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Theological Mechanics:

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posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 09:28 AM
I'm quite happy with the home I'm making for myself here. So I'm going to start bringing over more of my older work instead of creating new works to address old points.

This is a follow on for anyone who read my previous work and was left a little daunted by it. It's an over-view nothing more.

Theological Mechanics:

When we want to set out to build anything, we must employ some form of mechanics. We need a system whereby we can understand and develop our creations. People put much time and effort into acquiring scholarly knowledge and developing the cognitive structures, yet when it comes to the mind we expend comparatively little effort.

I'm writing this post to address some of the questions I've been asked by members and also to reflect a turn in my thinking. I cannot give anyone the benefit of hindsight or the tempering of hard experience, these are things the individual must pursue but at least I can show you you're not alone and there are others working towards their own progression just as you are.

For the sake of clarity I'm going to be using symbols and methods I’m sure most people will have a degree of familiarity with. That is not to say it is the only way of explaining or even the correct way of understanding. I’m sure each person will take something different from it and use it where they see fit.

The theoretical creator.

The source of all things - both manifest and un-manifest. In order to work with a force we must have a place to build understanding from. This concept of The All facilitates understanding, but must never be taken as a Divine or Holy being. It is a place holder, a mirror that allows us to reflect our stage of development by reflecting our own ideal of a perfect being.

To The All I attribute nothing, yet it is manifest in everything. It is the force behind birth and death, the force that builds us up and tears us down. We are fitted to perceive it only by its manifestations, the effect it has on our lives at a given moment. Eventually we can come to know its work and learn its methods, but we can never possibly know it at all.

To know is to define, The All resides above all speculation and conceptualization. The All that can be known is us, we know it by breaking our identities, removing our most cherished parts and when all is lost, finally seeing what was always there for what it is. Perfection is achieved by reduction to nothing not addition to infinity.

“The Tao you can see is not the true Tao”.


Like most occultists I acknowledge and accept the working concept of the Trinity. However, I also reject it. The Trinity is another working concept that allows us to split intelligence, for example, into observable parts. Once we understand the ingredients we're using to produce our line of thinking we can alter a portion and affect the entire process.

In reality there is no division, not between ego and self, not between man and god. We separate what's already united then create our own point of view. The level of separation we see reflects our state of personal development. The concept of Trinity used correctly produces a fuller understanding of a concept, and gives a unique opportunity to see how necessary conflicting points of view are. It is a tool for inducing a state of silence by utilizing the revolution of opposites, a state where we can honestly reflect on our natures, if only for a fleeting moment.

When I refer to Self, I refer to the hidden self or the light behind my shadow. Nothing I say, nothing I do ever really alters it or changes it. It remains perfect and pure. The form, which is neither self nor perfect, creates an awareness of another self, one that is isolated from other in this universe, as of yet it can't fully see the True Self of which form is only a small part.

It is my goal to modify the container, or me, into a better likeness of the projected God ideal. By doing this I become more like the form of “God” I have created and with work can attain the powers I ascribe to it. We each contain the same essence, we’re each a different reflection of the very same thing. We already use this source to create what we are, why not learn to do it intelligently and make our selves something better?

Cause & Effect:

Some will classify this as a world of cause and effect, to some extent I agree. For me, I see this world as the manifestation of effects and we are mostly blind to the world of causes. This Duality essentially becomes a Trinity when you take into account the world of the Astral. This is the world, apparently, where the interchange between cause and effect happens.

I'm not the type of person to believe just because I can't see something in front of me that it doesn't exist. I don't know how many times I've found my wallet after ten minutes of looking on a table in front of me, and I don't know how many times I've been floored by how completely I've misunderstood events and things in my past. Because of my ignorance the nature of the world of causes is unobservable to me.

Again I don't believe there is any division of any kind between the worlds; I think that all that restrains us is our own level of understanding.

We grow by testing the limit of freedom we are given within this domain. The extent to which we can alter our environment to suit our desires and the extent, to which we can change, adapt and develop ourselves, as our views of self grow.

We cannot progress without casting off the old. We are not yet perfect so there is always something to be unlearned and cast off. Experiences are integrated they are never lost; there is nothing to mourn or regret. Each person must recognize themselves as their own sovereign master and treat their body and mind as a malleable slave. A person who never accomplishes anything despite lofty ideals is subservient to his mind.

The Aspirant must reside somewhere in the middle of this mess. He must not become a product of his mind or body; he must make them a product of himself, in line with his observed will. Our will changes as we evolve, we must be constantly looking towards newer and greater heights.

