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Galactic Spin twists our time. this is neat!

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posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 09:27 PM
ok first of all ill admit I do NOT have any form of mathmatical or physics education to truly grasp the "meat" of the ideas proposed here, Im simply a man who is deeply interested in such theories and ideas. So with that, this is the line from the news report that caught my attention.

"The spin of our Galaxy has a twisting effect on our local space that is a million times stronger than that caused by Earth's spin"..from this website ....


in this article it describes an effect that seems to show a discrepency in the diffrent rates that certain particle and anti-particles decay. Big deal one might think, but apparently this discrepancy could have deeply profound repercussions in the way we understand physics, that apparently the universe isnt as symmetrical as most scientists believe. The Doctor quoted in the article states he may have found the reason for the discrepency in the rates of decay of particles and anti-particles, and it has to do with the gravitic pull of our rotating galaxy. With his idea it may show that the universe is in fact more symmetrical than first dicussed. its funny to think of it (well to me anyway) how we only really notice the pull of our own planet and the moon, but in fact the pull of our Galaxy is apparently millions of times stronger. Since gravity and space and time are entwined with each other it makes sense that it would affect things even down to the sub-atomic level.
So heres a nice article not deeply embedded with the intricate formluae of deep space physics, and an interesting look into the further mysteries of our universe. Enjoy!

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