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Get ready for the ride, love

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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 06:11 AM
Here it is:

what is it you want
all of you
we put our heart out here before you
right here
dadayana eh hirayana
ah hetoya em herbaba
i have only my heart left to offer
all i have
offer it freely
the map have been laid out before you, the road to travel to realizing your own amazingness, the connectedness to our Source, that connects us all... right here right now... it is in our codes, in our genes our dna, our soul burns and burns... burn out that what is only illusion... you feel it burning, you feel it, love?
we do not beg you anylonger, still our hearts calls and calls, realize, realize, look inside, look outside the window, the end of times are now, now, NOW... soon GOD will be there before you, you have denied Him for so long beaten His heart down time after time, like u do not care, like u do not give a f...... s.... u have crusified Him time after time, u have crucified my loved Brother, u have thrown me into the darkest place of your mind and soul, even if i had just love to show u, mirroring the light of our Lord... still we love u, still we come back, still we are here, our love do not need to forgive u, it is there freely and abundant, we know your heart and we know that there right inside is a treasure so amazing that u running away scared from its light and splendor, u only have to cast away those fears right here and now to see to realize, we will be there smiling at u like we have always been, like we will always be, none of us dies none of us pass away... CIRCLE MELODIC we are here, soon u will see the signs, soon u will see the lightshow u have been asking for, soon u will get your proof, might as well start working now, bc even when u see the lightshow and cannot deny your true Lord, your Innervoice, ressonance in your heart, u will still have to meet u self, u will still have to embrace every little bit of your soul, light and darkness, embrace it all, and love will set your free... bow for your God, bow with love and respect in your heart...
there will be no way around, enough is enough and playing picka-booh is only funny for so long, and seeing my loved Father, Brother and Family being mocked, ridiculed, hurt and even killed was never any fun in the first place, seing beautiful amazing Gaia, being abused, being hurt polluted and taken for granted hurt inside our hearts, fuills them with sadness sadness and know that God is not only love, there is also a wrath-part to Him, a wrath of justice, so my words for u is listen carefully, resonate within, deeper than u think u can, deeper than u ever thought possible, just let the fear be there, it will dissolve like smalll clouds on a bright sunny day, resonate so deep within, that the silent voice of your heart becomes like a roar, get into that roar, feel it, go within it, be it, become it, we are one, realize, realize... this is all for now,... be well my love, my heart still beats for u, still and always will....

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