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My Weird Dreams

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 01:39 PM
This is a list of some strange mostly recurring (except a few) that I have had over many years. Maybe some of you can interpret them or share similar dreams. To clarify I’m not too sure dreams mean anything I have only had a few lucid dreams and far as I know I have never astral projected. I just saw this forum here a thought maybe I would share some of my stranger dreams I have had and get some alternative insight. For the most part I do not remember the majority of my dreams I have but I have few that stuck with me and few that have reoccurred over the years. So here they are in short form.

Dream 1:

Has occurred many times I lost count since about the age 13 I am 28 now almost 29.

I wake up in hospital bed the room is white and very bright as I turn my head the window curtain is open and I assume it’s day time because glare is excruciating to my eyes. I catch a glimpse of myself in the glass and I am an old man. As I look around the room it is devoid of most things people would see in hospital room (cards, balloons, and flowers ect.). There is this real feeling of being alone and on my death bed. In the room there is the standard TV on the wall and chairs for visitors to sit along with the IV bag and the other medical equipment. A Nurse walks in says nothing just nods and smiles checks some stuff on the equipment and then walks out. I take to staring at the ceiling as I see a figure in white come into seemingly descending from the ceiling. The clothing changes from dream to dream sometimes a white business suit other times a white dress or robes. The figure is definitely female has fiery red hair but I cannot make out the face like I said always wearing white clothing. It reaches out to me and I grab the figures hand and start to ascend. I then look back see my body is still behind me and that ends the dream.

Dream 2

I have had about four times during my mid-twenties I haven’t had it in about two years it changes each time but it is very similar in what it pertains too.

1st experience: I wake up on my coach where I fell asleep still tired and I start to make my way to the bathroom. It’s hard to move it seems like something is trying to pull me back to the coach. (best example it would it like running or walking with one those parachute things used for endurance training for runners. ) There is this resistance it hard to explain so I turn around to look at the coach. Then I wake up on the coach again confused and tired and decide to go to bathroom I get up and start walking towards again I feel the resistance I turn around towards the coach and again it starts all over with me walking up. It does this over and over a few times until I really wake up.

2nd experience: I wake this time on my bed I head and see this odd light on in my living room just out of the corner of my eye. Still tired and confused I get up to go investigate I get just to the door way of my bed room feeling that resistance I talked about in the first experience. As I get there the next thing I know I’m back in bed seeing again that strange light out of the corner of my eye in the living room. I get up to go and investigate still feeling that resistance in every step I take I again make it this time a little further just outside the door as I go to look at the light which is shining from my living room floor I again wake up tired and confused. It start all over I get up head for the light and I fight the resistance all the way this time I make but as I do I fall to the ground right in front of the light that looks like TV that is all static I still feel the resistance so I grab onto the TV box thing looking down at. Then I wake up for real.

3rd and 4th : These two are exactly the same sometimes I sleep with a beany on to cover my eyes from the light since I work nights and sleep during the day. I wake up tired still but I need to use the bathroom so I go to remove the beany but it won’t come off my eyes I pry and pry at it like it’s stuck there. Then starts all over again I wake up need to use the bathroom and pry and pry at covering over my eyes but seems stuck to them. On the third try I roll out of bed and try to make it to the bathroom blind by covering still trying to get it off at the same time. As I start to move I feel that resistances again like I am connected to the bed or something. It’s weird this happens one more time then I really wake up and am able to remove my eye coverings.

With these type of dreams when I really do wake up I feel fresh and ready to go as soon as I really wake up for about ten minutes then I was really exhausted after that like I didn’t get any sleep at all. Also to note the first two the room was always dark when I woke up in the dream I could only see the outline of the windows and door ways in my apartment no light was shining through them from the sky outside. Even in the one where I was attracted to small strange light everything else was very dark except that small light. On one of those occasions the second one when I really woke up it was still daylight outside.

Dream Three:

I had this dream when I was around 16 and only once but it was very vivid.

I’m walking out of hotel side door into a parking lot heading for a black SUV. Some people are talking to me I am saying stuff back. In this dream it was like I was looking through someone else’s eyes I had no real control over the body and I couldn’t make out what the conversation was about. The body I am in reaches for the passenger’s side door handle on the SUV I seem to be wearing black leather Jacket I can’t really make out the reflection on if myself from the windows or anything on the SUV. I can however feel the touch the door handle and the slight chill to the air hence the Jacket I guess. There is only mild breeze. To my guessing it was either spring or fall in the dream. Anyway the body I’m in opens the door on the passenger’s side as it the body is about to get in I feel something being pushed up against the upper part of the middle of my back along the spine. Then I hear a gun shot and I wake up in my bed with this sharp pain going from my back to my chest. It last for a few moments the pain before it dissipated and I went back to sleep.

There are a few more these are three I picked to share for now. I appreciate any insight or similar dreams you wish to share.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 07:02 PM
The jury is out when it comes to the memory of birth because the Hippocampus is not fully formed and is such an important part of memory however tellingly enough it also has strong connections to the pineal gland which has strong connections to the eyes and light and the production of certain hormones. One can immediately claim of course that it is not the only part of memory which would re-inforce other works that consider that birth although not remembered consciously can have an effect upon the unconscious and subconscious.
I make those points because the first dream especially seems to me to be in part some form of birth being expressed. In fact if we look at the dreams as a continuous thread we see these developmental elements throughout.
As a conclusion could I speculate that deep down you feel somehow held back and restricted. As a young boy I always wanted to be an archaeologist but did not quite make it. So whatever ambitions you had for yourself would appear to have taken a back seat or if not in a more general sense you seem to have some element in your development that's been outside of your control. However with the last dream in the sequence you seem to have accepted some things as inevitable or outside of your capacity to change them. The element of not being able to see yourself in reflection I feel is important in that respect but feel the gunshot to be merely your way of subconsciously registering inevitability or resignation to some fact or facts, just symbolism in this case and for the feelings of pain attached I think we would have to go back to Freud (slightly discredited as he is at the moment), and his physical manifestations of psychological trauma.

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