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The Quest for Equilibrium on the path to Total Globalisation

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posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 03:42 PM
There is a massive conspiracy against us which is part of a much bigger conspiracy that is talked about a lot more. The biggest conspiracy at the moment is the plot to establish a new world order. This is not a conspiracy theory it is a well documented goal and deserves serious thought and consideration.

The smaller conspiracy I'm talking about is a major part in that ultimate goal. It is the conspiracy to kill our cultures in order to establish equilibrium. When equilibrium is closer to being established it will be a lot easier for TPTB to bring about a new world order. Their world order. An order where a few rule them all.

In order to kill our cultures they took control of all forms of media. News, Music, Film industry. If you have noticed popular music has steadily turned into a very power localised industry. We are seeing this type of power localisation not only in the media or corporate world but in the political world also. They are getting closer and closer to achieving their goal although it is not definite that they will succeed.

The sad thing is that they are going to achieve the zombie nation they want quite soon. If we look at the younger generations then we can see that with each generation the kids become less and less politically aware and more and more ignorant. They want us to be ignorant obviously and through the media they are steadily starting to achieve this state of equilibrium that they hunger for.

Facebook, T.V and Mainstream music are surely ruining the minds of a lot of young people. The propaganda from the MSM doesn't really need to be taken into account in a lot of cases because a big majority of young people aren't even interested in what is going on around the world anyway.

The MSM is still of course brainwashing a lot of the older people but when the older generations die out how bad will the younger generations have escalated by then?

We as a race can stand up and stop this madness by only buying what we need and stop letting the great tools of influence infect our minds. We need to choose our own music instead of getting force-fed this commercial crap. The system can fail. And to our advantage. This is an extremely hard task to accomplish but if we reach the younger generations now then perhaps we can stop the NWO.

It will be hard and I think reaching them through music, films, games and television programs will be the only way. Its a shame that these forms of media are so infiltrated already..

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by TechUnique

Yes, it is bad.

There was a kid (around 16 years old, I guess) here in Florida.
She asked me "Why does your wrist watch say 14:35 ?".

She had no clue, that it was showing 24 hour clock time.
She did not know what it was!
I had to explain to her, that the 12 hour AM and PM times she uses, is easy to adapt to the 24 hour clock the rest of the world is using, by just add the PM time to 12 in the after noon.
(To make 2 PM, just add 2 + 12 = 14 ).

It is sad. :-(


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