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The Silent Witness, Mary Moorman, Finally Shares Her Story Almost 50 years After The Murder Of JFK

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 07:17 AM

The Silent Witness, Mary Moorman, Finally Shares Her Story Almost 50 years After The Murder Of JFK


May 25th, 2011, Mary Moorman, one of the most well known names in the entire JFK Assassination case conducted a very special and a very rare interview with Gary Stover at the brass armadillo antique mall in Colorado. What's particularly important about this interview is the fact Mary herself has kept very quiet about what she saw and did on this day in November, this being her very first interview of this kind in fact, even after all these years.

Even with her silence though, something which has given her the name "The silent witness" by many, anyone who's taken the time out to actually research this fascinating conspiracy theory has almost certainly heard of the name Mary Moorman. What she captured has become the vocal point of much research and debate over the years in fact. Here is one such image she captured, this being caught roughly at the exact same time the fatal shot had struck JFK:


Mary Moorman, alongside her friend Jean Hill, can also be seen in the famous Zapruder film as seen in this image below:


(Mary Moorman is the women to the right in the long, dark coat taking the picture)

Anyway, as I said, Moorman, now 78 years of age, has been very quiet over the years, but with this interview she gives us a very interesting insight for the first time ever on her thoughts and actions on November 22nd, 1963, the day of the assassination, as well as her thoughts on Jean Hill and many of her spectacular claims also. She's certainly one of the most important witnesses to the assassination after all, and she was one of the closest people to Kennedy when the assassination unfortunately occurred, as can be seen in the famous Zapruder film, so It's great to finally be able to have this insight from her, In my humble opinion. It's one we've had to wait a very long time for.

This Is this reason why I’m opening up this thread - I want to share her words with all of you, especially as most of you will most probably have missed the interview she made. In fact, in the previous thread discussing this interview of hers about to take place, quite a few members noted that they missed it completely and subsequently asked for a recap which is where this thread now comes in..

So, for anyone who’s actually interested at this point, here is the full Mary Moorman Interview. I made sure to split it up into 10 minute sections for easier viewing also, so please do enjoy.

(Please see under each video for a quick guideline to some of the main points discussed and I've also added some of the key questions asked in each video underneath also. I've time stamped all of these points and questions so if anyone wants to skip to them, you can now do so with ease.



Main Talking Points:

0:32 - This is the very beginning of the interview where Gary Stover gives us a very small introduction as well as briefly discussing Mary's famous photograph (the first shown in this thread). Stover also explains for us, the viewers, how and why no direct question asking from the audience will occur, instead, they submitted questions prior to the interview beginning and so on.

02:16 - This is the beginning of the interview between Stover and Mary where questions begin.

03:17 - One of the first questions is asked asking Mary when she decided to go to see the President in the first place. She discusses how she and her friend Jean Hill, (please refer to the above image of the Zapruder film at this point) decided they were going to go "days before" he was set to arrive. More questions are asked following this first one (Please refer to questions of interest asked below).

05:00 - 06:10 - Moorman begins to discuss her and Jean Hills actions on the day, particularly what they did shortly after parking their car prior to Kennedy arriving in Dealey Plaza. They also discuss her camera used in some detail. Moorman is asked about her camera, how it's used and so on.

06:10 - 08:51 - They discuss the camera used by Moorman in much more detail at this point here.

08:51 - Mary is further asked about the photographs she took.

09:31 - Mary starts to explain what she did after buying film for her camera at this point in the interview. Please see next video for a further explanation of this.

Questions of particular Interest Asked:

03:17 - When did you decide to go see the presidential Motorcade?

03:34 - How did you know what the Motorcade route would be?

09:31 - After buying the film, where did you do next?

* * *



Main Talking Points:

0:00 - The discussion carries on from when Mary was previously telling us where she and Jean Hill planned to stand in order to see the president, this being right after she bought film for her camera. Mary then tells how just a few hours before Kennedy was to arrive, it was lightly raining in Dealey Plaza which was why most people had raincoats. This could also explain why the Umbrella man came to have his umbrella in the first place. He could've travelled to Dealey Plaza when it was raining.

