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Theories that have titilized my brain over the years,

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 09:12 AM
I have always been into conspiracies ever since i was a child, my mum ran a type of bed and breakfast place which often took in homeless people the council had to put into temporary accommodation, we had this old man - must have been about 70, who was always into star gazing, aliens etc and through him i learned alot about broadening the way i look at things etc, through my experience of our chats and what he taught me i became an avid conspiracy fan
. Im into all sorts of conspiracies even the far flung far-stretched ones tantalize my brain cells, i have always been a believer in the *what if* scenarios, even if they are most likely impossible let alone improbable. Examples of some of my weirdest posts are : Illusions seeing behind the mask of reality, Groundhogday and timeloops plausability and how would we know?, Are modern day cults and fanatics really so different to the likes of jesus, buddah, gandhi?, The View from a padded cell: alternate realities, multi universes and dimensions. As you can see i like to look outside the box once and a while
(if anyone is interested in seeing other threads i have done feel free to go to this link in my profile = Some of my threads i have made, i have done ones on the titanic, the mary celeste, aswell as a true life murder conspiracy worth checking out called The Life and Death of Ruth Ellis - was she a murderer or the victim?. There are of course many many more on a broad range of subjects.

Anyway i digress a little
this latest post of mine i am dedicating to looking at/ listing some conspiracies that have captured my imagination over the years, some you will defiantly know, some are perhaps more unknown, some will be true and some downright so false its laughable, but they have captured the tingling braincells that are me and i thought i would share them with my fellow ATS'ers, to go over, perhaps even give you all something to research on your own, so get yourself a biscuit and a cuppa, sit back and chill with this (i hope) good read.

The JFK Assassination

Ever since i first learned about his in school it has always fascinated me beyond belief, it is one of what i consider to be a genuine government cover-up. The whole scenarios before the assassinations of things that went on behind the scenes, the actual murder, the aftermath and the witness deaths. Instead of going into great detail in here about i am going to direct you to someone who i consider to be one of the most knowledgeable people i know here on ATS about this subject, his name is Rising Against, and the sheer amount of research he has put in about JFK is astounding, please check out his profile for his Jfk thread links HERE

The Acoustic Kitty

Yes you saw the title right
, i heard about this CIA project a few years back and i was fascinated by it. This was one of the strangest projects by a government agency i had heard about at the time.


In the 1960's some brainbox at the Directorate of Science & Technology (CIA BASED) came up with this little beauty, the complete costs were said to have been up to $20 million. The basic facts of it are, that the CIA wanted to use normal every day cats to do their espionage and spying work for them
, they surgically implanted microphones, antenna and batteries into their tails (see image). Further operations and amendments had to be made to the cats and project due to the cats ease of being distracted and hunger issues, eventually the project was put into use, the Cia and co released a cat near the Russian embassy on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington DC, to spy on the comings and goings in there and to eavesdrop on conversations, Unfortunately shortly after released the cat was run down by a taxi. Unfortunately the project was shut down in 1967 and deemed to be a complete failer. This actually freaked me out a bit
imagine the vastness of the possibilities of abilities like this it also goes to show that perhaps they are watching and *listening* to us arrghh.

Project Acoustic Kitty: how the CIA failed at using cats as spies

Project MK-ULTRA

In all honesty this one creeps me out i have researched various aspects of this topic many times over the years and you wouldn't believe some of the theories/stories i have heard and pictures i have seen,in a way it both disgusts me and fascinates me at the same time. Not many here on ATS will not have heard of project MKULTRA. MKULTRA has been blamed for many a thing over the years, one being that people involved in the jfk assassination were candidates, there are of course many many other stories, theories etc that involve this project - the research opportunities for someone is extremely vast. Although officially shut down in the 70's many still believe that this project is on going in many other guises throughout government agencies around the world and is still widely used. Here is an all be it brief run down of the facts: This was a CIA program initially started in the 1950's, the people involved ran a vast array of experiments and interrogation methods on human guinea pigs - well i use that term loosely, these experiments/interrogations were generally used without said humans knowledge nor consent, these experiments included (but not limited to) “chemical interrogation” & Mind Control, they used drugs (such as '___' AKA ACID), psychological stress, and bizarre interrogation methods to get information from their targets, they could even control peoples brain functions and their behaviors. It is said that people would be dosed with large amounts of drugs such as '___', Amphetamines and mescalines, sometimes keeping the subjects drugged up for weeks at a time - apparently this was to see the effects of long term exposer to these drugs - subjects were also put through such things like shock therapy aswell.

