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Religion is that you know inside as good.

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 12:45 PM
Religion can become impure. I don't think dogma can lead to religion. The self is a religious aspect. What you find inside is religion. That is the only place pure religion can come from. Scripture can help understanding what goes on on the inside.

Scripture can sustain religion.

Religion is what you are, it's your head that is making a mess of it.

Do as you feel until what you feel is all you do.

another useless post.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by etherical waterwave

Do you think other texts from other cultures apart from the scriptures can bring us the same sort of feelings?
I belive what we sense is a manifestation of our internal selves..
But in looking into myself i found ... myself and the power i have to love and hate, create and destroy..
i looked past the concepts of good and evil, light and dark and you know what i found...
order and chaos
everything else is the grey that exists between them just at different scales and amounts.
I came to the conclusion there is no right or wrong. there just is or isnt..
so as long as we make choices we will ride the waves of cause and effect from chaos to order and back again.
oh and no post is useless. but some answers to them are..
no stupid questions, only stupid answers

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 01:49 PM
sometimes i'm looking for biblequotes on the web and I get an intense feeling of knowing reading them. It consider it as a book of great value.

What also is important is that you must try to judge experiences as just as you can, like making notes in your mind linked to the feelings or blueprints of situations. That is something that I do often. And I always try to label the situation or feeling as precise as I can. I think then that my mind records them. It's something psychological.
I think I can become an emotional healer that way. hehe

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 01:51 PM


Love between people has grown cold in the last days, and therefore they are also very distant from God who, as Eternal Love, can only unite with a person through love....

And this is why the spiritual adversity is so great, for to be heartless also means to be without faith, without knowledge and without strength....
What you do to the least of those around you, you have done unto God....’ God consider your love for your fellow human being as love for Him..

If all preachers preached nothing else but love.... If people were only ever encouraged to give up their selfish love and practise selfless neighbourly love ….

Truly, then they would also live in the light of realisation, they would recognise the irrelevance of earthly commodities, they would establish the right kind of relationship as of a child to its Father, for all this results in selfless, divine love….

Instead people are given misguided teachings, they are obliged to perform deeds and customs which can only be valued as external formalities and can never result into changing the state of the soul, because God only value what results in a living relationship with him….Live a live of love, follow the path of love and God will meet you on that path.

Love Is the Greatest
1 Corinthians 13

1 If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.

2 If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing.

3 If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.

8 Prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever !

9 Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture!

10 But when full understanding comes, these partial things will become useless.

11 When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.

12 Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.(The time is now)
All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely (all will be reveald in plain language word for word), just as God now knows me completely.

13 Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

What is this love the Bible talk about?

1.) Love is peace loving.
2.) Love is gentle at all times.
3.) Love is willing to yield.
4.) Love is full of mercy and good deeds.
5.) Love shows no partiality.
6.) Love is always sincere.
7.) Love is patience and kindness.
8.) Love does not demand its own way.
9.) Love stands for what is right.
10.) Love is never glad about injustice.
11.) Love never loses faith, always hopeful.
12.) Love never gives up.
13.) Love endures through suffering.
14 ) Love persevere through pain.
15.) Love is never judgemental, always forgiving
16) Love do not slander or gossip.
17) Love pray for all enemies and friends
18) Love never take delight in the defeat of others.
19) There is no fear in perfected love.

1 John 4:18
Perfect love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for the fear of Judgement, and this shows that his love has not been perfected in us.

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 03:46 PM
Why does religion have a monopoly on "good"? or even on "love"?

Wasn't aware that it did.

I've quoted it many times, but it seems to me so blindly obvious:-

"Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it."

— Christopher Hitchens

For example, do you think the human race was under the impression that killing, raping and thieving was considered "ok" in any given community before Moses returned with the commandments from Mount. Sinai?

Think about Tribes absent of religion. Think about Eskimoes.

I'd assert that civilisation woudn't have reached that far if it was under any other impression. We've developed civilisations for thousands of years. That relies on cooperation, and soldarity, not supernatural beliefs.

The only unity Religion brings is unity among it's members, which comes with prejudice.

Eskimo: "If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?"
Priest: "No, not if you did not know."
Eskimo: "Then why did you tell me?"

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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:16 AM
Religion is an inner feeling. To go along with eachother is what religion does. To care for one another and to love them just like one does. Children were born with a religion inside. Religion today is shattered. We struggle to ourselves. Unity. It is to be a part of the world.


It is like when a child grows apart of his childhood outward religion is like pulling one away of what he was and he wants to become something different while in fact he was already 'religious'. Do you understand? Many look at their own sorrow and know that there should be a change there and strive to better. Religion is something build up from within. Religion isn't apathy. A religious person should be tactfull when talking to convert people and not be clumsy towards anothers spirituality.

The eskimo in your case awake and aware probably has already the spiritual background he needs. Some aren't tactfull spreading religion. It's a human thing. Religion is spread without a word out of the bible. The bible is for perfecting one with wisdom and knowledge.

The dogma has confused many about themselves. Many lead an imperfect life and this causes people to look for something better. It is to not make people feel bad about themselves. I'd even say to have the holy spirit by your side for teaching and enlightening people.

We are children who need to gain contacts as we grow. A community should rise while we grow.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 02:31 AM
The goal of the religous dogma should be finding yourself.

Then you found your own happiness and you can live on.

posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by etherical waterwave

I get it now! You're an Atheist troll trying to paint a bad picture for Christianity and/or religion.


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