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Microsoft has patents to add eavesdropping to Skype.

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posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 04:48 PM

"Filed in December 2009, the document was created when Microsoft may have had no intentions of acquiring Skype, but the company makes clear statements that it applies to Skype and similar services."

"According to the patent - and it is just an application at this point - Microsoft envisions a variety of possibilities to use "recording agents" as a way to intercept, monitor, record and store recorded calls. The agent could be placed in a router, call server, or within the network of an organization. The agent can also be a software module that is placed between the call server or the network. Microsoft does not mention the recording agent to be hidden part of the client software. However, since Microsoft now owns the Skype infrastructure, that may not be a problem anymore."

"The good news, depending on your view, is that the technology is only targeted to become a tool that can be requested by law enforcement. The downside, also depending on your view, is that those Skype calls may not be as anonymous as you think and your private information may actually be easily accessible by government organizations. Microsoft did not say if it already uses eavesdropping technology in Skype or other VoIP applications."

Seeing how there is warrantless wiretapping this seems like just filling in the holes of current domestic surveillance. What bothers me the most is that M$ refuses to comment on whether its already installed in skypes current client, leading me to believe it is. What also bothers me is the amount of security holes in a modern PC regardless of operating system, seems like it just makes it that much easier for non law enforcement individuals to spy on others if they use this software.

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by wiandiii

Hi wiandiii,

Skype has long been known as unreliable when it comes to security. It's been insecure since the beginning and activists and many organizations won't use it for that reason. A search on "spying with skype, etc.." should bring up many examples.

This also applies to mobile / cell phones... unreliable and easy to monitor and for spying purposes. There's a whole tech world of track-able and monitoring tech all around us eh? lol Most printers place "invisible" markings on all prints for identification purposes etc... Anyone hiding from Chinese secret police hunting them down, around the world, ALL KNOW to never use mobile phones... EVER.... On and on.... Excellent Thread man. It has a hundred spin offs to ponder...

For most all the "tele-communications" history phones have been an issue when it comes to security. Ever seen old films when some bigwig in a company etc, had the phone in a BOX? They'd open the box and use the phone? This is because standard tech permitted someone to call the phone and have the phone NOT RING but ANSWER, then the microphone in the phone was used to listen.... This is standard these days as well. Works on landlines and cell / mobiles etc... Most professional activists etc know all their phones are monitored and compromised... it's taken for granted.


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