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Curious about an old thread and it's possible implications

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posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 08:51 AM
Ok I don't make many new threads as I mainly use this site for current events and to gather other ideas on subjects I am interested in, but while reading a thread yesterday I believe it was titled " truth about October 28 just got real" or close to that, now the thread itself was basically not verry interesting to me but there were 2 links to old threads where one in 2006 a man claiming he had knowledge of the Oct 28 events was readying to at some point in 2009 go AWOL and hopefully ride out these events, then maybe on page 4 of the thread there was another link to a thread from 2009 from a man claiming to be an ET the thread was called "warning from the benevolents" where the thread author ET man said that this same date was important, to my knowledge and from being on this site some years now its only been recent that this date has come up with any significance, be it either the real Myan end date or the date of the infamous comet elenin passing by it seems that this is a fairly recently disclosed or conjured "doomsday date". But what this guy said on page 6 of that thread kinda stuck with me. Now let me say this clearly I do not believe this guy is an extraterrestrial in the conventional sense at least but I have the feeling he may be onto at least something. Maybe he has taken as many psychedellic trips as me to have come up with this as I have had this same outlook on reality since one particular '___' experience, it completely changed my outlook on everything. I will not go into the experience as I do not want to violate any ats rules however rediculous they may be but here's a quote from the 2009 thread that sums up why I am interested in what he had to say. And pay close attention to the last paragraph because with all the elenin being a brown dwarf star but noone can see it and whatever, to my knowledge this was not at all in discussion at the time of this particular thread.

And I quote ET_man

"3D matter that earth is made of including your body comes in infinite layers, if you were to peal the layers you could never reach the center. Within this world and above this world are infinite dimensions, times, and densities. These other dimensions and worlds exist on, above, within, below and beneath earth, your consciousness and physical world resides within layers of other times, dimensions of lesser and greater densities that are infinitely connected.

All matter is equivalent and equal to what you perceive to be the universe. The universe exists within and without all things, your biological body is infinite in space with no end. This is the very philosophy that man has struggled with because of the limits placed upon understanding and comprehension of what the word infinity really means. The concepts of infinity can vaguely be understood but never comprehended or seen by man. Your body is infinite in space and never ending inwards and outwards and in all directions, times, densities and dimensions.

You can travel to a destination half way forever never reaching that destination. All matter is equal in space there can be nothing greater or lesser as there can be no measurement for an object within the laws of infinite space. All things advance equally and are equal in all directions inwards and outwards. Intelligence is infinite, individual intelligence which you call your spirit or soul has progressed infinitely and is equal to all that is, nothing is lesser or greater, bigger or smaller as there is no measurement to one’s growth only continual progression, evolution , advancement.

Spheres are eternally infinite in size and can be cut into half or doubled in size infinitely with no end. Consciousness and intelligence of an individual is the same as a sphere and can be infinitely doubled or cut in half with no end. You are made up of intelligence and are infinitely advancing through infinite experiences, you have always existed, death of this 3d material world is another stage, transition and process into infinite progression. All things consist of oppositions from light to dark, positive to negative with polarities. There are unseen energies forces necessary for advancement that are adversaries to the positive as negative pushes against positive this allows the process of advancement to occur.

Extraterrestrials exist within, above and below our density in upper and lower dimensions. Within time is another time and an infinite amount of times with an infinite amount of space and dimensions. As an example, dinosaurs exist and can be seen today in another dimension in time and past, as future and past is nothing more than a separation of present, today is everyday if time is frozen. Time can go backwards and time can go forwards or time can sit still.

This 3D Reality is based on illusion and time is illusion, a human biological clock is constantly ticking and programmed to accept nothing more than forwards like your computer believing backwards to be an improbability. The biological body and conscious mind keeps the physical body and mind in the present. The revolutions of the earth and movement of the sun keep man from passing the third dimension and viewing lesser or greater densities in time allowing access beyond the illusion of time with infinite possibility both backwards, forwards, inwards and outwards.

Extraterrestrials have been working for and against mankind from the time man was placed on earth and for purposes of opposition and order. There are infinite amounts of worlds similar to this one with races of man like on earth in this dimension and endless others. There is no such thing as the center of the universe, there is no center, side, front, end or top all is equally placed as there are no limitations in all directions inwards and outwards infinitely within and without. Dimensions of all sizes exist with no end. Your body is equivalent to what you consider to be the universe, so is a grain of sand, a particle is equivalent to the universe you know. Nothing lesser, greater or more than, all things are on a different level of progression and equal.