Even after its so called shut down in the 70's vast parts of this project still remain classified, the goal (well at least one of them) was to try and come up with some sort of 'truth serum'. Others however belive it had more to do with creating assassins or 'sleepers' they could control and initiated when ever they desired. i wont go into to much detail but please check out some of the links below if you want to know more. or just do an ATS search there is huge amounts of info on here aswell.

Project mkultra
History of MK-ULTRA. CIA program on Mind Control.
Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents:
MKULTRA -Mind Control Project MKULTRA in Washington Post
Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control - The Evolution of Project MKULTRA
Project MKULTRA: The CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification

The Men in Black

No not the movie
, This one is based largely around the alien/UFO conspiracies, basically these are supposedly 'men' or aliens who say they are some sort of government agent. They are said to visit people who have witnessed alien/UFO activity and 'encourage' them to stay hush hush about it, it is also alleged that these 'men' work for many unknown agencies around the world protecting the secrets of undercover military projects or even been known to undertake in 'mysterious' activities themselves. Of course and off note though this term also is used to loosely describe any 'individual' who behaves in an unusual, threatening or strange manor especially if they show up right after a UFO/Alien encounter.

Theories surrounding these guys have been vast and to many to try and keep it recapped to here, some people think they are aliens, some demons, others undercover gov agents, the truth? who knows. check out some of the links below:

Men In Black
Men in Black (MIB) - articles and documents
The secret rituals of the men in black
The Men In Black Conspiracy-Secrets of the Nation of the Third Eye
Subject: CONSPIRACY 101: THE MEN IN BLACK, ver. 2.5

KFC Causes Sterility in Black Men

Iv never really known what to make of this one, or how much truth is actually in it, here is a brief run down: The theory dates back to the 50's and again in the 80's after col sanders death (the founder of kfc)and center around the KKK, the KKK were under the perception that colored men ate nothing but fried chickens and water melon....why? i have no idea but there it is
The rumor is that Col. sanders was himself a member of the Klan - he is reputed to have left 10% of his entire estate to the KKK when he died - and that the klan ran the KFC chain, supposedly the secret recipe of the herbs and spices used for the chicken etc contained a compound that rendered African American males infertile and leaving white men safe. Again how much credence do we put in it? who knows but its an interesting one anyways and not one i personally believe.

Frederick, Maryland


I wasnt going to include this however it is one of the first ones that got me interested and the possibilities of it are pretty endless, dont get me wrong i dont believe every lil thing i hear about this however it is entirely possible - at least some aspects of it anyways, to avoid plaguing the thread about this il just give a brief outline of what it is etc.


The HAARP project is said to be a research base situated deep in Alaska and ofc run by gov agencies. HAARP is said to monitor, and be able to manipulate the ionsphere (the weather etc), theoretically aswell HAARP can be used to destroy incoming missiles and disrupt communications all over the world. What makes this one interesting though is that HAARP does actually exist and IS capable of playing around with the ionsphere (for reasearch ofc), the fun begins when the conspiracy theorists enter
, and believe me the theories are plentiful, HAARP has been blamed for many natural disasters that have occurred over the years such as the Asian tsunami of 1996, atmospheric disturbances over the skies of china before a large earthquake in 2009, obviously these both just a ripple in the pond of conspiracies, evidence does suggest that the capabilities are endless including its use as a possible weapon, however how much of it is actually true is another thing.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
The Military's Pandora's Box
Japan Tsunami Caused by HAARP?
The Latest HAARP Information

Queen Elizabeth I was a man. The real Elizabeth died as a child.

