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To all Lurkers.. 100% undeniable scientific PROOF of why you should become active!!

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posted on Jul, 20 2011 @ 02:23 AM
Howdy Yall,

Ive been active here for a couple months now and am ready to admit something to the community...
I was a once a lurker

I know... It seems silly now but for several months I perused this website as a non member, I found ATS by accident one day when Googling RH neg blood and after reading the 15 pages of witty, intelligent and sometimes totally bat%$@# crazy posts I was hooked.

From there I jumped around checking out the usual stuff Pyramids, Moon and Mars anomalies, Aliens etc etc but have since found an absolute treasure trove of info I didnt even know I didnt know.

The thread that finally made me wanna sign up and say something was the clever bot thread found here Clever Bot Thread

I found the thread and checked out clever bot, spent about 45 min chatting away and felt compelled to comment to show my appreciation for bringing it to my attention.
Turned out it was kinda pointless as the thread had been dead for 3 months but oh well, Id broken my cherry and was keen.

But for me there was still one small obstacle, what would this close knit, intelligent, informed community care about anything I had to say? Thats right, I was intimidated

I would start to write a post and then think "people will just think Im an idiot" or "these 2 look like their arguing pretty hard, I better stay out of it" etc etc and always find an excuse to not post.

Then 2 weeks later I saw this post on a thread written by a lady whos dog had been poisoned and she was wondering if anyone could help as she was unable to afford the high price at the vet.

Originally posted by mileysubet reply to post by silo13 Please tell me you are not posting on ATS for an emergent issue about a creature that is bound to die.. Did you think the people here could prey or do magic to get your puppy out its situation? This is your fault to be honest, if you knew the people in your area would do this type of thing then why would you own a dog? On the other hand why would you not protect that life knowing this? You are to blame on all accounts.... If you had or suspected you would had money issues..why would you buy a pet that would cause a drain on your situation, complete bull#. If you want to consider a "pet" as part of your household then you need to be able to take in account for all situations...including the neighbors edit on 12-4-2011 by mileysubet because: to add

As an animal lover this made me furious and I was compelled to say something in this womans defence.

For me this opened a floodgate, I realised I did have something to contribute and that my opinion was valid here and whats more this site actually NEEDED people like me.

There is nothing terribly special or important about me (OK I am RH neg and a Gemini which means I am superior but Im definately not special) and I felt this site needed representation by the common man that I embodied.

I started voicing my opinion on anything that I didnt think was too intense coz I was still a bit apprehensive but by 3 weeks in I didnt care anymore.

Now after 4 months I am right at home, I feel like a part of a large, informed world wide community of people who see whats wrong and want to change it (wether anything productive actually comes of these good intentions is up for debate and perhaps better left for another thread).

So whats the point to all this most of you will be asking, Its my hope that people who dont normally contribute or regularly Lurk as Non members will take the plunge and let us all here know what they think on the issues we discuss.
I thought long and hard about reasons why people wouldnt join and have decided to go through them 1 by 1 and explain why there is no reason for not joining... So here goes

1) My opinion isnt as informed or valid as the others I read on here.

As stated above I once thought this, I now realise this just isnt so. True I may not be able to add anything informed to a thread on particle physics but I can let everyone know I think the pictures are pretty

I may not have any inside info or real understanding of whats going on in the middle east but I can share my thoughts on how I think it may affect my life or the world in general.
The more opinions and sides we get to each issue the more informed we all become by reading them and seeing things from another perspective. Opinions and thoughts are the main driving force behind this site.
I personally feel I have had 1 actually worth while and worthy thread and it got the attention it deserved, not all of us have the time or inclination to scour the web putting together brilliant articles.

2) I dont really do forums, blogs, social media etc etc

Me either, I dont have a FB or Myspace or friendster acc. Im ridiculously untech savvy and have never before commented on the net on anything!!
If your at this site it means you most likely have a similar mindset to others here, jump in.. The water is warm I promise (be careful though as sometimes its warm coz someone just piddled there)

3) I dont want TPTB of the FBI,CIA etc etc to know Im a dissenter

Me personally I just find this idea funny

But to go along lets say yes, all subscribed members are on some watch list and the gov knows everything we say on this site...
Is that such a bad thing?
Perhaps if we get enough people onto sites like this voicing their dissatisfaction TPTB will take notice, maybe they could use this and similar sites as a barometer to know when theyve gone to far and that were onto them.
If you are that scared of your government you needa get the hell outta ur country!!!!!!

