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Foreclosure Activist Possibly Murdered After Collecting Evidence Against Corrupt Judge

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 01:20 PM
This is a terribly sad story and certainly reeks of conspiracy, cover up, and murder. Several alternative media outlets are involved in forcing the case into the light and helping it go viral in order to get to the truth.

The Back Story:

Sun 'Sunny' Ming Sheu became an activist after he believed his home to be incorrectly foreclosed upon and there was suspicion of corruption within the judicial system dealing with his case. He gathered evidence to defend his position (which underhandedly resulted in his records being altered).

He also uncovered evidence of corruption against the presiding judge, Joseph Golia, which was apparently large enough to possibly result in Golia's arrest.

Things started to go from bad to worse:

1). He was allegedly intimidated by police to drop the case.
2). He claims to have had his life threatened, even going to the FBI for protection and making the following video.

In the video he shows the report he filed with the FBI while also stating if anything happens to him that Golia should be suspect:

For the security issues, for the security concerns, I make this recording, that if anything wrong goes to me, it should be come from Judge Golia and his people because before I had been kidnapped by his people, and threatened and intimidated by his people not to file a complaint against Judge Golia.

So I make this recording for safety. For protection. If anything wrong please go to Judge Golia and his people.

Thank you very much.”

Shortly thereafter, he was found dead with a blow to the head. The police are refusing to release the records and there is suspicion it was not an accidental blow caused by a fall, like the official story ultimately claimed.

Here is a conversation between a friend of Sunny and the coroner who examined him. The coroner admitted that it was the 'witness' to Sunny's collapse that made him rule the death as natural although he admits that without the witness, he would not be able to tell:

It is unknown who this 'witness' is.

Either a tragic coincidence or a murder and cover up, it's a conspiracy for sure. I tend to lean towards the latter as everything seems so fishy about the case and way too convenient he dies 2 days after uncovering evidence of judicial corruption, he had received death threats, and even warned against his own death right before it happened.

I hope the truth comes out in this and justice is found for Sunny if his death is not due to the official story of his death.

It is a shame when whistle blowers, activists, insiders, or justice seekers are killed for the sake of a cover up.



posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 01:25 PM

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 01:28 PM

Although frustrating since I did ATS and site limited google searches for both 'foreclosure activist killed' and 'Sun Ming Sheu' with no search results for either. That and I had half of this typed out last night but didn't have a chance to finish and submit! LOL!

Thread closed. Please redirect all discussion to other thread.


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