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North Koreans to get propaganda-free radios

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posted on Mar, 31 2003 @ 01:57 AM
I thought this was a positive article :

SEOUL, South Korea March 31
With no independent radio or television, no propaganda-free newspapers and no public internet access, few North Koreans know what is really happening in their homeland or around the globe.

But a Korean-American human rights activist hopes to lift the veil of silence that hangs over the communist nation. Rev. Douglas Shin plans to send thousands of tiny, solar-powered radios into North Korea so that people can listen to foreign stations, such as Washington-based Radio Free Asia or Voice of America.

The lightweight radios will be attached to helium-filled balloons and released from South Korea in June to float on seasonal winds blowing into the North across the world's most heavily guarded border. Wherever they land, he hopes people will pick them up and use them.


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