4) Too much effort

It really isnt, takes 2 minutes and the only verifiable info your need to put in is your email addy.
On top of this its free peoples

5)Someones making money off my input

Yes they are, big deal get over it they deserve it!!!!!
I doubt very much anyone comes here for financial gain and I also doubt wether the creators of the site had any idea where it would go. This is a fantastic site and I imagine it takes quite a bit to keep it running smoothly for us all, lurkers and members alike.
Theres the internet space (bandwidth or something, Once again Im not that tech savvy), office space, salaries for programmers Mods etc etc (from time to time I think all of us take issue with Mods decisions but without them the site would most likely be junk so even if grudgingly we need to thank them) Im sure there are other costs I havent included and if whatever is left after these expenses are paid goes directly into someones pockets, Cool. Its not coming out of my money and they have provided me with entertainment and could possibly be stretched to say they have been providing a service.
Good for them

6) Trolls

LOL trolls are fun, most members on here recognise a troll when one comes around and will defend the OP if its necessary. I doubt many people will change their opinion of you or your post based on what some idiot says.

7) and finally...... Im fine lurking, No point to being a member

This is probably the least true of the lot.
Let me start by saying there is a world of difference!!! As a non member the site looks dull and lifless, all you see is a wall of words and all the comments sort of blend into one another so it somehow makes the site seem more uniform.
Once you sign up and you start seeing peoples avatars and come to associate them with certain things it adds a whole new personality and dimension to the site
Now even before I read some comments Ill groan or smile based on what Ive seen of this person in the past. While this could potentially be viewed as a negative due to pre judging I see it as a positive as you get a feel for where that persons views come from.
There are also less ads and the site is easier to navigate when logged in.

So there you have it people 100% undeniable, irrefutable, logical scientific PROOF on why to make your mark on this site. (for cripes sake no one flame me for using the word proof)
Would be great to hear from people who dont comment that often as to why and also to see a new member or 2 make their first posts here.


P.s I think if this thread gets any attention at all its all gonna be fairly nice and friendly. It would be great if I could get a troll, Sceptic, Debunker or Nutjob to come along and either tell me Im an idiot, that it will never work, that its a hoax or that Im a shill for the CIA trying to get dissenters info so they can be more easily rounded up and put in FEMA camps.
I feel to do any less would be false advertising and give people an unbalanced view of the realities of this site.
Thanks in advance

posted on Jul, 20 2011 @ 02:38 AM
reply to post by IkNOwSTuff


Yeah join you....

This is my favorite part of your post so far

(OK I am RH neg and a Gemini which means I am superior but Im definately not special)

That pretty much sums up a Gemini for ya

And I absolutely encourage participation, because practice makes perfect. No one should ever be afraid to speak up, especially on the internet. The only dangerous thing on the net is malicious codes, hackers, and pedo's
seriously, watch out for pedo's kids. Stay away from chat rooms.


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posted on Jul, 20 2011 @ 03:38 AM
reply to post by Swills


Typical jealous Capricorn response (just guessing ur Cap, it doesnt really matter what you actually are as all other star signs wish they were Gemini)

Stay away from chat rooms

And dont forget forums, their the worst

posted on Jul, 20 2011 @ 03:51 AM
reply to post by IkNOwSTuff

Actually I'm a Pisces, a couple of fish swimming in opposite directions. So I'm torn on the issue of being jealous or not...

Not to worry, this chat ro..I mean forum is heavily policed. We have nothing to fear!

posted on Jul, 20 2011 @ 06:34 AM
reply to post by IkNOwSTuff

I never lurked

This website was brought to my attention by my step-son.
I checked ATS out to make sure my step-son wasn't writing
anything that would cause the FBI to pound on our front door
looking for him.
I liked what I saw and joined that same day.Now,I have been
a member for 2 years.

posted on Jul, 20 2011 @ 07:49 AM
Make sure kitty's tin foil hat is on !

It's too late for are already in too deep..

Love kittys Love puppys..that will keep you sane on this sight!!
Lurk no more now post post post !!!

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posted on Jul, 21 2011 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by mamabeth

I checked ATS out to make sure my step-son wasn't writing anything that would cause the FBI to pound on our front door looking for him


hey Mama,

That is quite possibly the most sane and sensible comment Ive ever heard that is worthy of a tin foil hat

P.s Ive always wondered, is the Kitty in ur Av doing magic?

posted on Jul, 21 2011 @ 02:50 AM

Originally posted by granpabobby
Make sure kitty's tin foil hat is on !

It's too late for are already in too deep..

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Mock away my friend,

When the aliens come and turn u into a mindless zombie Ill have the last laugh

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