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Some memorable dreams throughout my life... Ideas or interpretations?

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 06:35 PM
I am in my early twenties now and ever since I can remember I have had vivid and meaningful dreams. I have even had some precognative dreams in regards to my own life as well as a few lucid dreams where I have taken control. I am sorry if these descriptions are lacking in detail as I don't keep a dream journal, I just wake up every day and try to remember as much as I can.

The first I remember is from a very young age, earlier than 5 but cant remember exactly how old. All I remember is a scene that seemed like I was looking at a painting. One the left (left as if I was viewing a picture) was a group of humans, some of which were my family. I was standing in the middle and on the right was a downed alien space ship with a small group of Gray's standing outside of it. The feeling I get when remembering this dream is almost something like "make a choice" or "tell them".

Next I'd like to describe a rather frightening dream. I am in a room with large black male, suddenly he attacks me and grabs me by my testicles. I am powerless to do anything. He shouts repeatedly "WHAT IS MY NAME?" I have a sense of evil coming from this man. I look up and begin praying to Jesus and am taken away from this man in a light. I then am sealed in a small room, with the same black man outside, I see a blinking red light shaped like a small turtle whizzing around on the floor, I close my eyes knowing it is about to explode, it does and I wind up in an Italian restaurant dining like nothing happened.

In another I start off in the back of a truck with some friends, we are driving somewhere important. I end up playing some type of card game at the location we arrive at. There is a blonde woman "controlling" the game. I pick a card up and she begins to describe what I can only think of as a past life. She looks at me shocked and asks me if I know what the card represents and shows it to me. The markings on the card I cannot remember but in this dream my past life was that of Julius Caesar. I "wake up" from this one underwater looking up and seeing my friends sitting on a couch watching. A false awakening. I then wake up for real.

Next dream. I start off talking to my parents they are looking at my dog, saying "this is your girl, this is your girl!" I end up around a table with some friends and acquantances. We are playing a spin the bottle type game and it lands on a girl who's colors match my dog's (black and white). Instead I decide to disregard this knowing the rules and I focus on another girl wearing yellow and black, she falls to the ground and begins to convulse. I then leave and walk to a cathedral looking building where I shut the door and hear "don't open for anyone without the knock". I walk to a man dressed like a priest and I look up and see a small blue "window" or picture, however the entire room is red or red themed. Water begins to pour from the ceiling and I open my arms and back in it like it is holy water (keep in mind I am not a very religious person). I then hear a knock from the door. I walk to answer it and the priest turns away. I open it and it is all kinds of weird characters such as men with beards dressed as women, women on horses, etc., trying to push their way in. I close the door and they push in anyways, swarming me and I get a bite on the neck like a vampire and I suddenly wake up.

Moving on, I am seated in movie theater like setting watching some type of "instructional" film, I am surrounded by people sitting and watching in the same uniform type jumpsuit. All I can remember about the film is a womans face with what looked like too much or overexaggerated makeup. I then look to my left and see a blonde girl, next thing I know she is naked laying in my arms while we are still in this movie theater setting (no sex I can recall). I then get up and start running towards a door. I go through it and am standing in some type off disgusting water about knee deep. I keep walking and then bend down and grab what I can only describe as a baby alien/human hybrid. When I hold it in my arms I hear a very load, deep, gutterall, screaming from all around me. I put the child back and begin running out of this place. I am running and jumping faster and higher that I ever thought I could. I am running and running and then just wake up.

Next I am flying what seems like a flying car in a massive space city (not necessarilly in space maybe just futuristic). There is a lot of traffic. I fly to a diner and sit down with some people I dont recognize but feel like I know. We start having a discussion about philosophical and religious things. My overall argument was "unifying" them all into one thing and the others kept saying it is very dangerous to think like that. Suddenly a bolt of lighting strikes a small child outside and I jump up to go help, but the child is fine and keeps walking. The others at the table look at me and say "See he IS GOOD" and the dream is over.

Another I just remember the beginning. I see myself lying in bed surrounded by 4 beings that I think are mostly human looking. One seems "younger" than the rest and asks what I am laying there for. One of the other figures responds "He is going to tell us a story." And then it fades into another dream which I cannot remember specifically.

In another I am in my parents home. I wak down to their bedroom and they are laying there asleep. I feel a weird energy and I "feel" like it is a shifting of dimensions. I look at my parents and two big beams of purple light shoot from their bed and things begin to warp. They wake up and we share a moment of extreme excitement, and I have a feeling like "YES, this is what I've been trying to show you." Then it ends.

