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Debating Philosophy, Religion, Metaphysics And Their Socio-Political Effects.

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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 09:17 AM
I'm fairly new here; and wanted to ask some questions and also make some suggestions regarding debates and discussion in certain forums on ATS.

Whether it's regarding sports, art, music, politics people enjoy discussing and debating; sharing thoughts and opinions. And at no point in reasonable discourse are people's views excempt from criticism.

My worry is that users within forums such as Conspiracies in Religions, Philosophy and Metaphysics, Origins and Creationism and most prominently Religion, Faith, And Theology expect to their views to go unchallenged because opposition to them would cause "offense".

Why do these discussions free from the reasonable discourse that is adhered to in any other arena of debate?

It seems people are expecting their views to be free from critisism or enquiry. Surely the cornerstone of liberty on the internet is the freedom of speech that comes with it? Surely users cannot expect to engage in debate; and then be offended when a disagreement has been made.

I recently posted a thread in which i showed examples of how those with differing viewpoints could debate with civility. This thread hasn't had much attention, nor have the thread that the moderator posted.

My thread can be found here:-

What i would like to suggest is a thread for the users in each of these forum, which clearly define the rules and expectations of discussion and debate within these forums, clearly highlighting that offense may be caused; and that there should be no personal attacks or ridiculing, or demeaning statements

I apoligise for wasting time; and i'm quite sure the reasonable level of discourse is called for in the T&Cs, or other threads; but i feel such a post would be a great reference for the users in the forum.

I feel this would also reduce the ammount of moderation required; users could reference the rules when they alert a moderator.

Thanks for your time.


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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:15 PM
Your point is well taken. I understand the challenge of trying to engage in a debate on a topic, where certain information and perspectives may evoke a retreat behind a defense that you can't breach without setting yourself up for labeling.

If I may, you might find a formal debate a much more useful exercise if you are very serious about testing the perceptions and assumptions of others. The Vagabond, and MemoryShock, two of our premiere staff, have been engaged in an act of stewardship for a forum I wish would see more activity from members with your intention.

The Debate Forum may be the place for you. The rules of debate are quite straightforward, and result in some of the most stunningly informative and well presented topics on the board.

What happens on the board outside the Debate Forum is often less controlled and more casual, with the T&C simply in place to ensure that people don't allow their behavior to devolve into the repugnant and unproductive.

Contact one of those staff members to explore the possibility. You may be pleasantly surprised.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 08:39 AM
i think its the internet man. just brings out the rude in some people

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