1:10 - Here the discussion comes to some of the other photos Mary took prior to Kennedy's arrival. She discusses one in particular that she took of a police officer which was around 20 minutes ahead of the motorcade which they go onto discuss more about.

02:45 - Moorman begins discussing their anticipation of the arrival of the presidential motorcade here as well as what they both did and saw at this point.

04:45 - Mary begins discussing for the first time when the President came into view here. She discusses how she took her famous photograph in particular.

What's fascinating about this is she claims to have "heard a sound" other than herself roughly at the same time she took the picture - this being the fatal head shot. She claims to have heard 2 more sounds after this which she thought were firecrackers - firecrackers being mistaken for previous shots by other people at this point.

08:01 - Stover discusses how Jean Hill, friend of Mary Moorman, claims to have had pictures taken away from her by a "secret service agent". He then subsequently asks Mary if and how many more pictures they took as Hill claimed the pictures that were taken away were snapped after the famous image captured by Moorman thus making this a very important questions.

Mary informs us that they've discussed the photographs she had taken already giving the impression Jen Hill couldn't of had pictures taken away. This is discussed in more detail further on in this interview.

08:48 - Stover shows us an image of Mary and Jean together as seen in frame 298 of the famous Zapruder film. He goes onto explain a bit more about this film at this point. Please see the next video for a continued discussion of this..

Interesting Questions Asked:

01:03 - Did you take any other photos that you remember prior to the Presidential Motorcades’ arrival?

05:43 - Do you think the sound of the supposed gunfire startled you and this caused you to press and then take the photograph?

* * *



Main Talking Points:

0:00 - Continued discussion of the Zapruder film and how it captures Mary and Jean together.

0:38 - They now continue their previous discussion of the events which took place as the president was going past them and when the famous Moorman photo was taken. Mary answers the question asking her where she and Jean Hill were situated (if they were on the grass or on the street exactly as much debate has raged over this through the years).

01:58 - The discussion on how The Zapruder film has been potentially forged is discussed at around this time also.

02:21 - We begin discussing the first noise heard by Moorman at this point. She discusses how and when she heard it exactly.

03:11 - Mary goes onto discuss how she heard a second shot. She claims the shot's were spaced out like so: Shot......... Shot..Shot. This is very important as it fits the description from other witnesses, such as Lee Bowers for example, and is inconsistent with the Warren Commission as they placed every shot spaced out to fit the theory stating Oswald was the assassin.

Mary also claims to have heard 3 shots. But she claims to have not heard the 2 official shots as claimed by the Commission.

05:29 - Moorman answers one of the most debated questions in this entire case - did the limousine stop? She claimed and I quote: "It slowed down almost if not to a stop and I saw Jackie, she hollered "oh my god he's been shot". It was at this point she tried to jump out the car. Moorman tells us this occurred After she took her famous Moorman photo of the moment Kennedy was struck in the head. This explains why we can see secret service agent Clint Hill reaching the car as quickly as he did it seems.

07:58 - A quick discussion on the "debris question" as listed below and how some others were hit by blood coming from the presidents head wound. Mary was not one of these people she confirms.

09:54 - Moorman discusses what she and Jean Hill did following the assassination of the president. Please see the next video for a continued discussion of this.

Interesting Questions Asked:

0:45 - When you took your photograph (The famous Moorman Photo), did you step out into the street?

02:23 - When did the first shot occur relative to when you took the Moorman Photo?

03:11 - Did you hear a second shot?

03:39 - Was it your impression that he was hit by a first shot, and then a second shot?

5:05 - Could you have mistaken the sound (shot) for something else?

05:18 - Were the motorcycles backfiring?

05:29 - Did the limousine slow down or stop?

06:13 - Did you know where the shots were coming from?

06:19 - Did you have a sense the police, or secret servicemen were "firing back"?

06:28 - Did it seem to you that the shots were coming in your direction?

07:17 - Did you see any shots hitting the windshield of the limousine?

07:23 - Did you hear any shots hitting the pavement?

07:34 - Were you hit with any debris?

09:18 - Did you sense any echo in Dealey Plaza?

09:30 - Did you realize the president was dead?

(This is important as it confirms the shots were not spaced out as the Warren Commission claim. It also confirms at least 2 head shots as is suspected by some including myself.)

