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Nwo future screening and eye check at the airport is here today

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 10:35 AM
For those who doubted the elite's plans for the future, this will come as a shock? for the rest of us, it only confirms what we already know.
Also note the eye scanner to the left of the picture.
I found this story in a swedish newspaper today:

Here is the future security check

Top Security How does it look if you are classed as "Increased Safety" Top Security How does it look if you are classed as "Increased Safety".

You know how it works by now; The jacket is off. The belt also. Usually the shoes too.
Then you can pick out your computer from hand baggage and place it in a special box.
And finally, add up all liquids in a clear bag before it is time to go through the metal detector.
New proposal...

But...That was then...

This is now...Today announced the international airline organization IATA, which works with 230 airlines at 93 percent of the world's airports, its vision for future security checks at a conference in Singapore.
And it is - to say the least - a simpler story.

Three categories

In short, the idea that you should not have to take off any clothes or otherwise, then all you scanned while walking through a corridor. All passengers are divided into three different levels of security, "known traveler", "normal" or "heightened security".
Which one you belong to should be as biometric information in your passport. "Time to think about"

a) "Known Traveler" might be those who work for the authorities and have complete background checks.

b) "Normal" would apply to most suit the owners and

c) "Increased Safety" is for the passengers where there is very little information, or randomly selected.

- Today's safeguards were developed four decades ago, when it would prevent terrorists from getting on board with metal weapons. Much has changed since then and it is time to think about what it applies to everything. We can see great changes in the security control in two or three years, "said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA's CEO.

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