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CTV Bureau Chief Quits His job, over 100,000 people have read his blog on why he did: true journalis

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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 01:37 AM
Finally - a real live journalist who wants to report the truth, not the filtered kind.. his story is viral

Kai Nagata quit as CTV’s bureau chief in Quebec City on July 8. In an essay on his personal blog ( that has attracted wide attention, he explains why he gave up on TV journalism at age 24:

"I was a full-time employee making good money, with comprehensive benefits and retirement options (I was even lucky enough to be hired before Bell bought CTV and began clawing back some of those expensive perks). It was what I would classify as a “great job,” especially for a 24-year old. But there was a growing gap between the reporter I played on TV, and the person I really am and want to become. I reached my breaking point suddenly, although when I look back now, the signposts were clear."

I have serious problems with the direction taken by Canadian policy and politics in the last five years. But as a reporter, I feel like I’ve been holding my breath. Every question I asked, every tweet I posted, and even what I said to other journalists and friends had to go through a filter, where my own opinions and values were carefully strained out. Even then I’m not sure I was always successful, but I always knew at the CBC and subsequently at CTV that there were serious consequences for editorial."

Why I Quit CTV News

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 03:01 AM
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I love to see people acting in accordance with their conscience. If more of us did what we knew was right instead of going along to get along, we could see more great things from and for people. Thanks again.

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 06:09 AM
I read the whole blog - something I would rarely do first thing in the morning but I could not stop reading once I started.
Bravo for you Kai!
Here is a guy I can respect and someone that would be fascinating to talk to.
Best of luck and I can only hope that some day the words "TV News" actually mean just that instead of talking points and political agendas.

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 01:43 PM
Good for Kai. He is congruent and true to himself. What he says about filters is exactly what the media is trying to do to all of us, by promoting artificiality and the celebrity culture.

Conservative politicians are abandoning my generation and any that hope to come after.

Exactly. And when you remove hope just like what is being felt in the US, what remains? Is this a mind-control game where if we become dummied-down we will all follow the leaders willingly?

Meanwhile, the people who are supposed to be holding decision-makers to account are instead broadcasting useless tripe, or worse, stories that actively distract from the massive projects we need to be tackling instead of watching TV.

The Kate and Will celebrity hype was frankly embarrassing. The media told us we were all awe-struck and what ever else was happening in the world was not as important as this. It made me ask myself if they were doing this on direct orders from the monarchy. I always wondered just why Chretien was summoned to Buckinham palace in between refusing to go to Iraq and sending troops to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, we’re wrapping up a real war, one that invites us to take stock of where we stand in the world ten years after it began.

And that sadly is where Harper is really pushing it. To try to rally us and change our self-image as a peaceful nation to one that lauds brave warriors is not at all in the thinking of anyone I know. I have no political affilitation. I have always admired successful diplomacy over brawn, creativity over thinking inside the box. Harper is trying to convince us that we are inside a box. Yet he was voted in. And now ladies and gentlemen, he is trying to ruin what my community and I stand for.
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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 03:53 PM
I couldn't read the whole thing.
Too much like reading a love novel. lol

I guess he stuck it to the man. But I couldn't tell from what I read.
In any case this is nothing new.
We know that the news isn't news anymore. It's sensationalized news built to garner ratings.
It's like reading a tabloid.

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by ItsEvolutionBaby

Great find on this story! S&F!

In my "introduction" thread I tried to address some of the things this young man has seen in his short time in TV news. He has made some very true and insightful assertions regarding the news business....

TV news is a curious medium. You don’t always know whose interests are being served — or ignored.

If he had stayed there for 20 years he would have seen more of this and would probably be able to answer that question better.

Actually in the following paragraph he does draw a connecting line...

Consider Fox News. What the Murdoch model demonstrated was that facts and truth could be replaced by ideology, with viewership and revenue going up. Simply put, you can tell less truth and make more money. When you have to balance the interests of your shareholders against the interests of the viewers you supposedly serve, the firewall between the boardroom and the newsroom becomes a very important bulwark indeed.

He does see what is going on, he just hasn't seen the depth of it. I'm glad that he decided not to go all the way down the rabbit hole! I wish that I would have had the conviction and fortitude to deny my chosen career at that age. I wish him the best and I'm sure he will sleep better at night.

Anyone have any Ambien I could borrow?

Once again, great find!

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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 05:18 PM
he was forced to quit, because like his article he was putting people to sleep.

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 06:23 PM


posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 06:52 PM
Great now if all the guys with a conscience quit all we would have left is a bunch of neocons ruining the news .Come back and be the wrench in the machine.You could fight a better fight from the inside being the wrench than to be replaced by a neocon. Stephen Harper should never have been elected R.I.P. Canada the peacekeeping Nation.Hello US style police state and conservative controlled news.
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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 07:21 PM

Originally posted by randomname
he was forced to quit, because like his article he was putting people to sleep.

I think his main purpose is he was being cautious about what he said and how he said it. He explained a lot of complex issues.There was a lot of dynamics in his letter that cant be summed up in a simplified manor that was one of his points is that they are dumbing down the news because people want to be entertained and not educated. More sports less news.Its a shame.
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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by enament

Great now if all the guys with a conscience quit all we would have left is a bunch of neocons ruining the news .Come back and be the wrench in the machine.You could fight a better fight from the inside being the wrench than to be replaced by a neocon.

You are closer to the truth in that statement than many realize!

The problem is that the MSM is not run by idealistic 24 year olds.
The MSM is run by the same people that have run the media for years, and years, and years!

There is NO WAY that anyone can come in and change the system now!

He was just "awake" enough to get out before his conscience was seared like a steak!
Good for him!

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 11:49 PM
I know another Canadian hero - and crikey do we need them..

In the last round, we had former parliamentary page Brigette DePape speak out -

And now Kai.

Sure is helping to restore faith in the youngbloods.
And crikey, we need them!

I would assume he has many "alternative" news job offers.
He also has a page on fb (I know, I know)

Won't be reading about that story in the dailies.
He has exposed a lot of what we know to be real, to an audience who didn't have a clue.

We just have to keep this report talked up and shared.

Thanks all for your input.

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