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Destruction By Design = Obama British Agent?

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 11:47 AM
Day after day it becomes more apparent the current administration seems to be hell bent on destroying this once great nation.

There are some that can argue our President holds dual citizenship. Since his father was Kenyan, which was a British held territory, Obama would hold British-American citizenship, even going with the born in Hawaii story….Some could also argue his father was MI6 – like father, like son?

There has been much speculation about his “missing” past, some evidence points towards involvement with intelligence agencies.

What I am about to discuss has been discussed here on ATS before, but in light of current events this bears bringing up.

When I say current events I am mainly referring to a huge ramp-up in scare tactics our government has thrust upon us recently. The Gulf oil-spill, disinfo on Japan’s continued crisis, big bailouts, endless wars, (I’m sorry…”spreading peace through humanitarian aid accomplished by kinetic military action, not war”), H1N1, letting all those Russian spies go last year, Federal Reserve Scam, fake BC, fake killing of OBL, Gunrunner, Fast & Furious, now threatening to take away Social Security checks from millions of people (huge riots would ensue I have absolutely no doubt)…It all seems to be being done BY DESIGN!

We know the “WHY”…the why is to take away our freedom and make us slaves. The Elites are taking down the Middleclass worldwide. You can either be rich or poor, no more inbetweens…just like third world countries.

The real question is “WHO”? is doing this to us?

TPTB with the backing of British Intelligence?

Did some research on Sherman Skolnick, a controversial figure in conspiracy circles, his Cloak & Dagger radio show was taken off the air for suggesting 9/11 was an inside job. This guy died right before Obama announced his run for the Presidency. Before his 2004 Senate bid, Skolnick claimed to have outed Obama as a British asset. There are also internet rumors about Skolnick’s family destroying all of his research shortly after his death

From the summer of 2005 -

U.S. Senators Detained In Russia

During Obama’s first trip abroad as a U.S. Senator, he was part of a team to inspect nuclear weapon dismantlement projects.

Sens. Richard Lugar (search), R-Ind., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Barack Obama (search), D-Ill., who had both been visiting storage sites for weapons of mass destruction, were held at an airport in the Ural Mountain city of Perm for several hours, but were allowed to leave after talks between U.S. and Russian officials.

"I am in Ukraine with Sen. Lugar," Lugar's spokesman, Andy Fisher, said in a message sent from a personal messaging device Sunday afternoon.
He said Russian officials refused to let the plane take off for three hours and insisted on boarding it. "They did not. The border patrol finally got orders to let us go," Fisher said

Obama and Lugar on the trip-


The spokesmen did not have information on the nature of the dispute that resulted in the senators' being held. Telephone calls to the Russian border guard service and Foreign Ministry were not answered Sunday evening.

Now, why would the Russians have a problem with the occupants of the plane?


Could it have been passport problems? Could one of the occupants of the plane ever had a British passport?

Does our President have Americans best interests at heart?

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain and the United States are to create a new joint forum to assess long-term threats to their national security, a British government source said Monday.

Dual loyalties?

What passport did Obama travel to Indonesia with at the age of 6 years old?

What about the weird signing of the Queen’s guestbook “2008” MI6 programming glitch?

Keep our friends close but our enemies closer?

Ever notice how the character James Bond is a worldwide hero?

Isn’t our government turning more into a “Kingdom” and less of a Constitutional Republic?

Do you know why they called the Dark Ages the dark ages?

Has Great Britian been working to destroy U.S. Sovereignty by funding the Civil War, encouraging more wars, the annexation of the banking system over the last 200 plus years?

Now are they using their agent Barry Soetoro to take over our national security?

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 12:02 PM
Well thought out post, but commenting about james bond makes your entire thread seem that much more silly. Its like a video I watched on youtube about 9/11, and it was all these little clips in tv shows that just say 9/11. RUGRATS WAS IN ON IT

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 12:06 PM
please believe me , you don,t need any outside help in destroying your country.
your own government is doing a great job of that.
and the british government along with the eu commision is doing the same in the uk .

the answer to the problems in the usa is stop invading other countries to rob them of their resources .

and the answer to the british problem is to get the hell out of the eu and the government to start working for the people and to stop being brussels lap dogs .

if we all stayed on our own side of the fence , the world would be a better place .

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 12:07 PM
why are you so anti british??

the cia are far far worse than mi6 maybe you should be looking closer to home than with your binoculars across the pond

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 12:17 PM
In the UK if you are under 16 you can travel on either one of your parents passports. I dont know if that answers your question regarding that. I was on my Mothers (Maltese passport although I was British) While my brother on my fathers (British passport).

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by gremlin2011

Anti TPTB not just Anti British

What do you think about Russia detaining Obama for 3 hours?

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