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Reoccuring dreams that relate to weather.

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 02:37 PM
I have had two reoccuring dreams in my life. The first one started when I was younger, 7-12 and the second one started when i was a teenager about 14-now(20). It was only just now as I was skimming through the dreams section that I realized, my two reoccuring dreams were both weather related. Bad weather.

The first:
Im not watching tv, its like virtual reality and all I can see is whats on the weather channel, I cant see the tv box or if I'm even in a room, all i see is like a big screen of the weather. The background is blue, with lighter blue boxes representing monday tuesday wednesday thursday and friday. Its been a long time since I have had this dream, but he would smile and start saying the weather. Little sun pictures would pop up, beautiful and bubbly, I know it will be a nice day. Then out of nowhere, a red light starts going off, and a huge buzzer / airhorn noise happens and the whole screen shakes and falls to one side as the weather man runs off screen. When the buzzer goes off, and the screen shakes; I actually in real life, shook violently as well and every time after the guy runs away right after the buzzer, I would wake up hanging with my top half off of the bed. Once I actually fell out and landed on my neck, that sucked. Anyways EVERY TIME it was the same dream, and EVERY TIME i would wake up hanging off of the bed, having to quickly reposition myself so I could sleep safely.

The second: This dream is more vauge so it confuses me a bit. Im not sure where I am. The sky is grey, the wind is blowing and the clouds look very bad. All of a sudden I'm in a skyscraper. I can't tell if we (we is me and some other people I don't recognize but I know in my dream) are going up the stairs to the top or trying to run to the basement. Also the building is a tall circular like white building with many many windows and circular staircases. As we are in the stairwell many stories up, I see a HUGE tornado coming for the building. The building begins to sway violently and it becomes hard to stand in the stairwell, holding on to the railing and wondering what in the hell is going to happen to me. A few times in the dream, the building starts to fall and then as the stairs go out from under me I wake up before falling to my death. But more often than not, I panic, and bust out a window with my elbow with impossible strength, and I jump out of the window, trying to grab onto something. I can never see what I was trying to grab onto, but I know that whatever it was I knew it would save me.

I am terrified that I will die in a tornado because of these dreams.

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 02:48 PM
Interesting dream, but I think it's largely influenced by the hectic nature of the weather we've seen recently. I've actually been dreaming about quakes/volcanic eruptions too. Fears can easily manifest in dreams.

- Ellis

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 03:13 PM
Don't stress. I had a dream 2 nights ago that my company's stock dropped $8 per share. Yesterday, it was up over 50 cents and today it was up 75 cents. Dreams are dreams, and they don't mean much of anything from a supernatural standpoint (most of the time?). There's an old expression that if we knew when and where we would die, we could never go there. So, if you're afraid of tornadoes, then Alaska is the place for you.

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 03:55 PM
(: alaska here I come haha. And to the other reply, It may be because of the bad weather lately, But I have been having these dreams for years before I started playing into the constant fear mongering that is out there. Also, I have had a few dreams "come true" not in a 100% sense but the gist of the dream. Its only happened a few times so you may be right, these dreams may just be strange in general.

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 07:28 PM
I have had some dreams in regards to future weather. I live on Maui so it's prolly gonna be different for most of you but, there are a few consistencies in my dreams over the years.
1- There are not alot of people around if any, I am happy about this and for some reason I am happy in an obviously life threatening situation (I was in the Infantry and I'm a bit loopy)

2- The sky is screwed up, in this case its usually like black/grey clouds crowded in the sky. In our case in hawaii the sky has a demonic red tint, prolly due to the volcanos going off,(not totally uncommon here, we also have to deal with sulfur gas, that smell is in my dreams too)

3- I am no longer in a tropical region. I am still on the island but its freakin snowing, and again I'm laughing about it cuz its like "could things suck any more.. LOL"

the description of your first dream gave me chills and I remembered the red sky, so I thought id share it

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