When i first read about this one some time ago i was like WTF???
but hey in the spirit of me i always think well...what if.... The theory actually originated with bram stoker (yes the creator of dracula novel), well in his writings actually. Bram stoker wasn't just a novelist however, he was also the personal assistant oof an actor called Henry Irving. Henry was house hunting in Cotswolds in Gloucester-shire, England. It was in a small village there called Bisley that henry had heard about the story of the 'bisley boy' and passed the story onto bram who couldnt resist the urge to look into it and write about it. He was fascinated by the fact that the towns may day celibrations were based around a boy queen, his research and investigations led him to write a chapter in one of his books called: Famous Imposter's - this can be read online - Famous imposter's by bram stoker, and it is truly well worth a read imo. A brief description of the legend is as follows:

The Bisley Boy Legend

in 1543/1544 the then 10 year old princess Elizabeth was sent away from London to Overcourt House in Bisley, the plague was rife in London so her father - to assure her safty i assume sent her away with her governess. This apparently didnt make much of a difference and it is said that the young Elizabeth got really ill and had died of fever, the child's governess in fear of the kings well renounced temper she is said to have panicked and began a search in the local village (Bisley) for a young girl of similar appearance and age to replace the dead princess in the hopes of being able to delay having to tell the king his daughter was dead. But alas she could find no female child that was suitable, in complete despair one day a thought struck her, a little red- headed boy who was often the young princesses playmate - was similar in color and appearance, in desperation it is said that she dressed the young boy up as the princess, the king who apparently never spent much time with his daughter (and the young Elizabeth was always very cautious around him) didnt think anything of it and saw nothing amiss, the deception was a success. Apparently the king never ever found out the truth, and the young Elizabeth, her body was buried stayed were the governess buried it in a stone coffin in the garden at Overcourt. Cue 300 years later- a Reverend called Thomas Keble apparently told his family about a young girls body/remains that was found in a stone coffin at Overcourt while building work was being carried out at the manor house. The remains included rags of fine, Tudor style clothing.

Now aint that some story, Bram stoker did try to lend some credence to his thoughts some of the apparent proofs he put forward were,

Elizabeth’s secretive nature – Her actions during her lifetime seemed to suggest, according to Stoker, that she had a closely guarded secret. Sir Robert Tyrwhitt wrote to Protector Somerset in 1549: “I do verily believe that there hath been some secret promise between my Lady, Mistress Ashley [Elizabeth's governess] and the Cofferer [Sir Thomas Parry] never to confess to death. “
Elizabeth’s refusal to marry

Rumours that Elizabeth could not bear children – In April 1559, when Elizabeth was only 25, the Count de Feria wrote: “If my spies do not lie, which I believe they do not, for a certain reason which they have recently given me, I understand that she [Elizabeth] will not bear children.”

A significant change in literary style between the letters Elizabeth wrote Catherine Parr in 1543 and 1544.

Catherine Parr’s encouragement of the “horseplay” between her husband, Thomas Seymour, and Elizabeth – Did she know that Elizabeth was a boy and this was her idea of revenge on her husband?

Elizabeth’s huge stock of wigs – Were they to cover male baldness?

Elizabeth’s refusal to see other doctors – Stoker cites the occasion when Elizabeth was ill during her house arrest at Woodstock. Apparently, Elizabeth’s usual physicians were not available and Elizabeth refused to see anyone else.

It was also suggested that apparently Elizabeth left instructions for no post mortem to be carried out on her body and that she liked to wear big dresses and high necklines, which would have hid her male body and use thick drag queen-like makeup.

obviously just a few i do think that to get the full story from Bram Stoker himself go to the online archives and read it, he also goes on to suggest who the Bisley boy was, in short Bram suggests that the Duke of Richmond’s son by Mary Howard was the Bisley Boy. As the Duke of Richmond was Henry VIII’s illegitimate son, this would explain the boy’s colouring being similar to Elizabeth’s, the resemblance and the intelligence.

Photo Of Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond

and here is a photo of Queen Elizabeth I


Read full story Famous imposters by bram stoker,

Other links on this one
The Bisley Boy
Secret Britan - the bisley boy

The Reptilians

Not a theory i subscribe to, i have to be honest , however it is worth noting that there have been myths and legends throughout history about lizard people and such so who knows really. This is one of the first i came to research when i got the internet years ago, so in the spirit of fairness to my cookiness i shall include a brief sysops of this rather strange conspiracy. These apparent shape shifting reptiles have been around the earth for a millenia manipulating all of human history for their own gain. Even the British Royal Family has been accused of being Shape-shifting Reptilians.

