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Big Brother's Optic Fiber Eyes (Australians you should read this)

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posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 01:39 AM
Corrupt contracting by the NBN Bosess, who are also the same ex-employees of Alcatel Luscent.

NBN Chief Mike Quigley mis-hiring and keeping him​sclosure/story-fn6tcs23-1226076718737 Rueful chief NBN chief Mike Quigley admits mistakes on Alcatel corruption disclosure

Anthony Klan , From: The Australian June 17, 2011 12:00AM MICHAEL Quigley admits his string of incorrect statements about the corruption scandal at Alcatel gave the impression that he "didn't give all of the facts".

He also regrets not raising the issue with the government before his July 2009 appointment as National Broadband Network Co chief executive, although it was on the public record and anyone could have "Googled it". Corruption and crony contracting deeper with his links at Alcatel,. Question: is Alcatel doing the same to obtain NBN Contracts?​tcs23-1226076731596 "'I did nothing wrong' at Alcatel: Mike Quigley

" Long history of corruption by Alcatel re awarding of contracts, Conroy and Labor did not know?​4 Jobs for the Indies, given their political careers are over? Consultants to Alcatel Lucent​6-19hi8.html $300 millions over the life of project for Alcatel​8785?from=public_rss​077720078 Alcatel won $70 million dollar contract to provide optic fibre for the construction of the NBN, both ex- directors of Alcatel-Lucent heavily tied to optic fibre, high cost. "[..] December, Leighton-owned Nextgen Networks won the lion's share of a $250 million tender to provide fibre backhaul links in blackspots throughout regional Australia.

NBN Co CEO and chairman Mike Quigley is a former board member of Leighton.

Parker and Partners, an Ogilvy-owned lobby group which counts EDS and Alcatel-Lucent among its clients, gave $48,900 to the Federal ALP. Alcatel-Lucent will be providing much of the networking kit to the aforementioned Nextgen fibre rollout.[..]",nbn-co-to-spend-70m-on-alcatel-fibre-kit.aspx "NBN Co to spend $70m on Alcatel fibre kit" Jun 24, 2010 5:17 PM :"inShare

Major vendor contract awarded.

NBN Co has awarded an initial $70 million contract to Alcatel-Lucent for the supply of gigabit passive optical network (GPON) and Ethernet aggregation kit.

The kit includes optical line terminals to be located at the fibre access node (FAN) sites and the optical network terminal (ONT) attached to each dwelling.

The fixed price purchase contract came with the option "to buy as much equipment as the company needed as the project grew in scale," according to NBN Co's head of corporate services Kevin Brown.

"We plan to spend up to $1.5 billion on this highly-specialised network equipment during the lifetime of this project," Brown said.

"This contract allows NBN Co to purchase what it needs when it needs it, and allows [us] to engage other suppliers at a later date of our choosing

"Once NBN Co achieves full rollout scale, [we intend] to engage other GPON equipment suppliers who will interoperate with Alcatel-Lucent's GPON equipment."

While the Alcatel-Lucent kit will be manufactured offshore, testing would occur locally.

Installation would involve some 500 Alcatel-Lucent engineers in Australia and 200 engineers from NBN Co.

NBN Co will also spend $15 million buying a year's worth of engineering and testing services from the vendor." Alcatel used lobbyist to fund Labor Party" "Parker and Partners, an Ogilvy-owned lobby group which counts EDS and Alcatel-Lucent among its clients, gave $48,900 to the Federal ALP. Alcatel-Lucent will be providing much of the networking kit to the aforementioned Nextgen fibre rollout.

KPMG, which in partnership with McKinsey and Co won a $25 million tender to provide advisory services to NBN Co, donated $11,000 to the Federal ALP and $8250 to the Liberal By Ry Crozier, Brett Winterford on Feb 1, 2010 11:36 AM Quigley ex-director of Leighton Contractors, suppliers of Optic Fibre:"Phil Sykes, managing director of Nextgen Networks said Quigley "has a strong understanding" of the Nextgen fibre business" Reported by 2UE, on Juliar and the NBN, "Do it fibre" " [...]"n every bribery scheme described in this complaint, the head of the relevant subsidiaries and geographic regions were aware of or ignored significant red flags that indicated that Alcatel employees were using business consultants to pay bribes to foreign government officials.

