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the blind eye

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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 06:29 AM
To find the truth one does not have to kill or destroy lies,
It’s more a question of knowing they are lies.
A thief relies on being hidden,
On nobody realizing he is a thief.
Once he is known his power is lost.
To fight lies is like fighting the shadows,
It’s pointless, once one realizes this, one returns
To their natural state and effortless strength.

It’s all about the blind eye,
In other words it’s where we are able to erase something from our vision.
Like magic we look around and that which we don’t want to see,
Just isn’t there anymore.
This is quiet different from the eye that sees all.
Yet it is not engulfed with all that it sees.
In fact it’s not engulfed with anything it sees.
This could be called seeing without believing,
Hearing, without reacting.

If you have been seeing double all your life
You will think that your vision is normal
Then if someone comes along and says
No there are not two birds only one.
It will be almost impossible to accept that one has double vision.
But if one is reminded repeatedly with respect that this condition can and does occur.
One is then offered a chance to see clearly.
At first integrating this view is difficult, but eventually as one gets the swing of it,
The double vision is lost.
Then the true vision is experienced.


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