* * *



Main Talking Points:

0:00 - Continued discussion from Moorman of the immediate aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. She also confirms people ran up the grassy knoll after the assassination, something Jean Hill her friend also did. She also tells us, and a picture is shown to prove in the above video, that a gentleman walked up to her and discusses the pictures she may have taken at that time.

1:13 - she confirms she was asked to go with gentleman, to the sheriff’s department, specifically to the press room. They discuss at this point how Jean hill makes out this gentleman, his name was known to be Jim Featherston, to be a "dangerous guy". Mary confirms all of Jean Hill's claims about this man, and how he conducted himself, are all completely false. Please see the video at this time.

04:14 - Jean hill and her claims are further discussed, particularly how her story differs so much to Mary's. Mary tell us what really did happen, particularly in the press room at this time.

07:35 - It's discussed how Jean Hill saw a man fitting the description of Jack Ruby ruining from the Texas School Book Depository building fitting the description of Jack Ruby, Mary is asked if she saw this man also. She discusses what she saw, as well as the surrounding area in more detail.

08:32: Moorman discusses the aftermath and the peoples reaction to the aftermath of the assassination.

Interesting Questions Asked:

05:59 - Did Jean Hill ever mention seeing smoke of a figure with a rifle like she claimed in her 1992 book?

06:48 - Did you notice anything in the aftermath of the assassination that you would deem "suspicious"?

07:37 - Did you see Jack Ruby running from the TSDB to the grassy knoll like Jean Hill claims to have done?

08:32 - Some claim to have seen Oswald get into a car after the assassination, did you see this?

09:52 - Did you notice the Babushka lady?

* * *



Main Talking Points:

00:35 - Continued discussion of the actions of Moorman and Hill while still in the press room after being taken here by Jim Featherston who had originally seen Moorman immediately after the assassination. She explains to us how long she was there, what happened etc. She did claim the sheriff ordered Featherston, who was a reporter, to get the photo Moorman took to him immediately also.

01:32 - She then explains what happened after leaving the press room. She claims that she went to get a newspaper, this being around 20 minutes after the assassination and it had already shown news of the president being shot on it. She also tells us how she was ordered back into the sheriff’s office.

03:48 - Stover begins discussing the actions of Moorman when she got home later that day (around 6pm) and the reaction of her family in the following days.

04:03 - The discussion leads onto Jean hill in which Moorman claims she was not physically well. She then suffered a car crash in which Hill claims was in a mission to silence her like so many other witnesses.

06:33 - It's highlighted once more that Moorman knew many of the policeman. Stover asks Mary if she had any discussions with any of them about what they thought had happened.

07:52 - The discussion comes to Officer Tippit for the first time in which It's mentioned that most of the policemen thought Tippit had been in on a scheme with Oswald in the assassination. The discussion then moves back to Jean Hill and how she claimed to have been repeatedly threatened.

08:52 - Moorman discusses some of the other witnesses present in Dealey plaza (Particularly Warren Reynolds) in reply to a question from Stover. This carries on until the end of this video.

Interesting Questions Asked:

00:12 - Did you call anyone while in the press room?

04:20 - Did you ever get the sense of being followed?

04:42 - Did you speak to Jean Hill in the following days after the assassination?

07:52 - Did you ever hear any of your policeman friends discussing Tippit and his involvement with Oswald?

08:39: - Did you ever receive any threatening phone calls?

08:52 - Did you know anyone else who felt threatened?

* * *



Main Talking Points:

0:00 - 3:33 Continuation of the discussion about Warren Reynolds, witness to the assassination, and how he is suspected of being forced into changing his story to the Warren Commission. He was almost shot and killed before changing his story in fact"

3:33 - Moorman then discusses the Warren Commission in reply to the question below. She claims that after failing to appear due to injury, she, one of the most important witnesses, never heard from then again. If this is indeed true, then it shows some very clear failings from the commission, in my humble opinion.

04:07 -The conversation changes yet again to a more personal level, Stover asking Moorman how the case affected her, how she felt over the years etc.

06:34 - We begin discussing the famous Moorman photo once again, this time and I quote "following the trail" of said photo. Here they go back to the previous discussion and carry on from when Featherston was ordered to give back the photo Mary had taken previously that day. Mary also confirms they did not keep her photo.