Another more recent dream I am being chased by a large group of random things. I cant describe them in any real terms that would make sense outside of a cartoony sci-fi descriptions. I go through this huge maze of traps and defenses like it is a video game all while having these things chase me. I make it to a place with a big button and I press it. The whole universe then seems to fold or unfold or "zoom out" and I see a large weird animal like creature with a wound on its leg, and I feel like we are the bacteria in the wound, but not exactly like that, more of we are a part of the universe and there is something bigger. I then see the whole universe with galaxies and stars but in negative, black is white and white is black.

In another I am being taken on a tour of a spaceship. When I look at these beings they look mostly human but I know they are different. We are at a bar sharing a drink and one asks if I'd like to look around. We begin walking around and it seems like a large floating apartment building with alternating levels of hydroponic plant growing, and small cubicle like living quarters. I look around, then wake up.

Another rather disturbing dream. I am walking with a lot of people and buses and vehicles. I look around and see a man with a dog and the dog is dying. I keep walking feeling sad. Eventually we all end up in what I can assume is a FEMA/Concentration camp setting. When we get there I remember a sign saying "8oz of water, 4 dollars". For some reason my cell phone still works and I am calling friends. It turns to night and I am alone outside looking at the stars. I see a rocket launch into the air and explode, from it I see thousands of smaller missiles shower out of it. I know somehow this is bad, they all turn and start heading towards the camp and I know that they are heat seeking. I run inside and tell everyone to get into the showers with blankets and turn them on cold. I run into the shower and then wake up.

In another I am on a space station, it seems very NASA like. I am playing a game that seems like some kind of training, using my mind to control a blob or circle on screen. As I'm doing this I also see a miniature craft navigating a maze. There is a man standing over me and watching and writing down results.

Final one for now. I am sitting at a computer screen, surrounded by thousands of others sitting at the same type of stations. We all have headphones on. I look around, stand up and rip my headphones off, I turn around and start looking in disbelief and then I wake up.

So I know a lot of these are out there and extreme but I would like any interpretations, or opinions about what I have experienced. I love dreams but have left out some of the precog dreams I have experience. They wouldnt be relevant to anyone else besides me or close friends.

Thanks. Feel free to reply or U2U.

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 06:50 PM
I like the part where you ran really fast...

When you start to control your dreams, it's pretty awesome. I have super human powers in most of my dreams or things like time stopping, mind manipulating, telekinesis, water breathing. Try meditating, it might open "doors" in dreams.

Last night I had a dream where I moved temporarily with friends at a coastal Spanish speaking place, I don't really know Spanish but me and 2 friends stayed with a family and they couldn't talk french or english. ( those are the languages I know the most ) They spoke to me only in spanish and I had to decipher pretty much everything. It was a really long dream, but I had super speed, I could change myself into a boat, I could "save" my progress and I was making "experience". I actually went too far and got killed by rocks with teeth running after me. After I died, I loaded my game, but I saved right next to those creatures. I managed to escape being helped by one of my friends that sniped them while I was escaping, I killed the last one with my fist and got a lot of experience lol

There was other parts too that I remember clearly but the rest didn't have nothing to do with super powers.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 12:55 AM
The two dreams in which you see your parents sleeping and you see yourself sleeping. you astral projected. The one were you saw yourself sleeping; you encountered entities near your body, which is bad. The other one were you saw your parents is interesting. I assume this beam of light came out of the top of their head. Reply to this is you wish to learn more.

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 05:04 PM

Originally posted by Warpthal
The two dreams in which you see your parents sleeping and you see yourself sleeping. you astral projected. The one were you saw yourself sleeping; you encountered entities near your body, which is bad. The other one were you saw your parents is interesting. I assume this beam of light came out of the top of their head. Reply to this is you wish to learn more.

Sorry for the delay in the reply. The beams of light actually seemed to be coming out the chest/heart area and then they moved out of their bed and the beams of light were still in the same area of the bed. And I sure do wish to learn more. What do you have for me?

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by WhiteSpectralMirror

When one astral projects, the consciences is left through the chakras or (energy vortexes as I like to call them). There are seven chakras in the body. When the consciences is leaving the body is travels through one of the seven chakra's. Yours left through the heart chakra or the solar plexus chakra. Those are your most dominant chakras. My dominant chakra is my crown.

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