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Military base in Aksai Chin/Kongka La?

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posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 09:15 AM
Greetings ATS,

the following topic has been covered many times on this forum, its controversial nature has sparked interest as well as doubt and scepticism. Fantastical claims were put forward by untrusted sources and the lack of evidence resulted in despair among those who were eager to get closer to the truth. As my studies progressed over the years this topic crossed my way quite often, not sure what to believe I decided to not put this matter to rest in the hope that together we can shine more light on the dubious claims.

It all started with an article by India Daily, "China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates", posted on January 09, 2005 by an India Daily "staff reporter" who remains unknown up to this day as they have not commented on the identity of the reporter even though several ATS members tried to contact India Daily.


Kongka La is the low ridge pass in the Himalayas (the blue oval in the map). It is in the disputed India-China border area in Ladakh. In the map the red zone is the disputed area still under Chinese control in the Aksai Chin area. The Chinese held northeastern part is known as Aksai Chin and Indian South West is known as Ladakh. This is the area where Indian and Chinese armies fought major war in 1962. The area is one of the least accessed area in the world and by agreement the two countries do not patrol this part of the border. According to many tourists, Buddhist monks and the local people of Ladakh, the Indian Army and the Chinese Military maintain the line of control. But there is something much more serious happening in this area.


Recently, some Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash from the Western pass, came across strange lights in the sky. The local guides while in the Chinese territory told them that this was nothing new and is a normal phenomenon from Kongka Pass area - the tensed border region between India and China. This strange lighted triangular silent crafts show up from underground and moves almost vertically up. Some of the adventurous pilgrims wanted to look into the site. They were first turned back by the Chinese guard posts as they were refused entry from the Chinese side. When they tried to approach the site from Indian side, the Indian border patrol also turned them down in spite of their permit to travel between the two countries.


This is the region where the Euresian plate and the Indian plate have created convergent plate boundaries. Convergent plate boundaries are formed where one plate dives under another. Consequently, this is one of the very few areas in the world where the depth of the earth's crust twice as thick as in other places. The opposite is found in hot spots like Yellow Stone National Park in America where the earth’s crust is thin. The double thick earth-crust allows the creation of underground bases very deep into the tectonic plates.


Recently, both India and China have moved forward to solve all border disputes and start the Sino-Indian relations all over again. The Aksai Chin area is still disputed. But interesting while negotiations both the Governments are indifferent on this area. India and China as shown in the accompanying maps have huge border areas along the Himalayas and they are negotiating on all these regions. Though India claims that Aksai Chin is part of India, the common belief in the Government is that it is not a show stopper. On the other hand, Chinese after winning Aksai Chin from India in 1962 war, built a strategic military highway. Now they are using an alternate highway not to bother with the area in Kongka La.


Kongka La is experiencing some strange phenomenon and suspicious objects coming out of the inaccessible huge mountains (Himalayas) and both the Governments refuse to come out and say what these are.
The other alternative is that it is an underground strategic Air Force base of some one. Then why will either country allow the base on the official no man’s land in the highly sensitive disputed border area? Why is this region continuously reporting UFO sightings from various kinds of people?

Read the full article here

Lets stay grounded here and not jump to conclusions calling this an extraterrestrial base. More realistically this could be an Air Force base by either the Indian or Chinese military, or even a joint venture project involving both countries, though they are not exactly allies and had intensive border clashes in that region. But if the reports in the article are true and the Hindu pilgrims were denied access to the site from the Indian and the Chinese side then this could very well mean that both entities are involved or are in the the know of what is going on there.

Now this gets more interesting when you consider the following two pictures:

The first is the actual Aksai Chin area, the second a man-made replication of the landscape within a Chinese military base:


There are several reasons why one would build such a detailed replica. It is speculated that this scale model is being used by Chinese military planners. If you want to train pilots, infantry or artillery units on the geology of a particular area that is off-limits, create a model that allows them to study the conditions. The same would eventually apply to a planned construction of a military base within a hardly accessible area, finding ways to supply the needed materials without anyone noticing and making sure to secure the area in the most efficient manner, or am I wrong with that assumption?