07:14: What's very interesting is Moorman tells us that at approximately 12:30 that same night though, she was visited by 2 men who claimed to be working for the FBI. Something she was to verify by ringing the Dallas FBI office shortly thereafter. Their intention of being at her home address was to specifically "take her photo" from her. It was then returned a few days later. She also claims it was repeatedly taken away from her by the CIA, FBI, Secret Service etc.

She tells us that one time it was returned, It was actually damaged also as can be seen here.

Interesting Questions Asked:

3:33: - Why didn't you testify before the Warren Commission?

* * *



Main Talking Points:

01:06 - The condition of the photograph is discussed in further detail. She tells us it's in "good condition" although it's "faded" still.

03:40 - As we're coming to the end of the video, the discussion turns once more to the Zapruder film albeit briefly.

04:12 - The discussion then quickly moves back onto Jean Hill and particularly the film JFK - one which Mary did not wish to be involved in (see the below question I've time stamped). Moorman goes onto give us an insight into the kind of women Jean Hill really was soon after.

Moorman: "What she saw and what I saw was entirely different"

06:30 - Moorman discusses the government, how it can really hide stuff and how she doesn't believe the JFK case Is a "final story" just yet.

07:18 - Quite importantly, Mary comes to tell us exactly why she felt the need to finally come forward to share her fascinating story to the world.

08:04 This is the beginning of the conclusion of this interview.

Interesting Questions Asked:

01:06 - What condition Is the photograph in now?

04:16 - Why did you choose not to get involved in the film JFK?

05:48 - What do you think is the biggest missing piece in this whole mystery/What would you like to know?

06:59 - Do you have any opinions on whether there was more than one shooter?

07:18 - Why did you wait until now to tell your story?

* * *

Thank you for watching!

All in all, I thought this was a very interesting interview, one we should be very grateful for as It's the only one we've ever been able to see of Mary Moorman, and I did feel like some very key questions were indeed asked - ones which needed to be asked in fact.

I am admittedly disappointed not more of a discussion was given when discussing some of the key questions though, such as when the limousine was said to have almost stopped, or when and how the shots were fired from Mary's point of view etc. but what we do have is still quite interesting and it does clear a few things up still.

Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on this very rare interview - the first of its kind from Moorman?

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

Thanks for all the effort. Fascinating!

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 08:20 AM
Star and flag for the effort of translating the video for us. I will have no patience to watch all those videos so thank you for scribing them for us.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by wavemaker

I will have no patience to watch all those videos so thank you for scribing them for us.

You're welcome and many others won't have the patience, or won't be in a position to watch also which is why I added the snippet's underneath. Now, you can simply find a snippet of interest and watch from there if needs be.

I hope you do get a chance to watch it all though. As I keep saying, It's the first interview of this type from Moorman, even after all these years, so It's actually quite important to have.

We have an opportunity to see a new perspective on the case and It's an opportunity we should take.
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 09:42 AM
Hello RA!

I've just finished reading the thread but have yet to watch all the videos.

But from your transcripts, I have to ask a question regarding Mary Moorman herself.

She said she was told in advance where the president would be, she is/was friend with many police officers of the place.
She recognized someone as being dangerous, yet agreed to follow him to the police station... (?) This one puzzles me...
She mostely disagrees with her "friend" Jean Hill as to what happened after the assassination. She could keep her pictures, though one ended up in bad shape. ( I wonder if the identity of the agent could be found with the print on the photo?...
The Warren Commission didn't bother her at all...

My question; is Mary Moorman really an ordinary citizen that happened to witness one of the most important event of American History?

Maybe watching all the videos will clear that for me?


posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by NowanKenubi

Hey NowanKenubi...

She recognized someone as being dangerous, yet agreed to follow him to the police station... (?) This one puzzles me...

No, she didn't recognize him as dangerous at all, Jean Hill later described him as a "dangerous guy" who "forcibly" took the photos from Mary. This is something Mary, in the above interview, completely denies.

He did take the photos from her however, albeit it certainly wasn't by force, and if It wasn't for the Sheriff, this being the who ordered him to give the photos back, she may not have received them again.

