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Anti-Depressants and the Global Meltdown

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posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 11:18 AM
If the economy were to collapse, and international commerce were to come to an abrupt stop, i dont think any segment of the population will suffer more then those who rely on psychtropic medications.

I myself have been on anti-depressants. I know what happens when you get off quickly and how drastic the vacuum/depression one experiences is. It is nothing short of TERRIFYING thinking about the ramifcations of this situation. Hopefully, the government wouldnt be so evil to undermine international trade of medications. But if they are so evil, as CG Jung in his Aion lectures, prophetically noted, as if he knew back in 1950 where this materialistic minded society needing psychtropic drugs would end up:

“loss of roots and lack of tradition neuroticize the masses and prepare them for collective hysteria. Collective hysteria calls for collective therapy, which consists of abolition of liberty and terrorization. Where rationalistic materialism holds sway, states tend to develop less into prisons than into lunatic asylums“

Yes... Society will become one massive lunatic asylum. 140 Million Americans alone are on psychtropic medications. Almost none of them will be able to cope with the loss of their medications. They will become depressed, and this depression will lead to anxiety, paranoia, and many suicides and psychotic outbursts.

It is the most terrifying thing i can imagine.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 11:39 AM
Yeah I read somewhere that 10% of the population suffers from severe mental health illnesses. It is a pretty scary thought and when the SHTF you want to get as far away from people as you can. Theres nothing out there more dangerous and capable of more cruelty than human's. Especially crazy people!

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 11:50 AM
I have medication for my back, two busted up disks. we are just going to have to count whats left and take lower and lower doses to get off the meds instead of going cold turkey

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by lokdog

Its over 1/3rd of the American population. About 35%. Whether that be an anti-depressant, or anti-psychotic, or something like Ritalin, for ADD/ADHD.

And this doesnt even factor into the equation all those immature people who cant live without their materials in life. I know MANY people who need their car, their music, their clothing, alcohol, bars, cottages, speed boats, gasoline etc etc...They will be BROKEN and as much in need of medication as those who will be berfeft of it. Life will become boring and pointless. They either respond and adapt or they'll fall apart.

This has been planned. This was THE plan, and Jung even alluded to it in his Aion lectures (which dealt with mystical/metaphysical ideas to begin with)...

The "therapy" mankind will be subjected to will forever expunge this materialistic attitude from their being. Mankind will be treated as one collective consciousness. All will be subjected to the same hell. Some will experience a worse hell than others. But in the end this "therapy" - which as Jung says consists of terrorizing the populations - will have its effect. Not on "us", of course. Because many will die. But for future generations.

This little experiment can be thought of as the survival of the fittest. The unfit will be excised, while the "fit" will provide the seeds for a new world.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by camaro68ss

Thats still going to be a difficult transition though.

People are ON medications because they cant function or cope with their problems without them.

In a perfect world everyone can get off their drugs and everything will be peachy. But unfortunately, the world doesnt work that way. Those dormant obsessions/demons which anti-depressants enable one to overcome, will burst back into consciousness with a vengance once they get off.

The ONLY way to get through them is to become more spiritual. Understand the problems, and work through them. Whether they get this knowledge through Kabbalah, Buddhism, or some other spiritual tradition, theyre going to be forced to either learn/seek help from the proper places, or fall apart under the weight of their conditions.

Hopefully, the governments can work something out where people can still recieve their medications. Otherwise, many many people are going to suffer very very very horribly.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 06:05 PM
This is a very interesting topic, op. I almost fell out of my chair when I read 35% of America is on psychotropic medications. Are you sure about that stat? Sounds high, but if so, that is truly appalling.

People might be a bit more flexible than you think, many can and do give up alcohol or drugs so I suppose it's possible with these things too, but thats not to say it's easy. Or that most will make it.

I'd almost think that they'd want to increase production of these sorts of drugs the worse things get. Why not 75% instead of 35%, and while you are at it make it stronger and more narcotic-like. Passive, spaced-out blissheads are both easier to control and cheaper than angry mobs.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

People might be a bit more flexible than you think, many can and do give up alcohol or drugs so I suppose it's possible with these things too, but thats not to say it's easy. Or that most will make it.

Why do most people take anti-depressants?? Because theyre depressed. This depression causes an assortment of other mental conditions. It causes paranoia, anxiety and insomnia. And the paranoia and anxiety alone can take a ridiculous toll on your physical mental/condition. The less sleep you get, the more tired you become. Eventually, you completely fall apart. The demon takes over. The complex possesses you and you become entirely subsumed in its hell.

If youve read 1984, i think Winston said it perfectly when he said his body had become his enemy. Its true. Dealing with an obsession (which is what all emotional conditions are based on; depression, OCD, Social anxiety disorder. All of these are obsession based. The person doubts his ability to reject the thought, and so continues thinking about, or has an increased fear of it, and this completely wears him out) can be completely exasperating. Having been on the edge, and experienced the hell of anxiety. It is not funny. People dont know how bad anxiety can get. Theres a reason why severely emotionally broken people are put on tranquilizers. Infact, without any drugs.. My G-d. Such anxiety would force almost anyone to take their own life. Either that, or they would have to endure a hellish death.