What about the strange lights that have been reported in Aksai Chin?
Well it is known that meteorological balloons cross from China into India, they could account for the strange lights that have been witnessed.

Another explanation could be the so called "piezoelectric effect":

This region is located in an area of tectonic plates.It is well known by amateur and professional Ufologists, that in the past, ever since the 1960's many UFO were actually seen in regions of tectonic plates.Regions of Tectonic plates are regions of fractures in the earth's crust.In these regions, rocks deep under the earth,are constantly being squeezed under extremely high pressure.The UFOs seen are actually electromagnetic phenomena's arising from magnetic fields in the atmosphere which are caused by the squeezing of those rocks.This effect is mostly known as the piezoelectric effect by scientists.More than 40 percent of UFO sighting occurs near tectonic plates,and in fact they are not actually UFOs but mere electromagnetic phenomena's.

posted by a commenter on this site
Is that actually a possibility?

Or the sightings reported are of military experimental aviation crafts built and tested in the area.
Anyhow, all of this caught my interest and more information and your opinion would be most welcomed.

posted on Jul, 8 2011 @ 08:56 AM
link - The Indian army has mobilised its troops to forwards posts in Jammu and Kashmir and along the northeastern border with China in an exercise named Operation Alert, a defence official said on Wednesday.


The mobilzation of Indian troops has come close on the heels of a high-profile war game launched by the Chinese army. China had deployed close to 50,000 troops in its biggest cross-country tactical mobilization exercise that has sent alarm bells ringing in India as it is seen as Beijing's efforts to improve its ability to deploy troops in Tibet whenever reinforcements are required.


"Operation Alert is an annual exercise conducted during this time of the year to undertake the maintenance of the forward posts," another Indian Army official said.

In the past months, there have been several reports of Chinese troops intruding into Indian territory in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir creating anxiety about Beijing's aggressive designs.


This is certainly interesting. Huge troop deployments right in the region in question to "...undertake the maintenance of the forward posts." 50.000 troops is a big number for the stated purpose, something related to the topic at hand?

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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 06:39 PM
According to the locals they have spotted triangle craft emitting from a hole in that low ridge pass and both the chineese and indian government refuse to acknowledge anything weird going on. It is at a disputed territory yet no one seems particulary interested in the area on the surface.

They say the crust is twice as thick as normal due to the indo-asian plates colliding, thus the ground is more stable.

I am thinking that the chineese own a nice reverse-enginering site at aksai chin and that is why the military constructed roads and later abondaned them supposedly. Much like area 51, you know "nothing important just mundane military stuff lol".

And the weather ballons crossing from china into india explanation seems total nonsense.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:37 PM
Definitely an interesting thread, thanks for taking the time to post it.

The second map, showing the man-made replica of the Ladakh/Aksai-chin region, is just south (as in, a couple of kms) of the massive Yinchuan air base. That air base is home to the "super hardened" underground hangers (see:

Just to add another layer...

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 06:51 AM
I'm shocked this doesn't have more replies. Interesting topic!

It seems somethings going on in that region.

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 07:22 AM
Extreme silence about something and/or at best an occasional irrational explanation provided, plus locals stating the opposite of what the government(s) are = conspiracy?

Huge troop deployments to the *middle of nowhere*, using abandoned roads.......

I know what to believe!

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 07:55 AM
Can anyone please elaborate on the "piezoelectric effect", and if this electromagnetic phenomena may indeed be the cause of the lights that have been observed?

I don't seem to find much information about it in relation to UFO sightings, nor any videos that demonstrate this effect in nature. Any help would be appreciated.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 06:17 AM
Nevermind the above post by me, I started researching on the Persinger Earthstress Model which could very well be the cause of the lights that the natives observed.
Here a thread that I authored on the topic:


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