She also points out in the above video that if he didn't take the photos from her, we wouldn't have the clear image we can see today. She's thankful for what he did in fact.

is Mary Moorman really an ordinary citizen that happened to witness one of the most important event of American History?

To be honest, I've seen nothing which would suggest otherwise.

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 09:53 AM

For anyone interested, I just made a playlist of the above videos. Please click this link which will take you to part 1 of this playlist.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

Thanks! Yep, I'll need to look at the videos!

But then, did Jean Hill suffer from some mental problem or personality problems for stating what she did? Or was it simply the stress and all?

But I guess I'll have the answer in the videos!

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by NowanKenubi

But then, did Jean Hill suffer from some mental problem or personality problems for stating what she did? Or was it simply the stress and all?

She didn't suffer from anything like that as far as I'm aware. Maybe she just knew that a controversial story would be by far more interesting and it could give her a name for herself, who knows. But her claims are very inconsistence with the claims made by Moorman and they are quite extreme to say the least.

Anyway, If you get a chance, please do watch the video. Jean Hill is discussed on more than one occasion.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 12:15 PM
Due to the importance of this interview, I'm bumping this thread so more members get a chance to view it.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by JohnnyCanuck

Thanks for the post also.

It certainly is a fascinating interview, just a shame we've had to wait so long for it though.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:46 PM
Hi thank you for posting this audio is not I can't hear anything on the their a printed version posted the questions....but not many of the answers.
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:48 PM
The Silent Witness seems to have FINALLY broken her oath...I wonder why it took so long though, maybe because people have "forgotten" about it?

I admit, I haven't gone through all the videos yet but I definitely will do. This is such an important issue and why it's not being seen by ATS members is a mystery to me.I mean...Moorman is finally sharing her's a pivotal viewpoint!

Great find

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by caladonea

is their a printed version posted the questions....but not many of the answers.

As far as I'm aware, nothing like that currently exists. Everything you see in this thread has been wrote by me, including the main points and key questions asked.

Also, I didn't include answers as I wanted people to see the video themselves thus why I time stamped each point made and each interesting question asked.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 03:07 PM
S&F, excellent post and excellent research! very interesting

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by BlackPoison94

The Silent Witness seems to have FINALLY broken her oath...I wonder why it took so long though

At approximately 7 minutes and 18 seconds of part 7 Mary tells us in her own words why she felt the need to do this interview now.

I'm a little surprised this hasn't got more attention as well to be honest. It is after all the very first interview from a witness who is A. Still alive and B. one who was in a fantastic position to tell us exactly what happened here. This Interview is something we're lucky to have, IMO.
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 03:36 PM
The assassination of JFK has fascinated me since I was a child and have read many theories of why and who were responsible for his assassination. I am giving you a s&f for your work. The detail is great. It is refreshing to hear from some one who was there. Thank you for this.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by JohnnyG2012

It is refreshing to hear from some one who was there.

It certainly is. We're quite lucky to have this interview so thanks for taking the time to watch it.

What did you think of what she said out of curiosity?

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 03:57 PM
What I want to know is if she wrote any of her observations down in the hours and days after the event.

This is very important.

Witness memories can become influenced over long periods of time and eventually become distorted.

Also, why did she NOT do interviews in the days and years after the event? Was she told not to speak? Was she afraid of being killed herself if she spoke, back then?

She said that she's speaking now because the 50th anniversary of the JFK event is coming up and that many books are being written, etc. Well, that's not a reason to speak NOW!! Books were written in the years afterwards, so why didn't she speak BACK THEN?

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by Rising Against
what a strange interview,she surely didn't volunteer to elaborate on any information?she sounded more like a lawyer/witness on the stand....odd.I'm wondering if whomever took the picture from Mary somehow edited out something or someone and that she may not have known otherwise?Mary did mention that she hadn't looked at the picture up to that point. I also find it very strange that the newspaper had the assassination on the front page within 20 minutes,was it prepared ahead of time?And why was Jean Hill's story different from hers?I'll have to check out her book.....................This video just brings up more unanswered questions....will we ever get the truth????

I'm watching the last video ,and again I ask does Mary think she still has the original picture?And is Jean Hill's version more accurate?
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