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posted on Mar, 30 2003 @ 05:11 PM


By: Robert Sentry

As you watch the battle unfold in Iraq, don't think war with North Korea will be like this. In fact, the days of maneuvering forces on the battlefield are coming to an end as the lunatic dictators throughout the world get their hands on weapons of even greater mass destruction.

Iraq is a "bottoms up" campaign where we must rip through various rings of defense to eventually get to Hussein. With North Korea, they will go nuclear from the start. That campaign will be a "tops down" campaign utilizing Special Operations Forces, not mechanized infantry divisions.

This layered defense Hussein is employing can be called a "bottoms up" defense. For cannon fodder, Hussein uses his regular army. They may be units of division size, but compared to our modern divisions are nothing but recon outfits set to surrender or be destroyed.

The second layer Hussein employs is the paramilitary "Fedayeen", or "Men of Sacrifice". The term "sacrifice" can be used to describe their tactic of holding guns to the heads of wives and children unless their husband and father goes out into the streets to be a "human sacrifice shield" for the Fedayeen.

The outer ring around Baghdad is made up of the three best equipped and trained military unitsóthe Medina, Hammurabi, and Nida armored divisions. This is as close as it comes to a regular modern fighting force in Iraq. Look for these divisions to shoot off chemical weapons after they start getting chewed to pieces by the US Army's 3rd mechanized division, Marine units, and if time permits, the US Army's 4th mechanized division.

Hussein's next inner ring units are the Baghdad and Nebuchadnezzar infantry divisions, finally followed by the Special Republican Guard and then in the bunker with Hussein, the Presidential Guard. Look for the Presidential Guard to die along with Hussein in the bunker.

North Korea, Tops Down, and Special Operations

You can forget about weeks long transporting of ships, dramatic parachute drops by airborne units to secure airfields, mechanized divisions maneuvering, and all that layered ring stuff when it comes to North Korea.

At the first flinch of a fight, the nuclear trigger is pulled by the lunatic Kim Jong-Il. We will not have the press talking about "getting bogged down" after two days with North Korea.

As the madmen of the world get their hands on weapons of incredible mass destruction, look for "tops down" warfare instead of the bottoms up warfare we are seeing in Iraq. There will be no sense at all shipping troops to the beaches of North Korea when the rants by the madman turns into his use of his prized nuclear bombs.

Unless we can infiltrate North Korea with Special Operations forces and take out not just the command and control but the leaders themselves away from the decision making process, we have no need to plan for a conventional war. Hopefully, this takes place before the war starts. In effect, we need a war before the war.

The US Department of Defense should immediately reduce the money we spend on major weapons platforms designed to fight conventional wars and start a massive increase in Delta Force types and CIA "military spooks" trained in the fine art of assassination and unconventional warfare. Future wars with madmen will not be fought on battlefields like we are seeing in the opening days of the Iraq war. What the US needs is a robust and fully effective ABM system, sufficient air defense systems, and a nuclear deterrent so great that even irrational dictators will give pause. We also must chuck the politically correct warfare strategy if our aim is to protect the American citizen.

But even more important, we need armies of Special Ops forces. "Tops down" warfare is the future.

In Iraq, we will see a chemical warfare attack against us. The next war could see a nuke attack against us. It makes the opening conventional division sized maneuvers look like a prequel to the big show that will follow. If we don't want to see mushroom clouds replacing smoke from oil trenches set ablaze, the United States will be wise to start a massive effort to field armies of Special Operations/CIA operatives trained to cut the head off the serpent as conventional warfare is rapidly becoming a relic of the past.

"Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

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