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Chinese J-19 Snow_Owl

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posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 01:21 AM
Signs released Chinese is ready to make a maidon flight of NGF (New/Next Generation Fighter), which project name originally callled SnowOwl for not only countering F-22 but also be ship&land based to supress F-35 and F/A-18E/F at the end of year or the next year beginning.
The SnowOwl (S.O.) will possibly be given the official number as J-16 or J-19, designed by SAC (a short name of Shenyang Aircraft Corporation).
Primarily, this project was also as a competor to now famously known J-20 Mighty Dragon in China inland.
Suspected premier design as a tri-plane which means a normal layout with foreplane was not optimal caused by too many wings leading extra drag to supercruise, that premier picture showing an figter Su-33 alike spreaded online for 3 years now had been modified more close to realistic one.

This is still a provisional foto due to primary drawing, since many information released it shall be craft-based fighter, the swept angle ought to be smaller just like F-35. The certain messeger is CARET inlet used.
One day, the S.O. to be unclassified, you may not see such complex LERX present on, as it is idealized somewhat for visual sense.
The belly are supposed to be flat because Chinses think sth F-22 alike must be stealth more than PAKFA's apperance.
More to be continue......

posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 08:50 PM
Global security has different takes on the J.19 designation, and the Snowy Owl name - which it applies to the J.21:

Under the Snowy Owl nomenclature, China is said to be secretly developing a triplane-canard-configurated fighter that has a totally different layout than the J-20, CCTV was quoted by Hong Kong-based Sing Tao Daily as reporting. Some Chinese online military experts believe that the Snowy Owl fighter is currently being developed by the AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SIC). Online information regarding the SIC says that it is manufacturing a new type of aircraft whose design uses triplane canard configuration, Chinese netizens reported. The aircraft has a fixed vertical wing, and the engine has rhomboidal nozzles, according to the CCTV report, adding that the design renders the aircraft lighter than most of the fourth generation fighters.

And the J.19:

The J-19 is said to be a heavy multirole fighter based on the J-11B. Some sources characterize the J-19 as a "heavier version" of the J-11B, while others state it is reportedly a SAC stealthy fighter bomber based on their failed X-XJ-submission. Chinese authorities have not formally released informtion on these developments.

Global Security chinese fighter index:

posted on Jul, 20 2011 @ 01:59 AM

Originally posted by emile
The SnowOwl (S.O.) will possibly be given the official number as J-16 or J-19,

It is more likely that Snow Owl would based on some layout out of PAKFA with modified due to Chinese understanding for modern fighter.

This is not my personal oppnion of course, Chinese idolized anything from USA leading to this.


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