David Icke *sigh*
he is actually 'one' of the main people that have been responsible for this theory well at least for the apparent wide spread paranoia that has followed in its wake. The theory is basically that Secret shape shifting reptile aliens have invaded earth and mascarading as high ranking political figures. Another theorists called Colleen Thomas also gained notoriety over this conspiracy who is often cited in warning us about the impending shadow-government dirty bombing and a Draconian-Reptilian invasion - An important update on the secret alien war in America by Colleen Thomas. Below are just 'some' links in relation to reptilians

List of reptilian humanoids
Reptilians Exposed
Reptilian Agenda - David Icke Website
The Reptilians(the Dragon, Snake, and Lizard People)

Esoteric Hitlerism

Another rather far-fetched one i must admit, but remember 'what if...'


I must admit i dont know much about this one only the basic facts of it, Miguel Serrano is apparently a leader of the Esoteric Hitlerists, they believe that the Aryan race is descended from high ranking aliens species. The hitlerists cite the story of the Nephilim in the bible as 'proof' that ancient aliens visited earth to enlighten the human race, they basically ended up breeding with us humans (creating the Aryan race), they say that the aryans are the only race alive who's blood remains 'pure' as in it still has the genetic footprints of this so called alien race. They however also theorize that Adolf Hitlar himself is in hiding with these aliens in a secret underground base and they will all one day emerge from the grounds in their spacecraft and usher in the Forth Reich.

Ok admit it you though WTF aswell
(well some of you)

here is some more info for those wanting to look into this more:

Esoteric Hitlerism
The Aliens of the Golden Dawn

The Queen is a clone

Yes another royal one and tbh one that made me
and ponder it, all at the same time. This conspiracy is one that is mere fanciful at best and no were near true imo

This story originated in 1982, and it is based around a news report of a man called Michael Fagan bare footed, apparently scaled the fences/wall at Buckingham Palace and shimmied up the drain-pipe up to the Queen's private apartments. In doing this he managed to avoid 4 electronic alarm systems, palace guards and police
when he got to the queens residence he opened a curtain and was confronted by the 'queen'. He claims that he stood there talking to the queen for 10 minutes before she raised the alarm when he asked for a cigarette,
news report

Now according to the theories, a variation of one is that this Micheal actually confronted the queen when he ducked in through an open door, finding himself in the palace kitchen (on the ground floor), he heard a noise and ducked into the first door he could find, which was one just by the kitchen, apparently the queens bedroom. the assumption is that this wasnt the real queen but a clone/doppleganger.

to be honest no-were have i read that this Micheal said the queen was cloned??

However at the time i googled all this apparently 1 reason given for the 2 different stories was that the first news story i linked was his 1st attempt and the 2nd one was his 2nd attempt. confused much??

The Flat-Earthers

*sigh* i know what your thinking but back int he day i actually looked into this one alot
as i say i like thinking outside my comfort zone
, anyways its pretty easy really, the flat earthers believe that the world is indeed flat and not round like we are told. And yes you have it the gov agencies are lying to us, they actually cite some decent reasons for their thinking for example: (quoted from there home paged linked at the end)

Argument One - Experimental confirmation of the Earth's rigidity in space
1) The ether factor

In classical physics, ether was assumed to be a ephemeral substance which permeated all matter. This omnipresent medium was that through which visible light and other electromagnetic waves were supposed to have traveled. It was assumed to have qualities which now seem rather bizarre - too bizarre, in fact, to be allowed to exist, by Efimovich's teachings. So in 1887, two American scientists, operating under the Efimovich-based assumption that the Earth was moving through outer space and not the fixed center of the Universe, conducted an experiment to "prove" whether or not ether actually existed.

Argument Two - Difficulties with the model: incorporating an Efimovich-type model with the known Universe

1) Maintaining speed

2) An accelerating world

Argument Three - The impossibilities of holding unsecured objects in place on a curved surface

1) Staying on top

Once again, picture in your mind a round world. Now imagine that there are two people on this world, one at each pole. For the person at the top of the world, (the North Pole), gravity is pulling him down, towards the South Pole. But for the person at the South Pole, shouldn't gravity pull him down as well? What keeps our person at the South Pole from falling completely off the face of the "globe"?

