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Fat Mandy on your ear space

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posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 11:36 PM

Fat Mandy, here I am, stripped, naked to your ears.

Here is the schpeel:

This is 'dance' music, more 'gig' in nature tho

A legend of the south coast underground dance scene for over, (OVER) 10 cycles.

Born into the psychedelic persona of Mr Faster, I have guided over 200 celebrations of being.

Spanking Ableton live to sculpt a distinctive blend of electronica, breakbeats and fooked frenzied journeys guided towards the birth of Fat Mandy.

Influences from Tipper, Begg, and Kilowatts to Super Furry Animals, Gorillas and early Deadmau5.

Driving breakbeats mixed with euphoric leads and soundscapes take you on a journey through Fat Mandys universe. Always progressive and evolving, uplifting and positive, elements will present themselves throughout each track and unite.

IN SHORT: Give it a shot.

Bom shanti. x x
Let me know any feedback or particular tracks to like! This is only a smalll selection



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