What will happen in October of 2011, a brown dwarf star yet to be seen in this dimension/time will intersect from a parallel time/dimension passing your sun causing change. This will affect orbital paths, weather and cause a cataclysmic event within your dimension. The earth comes to a complete stop before reverse polarity will occur changing consciousness, time, dimension and density. Those who survive this event must survive the change in consciousness and physical changes that will occur as this dimension will intersect with another.
[edit on 27-6-2009 by ET_MAN]

That's what really caught my eye ad was wondering what other members would make of this.
Thanks for reading everyone hope to hear from yas

posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 08:58 AM
My opinion is that it is a stoned guy's rant. He's read some philosophy and appears to be trolling.

posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 09:09 AM
If you read the original thread you will see this guy wasn't "stoned" at least at the time of it's writing. Maybe he got real stoned or tripped so hard he realized this stuff and felt the need to share it, but what gets to me is the idea of a brown dwarf coming around this time. With all the talk of elenin not being a comet but a possible brown dwarf or black hole I thaught it was worth looking at. I personally doubt that it's anything but a comet but its still anyone's guess unless you have direct access to a powerful enough telescope and equipment to tell exactly what is coming. I'm still anticipating it will be a comet like any other but who really knows

posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by pryed -eyed-one

Reading the "ET" man reminded me of this... a guy in a closet tripping, talking to himself. It may be the same guy.

(someone was nice enough to set this to some animation)


posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by pryed -eyed-one

Ok, so i read that entire quoted wall of text. firstly, let me point this out:

The earth comes to a complete stop before reverse polarity will occur changing consciousness, time, dimension and density.

Absurd. Fundamentally absurd. Scientifically absurd.

This, like most of these other "predictions" are pretty simple to explain. someone read a few new age books, watched a documentary on string theory and quantum physics, then came here, high as a kite, spewing incoherent garbage that makes no sense in reality what so ever.

This, my friends, is getting old.

Thankfully he threw in "nibiru" without naming it.

posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by pryed -eyed-one

Seriously, since I am Brazilian, and I have a somewhat low threshold for grammar wrecked texts. If you mess up too much with the grammar, it becomes more or less glibberish to me. I had to reread the paragraphs many times to make sense of them, which is a good signal of a message that was written without a clear mind.

It might be that the guy was in a rush, instead of stonned. Or merely very excited. Or he may just suck at grammar. He cites some famous philosophical problems like the doubling of the circle and the Zeno's paradox (which has been proven wrong, by the way), and they're completely out of place. Everything seems to me to have been just thrown in without any conscious topic or goal or effective message being said.

There are some sentences that seem to make intermittent sense, but the signal/noise ration is too low.

posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by pryed -eyed-one


I read et mans thread (he doesn't actually claim to be an et I don't think) last year and found it really interesting - real deal or not. And I agree, he wasn't wasted and actually made a lot of sense. Have you read the hidden hand thread or a thread by .... balls cant remember his name... here's the thread...

anyway interesting reads both of them. Have a good dig in the metaphysics forum if you haven't already and the grey area, theres some mind blowing info in there

Personally I love that stuff - really makes you look at the world in a different way - and a big part of me hopes that what they say will happen, will happen - im not saying the death and destruction bit is good but what comes with it could be. Theres also some real spiritual dudes on here who really get it and could help you on your journey, unfortunately im not one... im just interested and learning and am on my own little journey

although im sure theres plenty of closed minded fools around here who will flame me and you for even thinking that there might be more to life than what we see and hear, but Id rather be me than them!
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posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 03:20 PM
I understand. So if I have a hotel with infinite number of rooms and a bus pulls up that has an infinite number of guests, I just check in the infinite number of guests into the infinite number of rooms...

BUT THEN another bus pulls up with another infinite number of guests but it isn't a problem because I have an infinite number of rooms...

You're right, most people wouldn't get it.

posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 05:10 PM
I remember reading that and it makes sense in light of what I have dreamed, or more than dream as I call it. I see the planet as orange, first to the right of the moon and then to the left and finally filling our sky. However, I also see the earth as place vacated pretty much.

Then on top of that, I see another world similar to this right outside this one, not effecting this one in any way which left me confused unless I understand that there are different densities or frequencies which we cannot see. They would need to stay as they are or we would destruct and I saw this on the one world. Damn, this is interesting.

posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 09:17 PM
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