The crimes that Alcatel has been fined over happened because of lax management. Just like the lax management that led to waste in the BER. And the waste, deaths and house fires in Australia’s roof insulation scandal. And the waste of millions of dollars in the Green Loans scheme. There's a common thread here – big talk, big vision, big future promises, happy days – then a culture of slackness and lax management, rorts and in Alcatel’s case bribes and crimes.

There are enough links between Labor, the NBN Company and Alcatel in Australia to at least raise serious questions. In November 2009, Senator Conroy's then media adviser Tim Marshall accepted a position with Alcatel-Lucent Australia as its external affairs director – before Alcatel was awarded its first contract over the NBN.

Senator Conroy personally recommended Labor figure Mike Kaiser for the $450,000 PA job as government relations manager at NBN Co – a job that was never advertised." [..] UN involvement with Alcatel, global plan for more NBNs, Mr. Ben Verwaayen, of Alcatel, associated with Broadband Commission Mr. Ben Verwaayen Alcatel's own plan to profit from this form of IT Keynesianism

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 02:17 AM
reply to post by Maibus

This isnt really shocking at all. The Tender system in Australia is a joke.

I worked with an independent technology consulting firm appraising government tenders for contracts for some of the government education system for a few years.

My job was to investigate the requirements then help write the tenders and I, along with several auditors and administration staff would make the appraisal based on various points award by weight of relevance from the submissions received.

Although it sounds great, its all nonsense and a huge waste of money. I can tell you right now, the decision of what we where going to select was made before It ever got to me. We'd go through the motions, bill the government organization, then make our recommendation with a scale that would grossly favour the original implementation they wanted.

I remember years earlier when i ran a small 5 person IT company putting in a tender to supply some of the local library's with computer hardware and setup the software lans and wans. I put in a tender with virtually no markup on the hardware and a modest price for the service to get my 'foot in the door' with the government. We didnt get the tender of course. They went straight to the most expensive supplier and service company in the region. I asked a guy I knew who worked there how they got the tender and his answer was, we always get the tenders, the boss plays tennis with some big wigs at the council.

Im guessing nothing is different when it comes to appointing employee's or anything really. Australian government is corrupt at every level.

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by Gravity215

Thank you for your input it is very much appreciated

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 02:37 AM

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 05:16 AM

Originally posted by Grimnal

I will present all heads on the snake

Technocracy is not welcome in this world, and no human would have a bit of it if they truely understood it for what it is. Loss of your humanity completely, a complete police state, and of course, the bubbling of each and every person to blindly accept what is put in front of them.

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 06:54 AM
Thanks, I don't see many issues arise on here about Australia and this is good to read. Know of any other sources for Australia "issues" not dealt with in the MSM?

However in adding, like the poster above stated doesn't surprise me at all. The miss management and laziness in the government is more than a joke it borders on gross negligence. I really wish we had a law in place that put these swine in jail for awarding their mates these contracts at 5 times the price and then not caring when their mate extends it out further and gets 15 times the price.

Loved the bit about conroy affirms my suspicions that it's all a business these days.

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Scaledown

dont worry mate- more to come

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 10:31 AM
Australian gov on both state and federal levels are on of the most corrupt govs on earth. They seem to play on the fabricated sense of what aussie culture is that so many 'drones' out there choose to believe.
We are constantly flattered by concepts fed to us such as: Australians are hard working and dont whinge.
We are tough and resilient.
We are highly charitable.
ect, basically we are no different to any other culture. Our weakness is that we havent had much of a chance to develop a unique identity so we tend to just accept the fabricated zeitgeist fed us. This makes it easy to manipulate our focus, eg: political correctness, our rampant alcohol abuse problem, media insistance that we are all big sports fans.
We are still young and nieve as a culture and are easily shamed or coddled towards gov ends.
Perhaps a bit off topic but thats my theory on why gov corruption is so prevalent. our pm basically stole leadership, i know i didnt vote for her! as long as our pride and hip pocket are left intact we sleep.

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