Imagine when your nervous. Now compound that anxiety to the point where you cant eat, you cant stop shaking, you cant stop thinking negatively. It is TOTAL and UTTER possession. This is the very reality poetically imagined by the ancients as Hell. It is HELL. Your muscles and veins BURN from the anxiety. Chemicals have been rushing through your body for days on end. You are SO worn out.

I consider myself an emotionally intelligent person. I have gone through alot in my life and i have survived it. G-d has made me fortunate to grow in knowledge, which has helped me to gain control over my emotions/thoughts. But unfortunately, not everyone is so fortunate. If it werent for my family, and my own spiritual development, i would probably be dead or somewhere else.

My point with all this grim language?? It is horrifying the situation people would be in if they didnt get their medications. I FEAR for them, because i know whats in store, and it is painful, and incredibly taxing on the soul. It is some of the most deepest sufferring man will ever know.

A collapsed economy would be bad enough to threaten their emotional health. Losing their meds at the same time?? The depression, anxiety, fear, paranoia, and insomnia would be too much to bear for some. They would lose their minds, and eventually become at risk of harming themselves or others.

Spiritual knowledge can help. But how many people have proper knowledge? How many even care? ? This is why Jung describes being terrorized as a form of therapy. Like gold in a furnace, they have to have their spiritual 'dross' purged from their minds. Only after much sufferring do people start asking the proper questions. And i honestly believe that the elites are planning to do this.

I'd almost think that they'd want to increase production of these sorts of drugs the worse things get. Why not 75% instead of 35%,

I think both sides makes sense. Maybe they would like to medicate more people. This would go in the Huxelian perspective where almost everyone would be on medication. If they do this, then the elite are truly and thoroughly evil.

If on the other hand, they take the drugs away as a form of 'therapy'.. As in, its time to grow spiritually now. This would be evil (ideally, we can educate people and allow them to taper off their medications. This would allow them to grow, without brining upon them the hell of mental sufferring) but it would be less evil then having people live a deluded life.

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posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 10:28 PM
Not to mention; when the world turns on our heads, and coffee is no longer an easily acquired commodity, there will be a large majority of people experiencing caffeine withdrawal.

Just imagine the chaos that will be unleashed when the corner Star-Bucks is all outta the good stuff.

And we can't forget about the raging teens who won't be able to get their favorite energy drink or soda.

We are a drugged society, and when those drugs run out, oh jeez, watch out.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by PatriciusCaesar

Thats true, I know a few people who get bitchy/moody when they dont have their caffeine. Alcohol would be another big problem. Same with cigarettes.

We would be launched into the 3rd world. It will be frightening, to say the least.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 11:17 PM
Well I was diagnosed as OCD in late my 20s...due to perfectionism & my mind was always in a a Huge Tornado my whole life as concentration goes & hyper kid, except music, math, & sports, always the Top musician & athlete. Put on Prozac for 13 yrs at high dosage then thy tried to wean me off 3 times they couldn't do it, massive headaches (already prone to many migraines prior to meds) & worst mind focusing. Since I work with animals & 1 of the primates was on Prozac & they only had the 20 mg capsules at this time so I had to break it open make a line & cut it, put 1/2 in pudding cup & other half in empty gel cap for the next day...BOOM! there it was right before my eyes, I saw them problem with weening off & figured out how to do it correctly my way. You can't just keep dropping the dose until you hit 20 mg then take 20 mg once a day, for a period , then every other day for a period, & etc. I now knew to just keep shortening the dose little by little continuously & slowly all the way off with no side effects, EXCEPT I started feeling emotions....I had been numb for so long that even watching a sad commercial would hit me...but I was able to adjust....7 yrs ago I was finally tested & my problems were ADHD....the meds I take if I forget to take them are no big I don't mix the anti depressant with the stimulant...I think less is better plus bloody hell anti's screw up your sex life. I am on anti-anxiety meds at the moment but it's ok if I skip it ....due to job situation & $$$$ has caused the anxiety which I never had before & it's extremely high, even when I go in for a check up my BP will be pretty high but will have dropped prior to leaving the Dr's office. SO when it ALL falls apart I do need my thyroid meds since mine doesn't function, & will have to rely on alcohol & the plants the gods gave us to help with pain...these work better than man-made but can't use due to testing for work! That is SO wrong....
I too have displaced disk in my neck so cannot relax anything from mid back up...have high tolerance to drugs unfortunately....most people can take 1 10mg Flexeril & it will knock them out ....I can take 2 & have a Martini & still be semi normal. I pretty much have an open presc. for it too, but I hardly take any at all....been months....because I know it's one of the better drugs & I don't want to become immune so any pain or muscle relaxers I stop when I don't need them so I can save the extras for when I do.

All that being said, when I had body work done on me ~ 3x's a wk message & cranio-sacral therapy I stopped having migraines & my neck was more relaxed , as well as TMJ...I hardly took any meds....1st time living pain free.....but after a few months of stopping (moved) it all there are things that can help....but COLD TURKEY is NOT one of them!


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