2) Falling off

As we begin to make this argument, we acknowledge beforehand that we are aware of the property of matter known as friction. Yes, we realize that whenever two surfaces are held together by any force there will be a static frictional force that will resist any motion by either surface in any direction other than parallel to the force. The example we are using is an extreme situation, and would involve the object in question to travel a considerable distance (tens of degrees of latitude) from the "top" of the planet.

Argument Four - Paradoxes associated with an inconsistent down direction

1) Negotiating long-distance travel

Argument Five - Difficulties in maintaining a functional Earth-bound atmosphere and ocean

1) The fluid problem

Please read HERE for full arguments they have

heres some info on this:

The Flat Earth Society
The Flat earth society homepage
BBC News article titled : Do they really think the earth is flat?

The Montauk Project


Ahh one of my favorites.. why? because i love time travel stuff and its possibilities. The Montauk Project is said to be based in the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, New York.
The basic theory goes (well one of them) that numerous people had been abducted and experimented on, this place has been linked to many other theories of shadow gov projects, it was even linked to MK-ULTRA experiments on mind control and that they found a way to make people schizophrenic at the push of a button, they worked on various psychic phenomena and abilities (so it is said). This particular project however was 'special', it has been suggested that the researchers/scientists there actually managed to create a 'time tunnel', were they could travel through time and space. However, apparently during one of these 'time travels' an alien species/ monster managed to come through the tunnel, ate the scientists and researchers and thus destroying the lab. what became of this so-called time tunnel or the alien is not known. It is also theorized that this project was linked to another some what famous one called the Philadelphia Experiment (click link for info on this). There is however much much more to this theory, as i have only just given you a basic outline i suggest though that you look at some of the links provided to get the full grasp of this one, what it did/does etc.

The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment
The Montuak Project
The iron skeptic- the montauk project
the montauk project - disinformation
The Montauk Project-From Lightnet News

Wingdings font has a secret message of approval to kill Jews

yea yea anno, this one is actually an old one aswell and one i came across as a baby conspirer
i must say from things i have read over the years wingdings have a lot to answer for *shakes fist*. They have been linked to the 9/11 atrocities aswell.


As silly as this may sound to some people it is one i did look into as a matter of curiosity, after the release of windows 3.1 in 1992 some people soon discovered that the apparent sequence of characters for NYC became rendered as a skull and crossbones, star of David and a thumbs up sign (see above pic). They therefor interpreted this message to mean that killing Jews in NYC was ok, Microsoft have of course numerous times venimatly deny this accusation that it was deliberate and released a statement basically saying that the final arrangement of the glyphs in the font was largely random. (The character sequence "NYC" in the later-released Webdings font, in turn, is rendered as eye, heart, and city skyline, which could be interpreted as "I Love New York City". Microsoft has stated that this is intentional.).

This theory was furthered fulled (for obvious reasons) after the 9/11 attacks, when the sequence 'Q33NY' was apparently typed in wingdings the symbols became: (see image below)

People suggested that this particular one was a message, the picture (according to them and i must admit looks eerily like it) depicts an aircraft about to hit the World Trade center buildings, and gives a message of death to the Jews, NY of course stands for New York, and apparently the Q33 is said to be a destination of one of the hijacked planes. Obviously this theory has many holes in it, one being that the 9/11 attacks were not directed at soly the jewish community, and no aircraft on that day had the so called destination of Q33. Another suggestion was that "Q33" was a reference to a bus route, typically alleged to be at the World Trade Center itself, or to one of the airports involved. In reality, bus route Q33 serves LaGuardia Airport, and none of the hijacked aircraft took off from or were heading there.

Various other combinations of Wingdings characters are alleged to have special significance by conspiracy theorists check out some below:

The "Wingdings" Conspiracy
Q33 NY Wingdings Hoax - Elevens and the Wrath of the Eagle
Wikipedia - wingdings
MS Denies Wingding Thing, Again

Wise words to end from me

obviously those are just a small few of the things that have captured my mind over the years, be it they true or not i have always found them fascinating none the less. If you survived this far give yourself a huge pat on the back
hope you all enjoyed my walk back into the past

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by ronishia

Brilliant list here! Its nice to get some insight into how a person on ATS got into conspiracy theories!

