recognize, & yet these unfamiliar faces felt familiar to me.

Brett (one of the familiar faces) informed me that a tsunami was inbound & that I needed to make haste to an airfield on Maui where a Cessna was waiting, then fly the aircraft back to Oahu & pick up everyone before the tidal wave arrived.

Oddly enough I swam to Maui. I write "oddly enough" because the situation called for a much more sensible method of travel, & yet there I was swimming rather than making use of a speedy boat.

When I arrived I discovered that all the components of the aircraft were missing except for its wing. Despite this I remained undaunted, calculating that I could still make the plan to escape work. So I picked up the wing, held it above my head, ran over the side of the cliff, and then began fluttering my legs as a means of propulsion.

I recall being somewhat surprised that my calculation actually worked. Unfortunately, however, a strong downdraft caused the aircraft (well, the wing) to descend abruptly & crash into the Pacific. Then I thought or said "this sucks" & swam back to Oahu to inform the others of what had occurred. After that news we grilled some steaks.

Eventually the tsunami arrived, towering above a high ridgeline to our north. At that point everyone began to frantically run around. I more or less remained fixed & thought of how picturesque the wave appeared over the ridgeline.

I wasn't overly concerned. As the tsunami approached I casually walked over to a palm tree & wrapped my arms around it. When the wave finally arrived to my position I found that I became buoyant & felt as though I was in a swimming pool rather than a violent onslaught of water.

The wave eventually passed over & I was standing on the ground again, noticing that virtually everything had been washed away. At that point I recall thinking how weird my day had been & then woke up.

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posted on Jul, 25 2011 @ 09:59 AM
Hi Axebo,
Interesting dream: Thanks for sharing.
Isn't it wild how we have unfamiliar faces in our dreams but yet they FEEL/seem familiar to us ?
You must have been going through a real rough /trying time for this type of dream. One good thing is you were left standing so maybe that is a good sign you will be triumphant in your endeavors?

Hopefully, it's not a premonition of sorts !
That's just my 2cents of interpretation . That was interesting... again, thanks for sharing! I'm guessing, you must be a strong personality!

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