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ASSAD You Have Lost Legitimacy

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posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 05:18 PM
Syria's Bashar Al Assad who has inherited the role of president when his father died in 2000, has lost all legitimacy according to the the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,.She said he had failed to deliver promised reforms and launched a campaign of violence against his own people to silence protesters calling for democratic change.

But since when did he have legitimacy to rule Syria? He never did.
The number of people he is massacring on the streets is well over 1400 and keeps growing daily, and his file in the international court of justice is getting thicker by the day.

Change has come to the Middle East, change that is much stronger than your stuborn head Assad.
Get out of the way or be swept with the rest of the garbage that is still wanting to impose their dirty old tricks in Libya and Yemen.


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