I am more of a scientific theorist and remain extremely skeptical on all subjects even my own theories!

What got me into conspiracies is probably my ability to question logical reasoning at a young age... That and looking through my dads old fourteen times magazines in my early teens!
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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 10:04 AM
I love this!!

MK Ultra a an absolute favorite! When I first read about it I was amazed and had to know more. It's disturbing that stuff really went on and IMO it still does!

KFC making black men sterile? I've never heard that one.

JFK is a fascinating one I Agee!

HAARP it exists but what it's real purpose is idk.

It's going to take awhile to read thru this via my phone.

Star and flaggy for u
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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 10:45 AM
Great thread Roni, It's fascinating to get an insight into what primarily interests you here, IMO..

Admittedly though, I think I tend to try and remain as skeptical as I possibly can, especially when it comes to conspiracies as I feel it's the best approach to actually finding some truth in whatever topic is being discussed at the time. Most of what's discussed on ATS isn't considered a Conspiracy Theory for nothing after all.

That being so, everyone loves to ponder over "what if's" still, myself included. And I like to think everything can, and should be, considered as a possibility. Not matter how outlandish. So sure I may be skeptical about something.. but that doesn't necessarily mean I fully disagree with it or won't have the ability to at least consider it.

Anyway, I'm not even sure how I got into conspiracies when I try to think about it. I guess I've always had that inner fascination with what's considered as "weird" by some. When I finally had an opportunity to start searching for those things I consider interesting, well, let's just say I found a website called and my mind as blown.

Nice thread once again Ronishia. Oh, and thanks for the mention as well, that was a nice little surprise to see, lol.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 03:56 PM

Originally posted by Rising Against
Great thread Roni, It's fascinating to get an insight into what primarily interests you here, IMO..

ye not many ppl actually know what im into its funny

Admittedly though, I think I tend to try and remain as skeptical as I possibly can, especially when it comes to conspiracies as I feel it's the best approach to actually finding some truth in whatever topic is being discussed at the time. Most of what's discussed on ATS isn't considered a Conspiracy Theory for nothing after all.

nothing wrong with a healthy bit of skepticism, and also the ability to have a laugh at some of the sillier ones, what i have often found as a theorist though is that there is a very fine line it seems between being a skeptic, and being a complete raving loony - not figured out were i stand yet
, i think i would be the person that stands on the outside throwing nuts at everyone

That being so, everyone loves to ponder over "what if's"

so true, its the what ifs that keep the brain alive imo, after all if the likes of Einstein and newton never pondered 'what if' science wouldnt be were it is now

Nice thread once again Ronishia. Oh, and thanks for the mention as well, that was a nice little surprise to see, lol.

Your very welcome
tbh there was no point me outlining JFK when u have already done it so eloquently
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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 03:58 PM

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 06:07 PM
what a great read Ronni!!!!!!!
the Elizabeth one I've never heard of but now i will dig away
I never bothered reading on Haarp but you made all those hissy threads on it readable so now I know
Power up the array! ....Cheers star and flagged

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 06:54 AM
Very nice post.

The cat one is new to me, and is actually kind of hilarious and freaky. Excellent!

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 10:25 AM
Mr KFC was a Mason but you cant find any information on it on Google, well I cant.
Hidden stuff or is it my inability on the puter.

I am still learning.

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 04:13 PM
if i remember correctly he was in fact a freemason, the first time he "signed up" for the freemasons was in 1917. And he was demitted in 1920. Then in 1953 he signed up again to the ranks of the Freemasons... Co-incidentally, or not, this was not long after he had trademarked his new Company, Kentucky Fried Chicken

freemason bio

Initiated: April 6, 1917
Demitted: February 27, 1920
Lodge No. 651 (Indiana), Henryville, Indiana
Passed: 1919
Raised: 1919
Courtesy to 651 (Indiana) by Clark 40 (Indiana)
Affiliated: October 27, 1953
Demitted: April 13, 1976
Hugh Harris Lodge No. 938, Corbin, Whitley County, Kentucky

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