It is of no consequence if you see this will as the will of God or the Will of Man, it is still has the same effect if you follow it.


For Will to be free it must never impede another or take away their right to the very same thing. I have the right to do whatever I please to further my own development provided it does nothing to harm another being. Along with the discovery of our own will we must also learn empathy for those who are yet to discover their own.

People will scourge those they perceive to be different or a threat, it's natural considering they're conditioned to protect the identity they've created. It is seen as self after all.

It is not our place to convert those who do not believe how we do, it is our place to understand the nature of our own beliefs to make sure they really adhere to the moral values we expound and expect of others. Adherence to an organization or society does not give absolution from this rule. We are known by the fruits we produce, for occultism in any form to be effective and accepted en masse we bloody well need to make sure we produce Gold and more importantly make sense.

No matter what beliefs I adhere to at present, I find great light to be found in the reinterpretation of other beliefs and symbols. Personally I can see a clear evolution of ideas that have been around since the beginning of recorded time, by understanding this evolution I can work with it instead of being churned blindly around a cosmic cycle. These ideas may have different names but their meanings are fundamentally the same. From this I've developed tolerance where once I would have flamed.

In previous cycles, each person had to be more self-sufficient, as we have advanced as a species we have become less self reliant and more institution reliant. Early on we recognized that by uniting people to a common task more could be produced and more complex tasks could be organized. The downside was the individual became devalued and this devaluation continues to this day. This is coupled by the ascent of a select few to heights of power beyond the range of vision of the laity. This is the balance of power on which the modern world is built.

We now need to take back self-sufficiency and couple it with this great power

Engine parts:

The few or the 0.01% are the ones who still possess mans original, primal spirit. This is the Luciferian or Promethean aspect of the self all organized churches instinctively fear. It is the power behind mans own development and ascent as well as the destroyer of unworthy souls, it is the worst enemy and best friend that we will ever have. However without being able to delve into its deeper meaning, with the use of symbols we are at a loss to understand anything at all.

It is in the interest of the 0.01% to retain as much control as possible, after all if all was equal then there would be no power for them to wield. Miracles are only wonders when their methods are unknown; people only need faith when they're deprived of knowledge. It is far better for us to question and denounce our faith in the hopes that we can destroy it. If it is real faith then our efforts will be futile and it will be strengthened. If it is real then by attempting to destroy it we only make its power increase.

There is no harm in adopting your enemies stance or temporarily agreeing with them, if even just to understand their point of view. They are your best friends because they show you the raw flaws in your character that are visible to others. They've afforded you a genuine opportunity for growth you may not have had otherwise.

The light attained from any symbol, including this work, is only equivalent to the light within the seeker. Thus, all knowledge and understanding is but a gauge for our own attainment.


This should in no way conflict with your beliefs; you are entitled to yours as I am to mine. What I hope to have provided you with is an over on manifesting the Jewels of your Beliefs and creating a better life of your own device.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by Imhotepsol

Nice overview of enlightening concepts. Could you please elaborate the Trinity? I failed to decipher the three constituents you were referring to. Besides that, I mostly find agreement to your OP. May Peace be upon you.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by Sahabi

The best analogy I can give is the two main points of duality in any concept (+ or -) along with the intermediary force. When built into a concept of trinity you can clearly see how one pole affects the other, how the intermediary (0) mediates the concept and keeps the rotation going.

It's a mental concept I use to break apart and understand different ideas. For example.

I live = +
I die = -
I experience = (0)

Both sets depend on 0 and at first glance 0 appears to be dependent on them. However, even without me experience still happens so I can reasonably infer that 0 is part of a larger effect than the local +/- which in turn means that is where I should turn my attention in order to better understand the local effects generated by the interaction of the pole.

I'm not sure if that's any clearer for you

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posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by Imhotepsol

Thank you for the further explanation. This little bit has given me a lot to ponder! I'm accustomed to focusing on the actual duality instead of that which binds and mediates them. Thank you for the insight, it is much appreciated! Have you personally become aware of any intermediaries of the more popular and/or important dualities, or gained further understandings that you would care to discuss?

posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 05:24 AM
reply to post by Sahabi

I've pushed myself fairly far
If theres anything you'd like me to go into just leave a reply here and I'll do my best to cover it for you.

When it comes to psychological of magickal work most people tend to focus on one duality or another and so become limited and trapped by the side which appeals most at the time. The intermediary idea is to keep the flow going, along with your awareness of both sides so you don't be come stuck on any one point but instead can gain the full knowledge of experience.

It was one of the hardest points to grasp for me as well if it makes you feel any better.


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