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Libyan rebels accused of arbitrary arrests, torture

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 09:01 PM
Well this odd of CNN showing these kind of news reports on the rebels, afterall lets not forget CNN Has promoting the rebels by doing Good news stories ofRebels Show There Side the side of the rebels, so this is a first time.

(CNN) -- Libyan rebels are arbitrarily detaining dozens of civilians suspected of being loyal to ruler Moammar Gadhafi and are holding them without trial or due process, Human Rights Watch charged Sunday.

At least one person is thought to have died in custody, with his body showing signs of torture, the group said in a report based on visits to rebel-held parts of Libya.

# The Libyan rebel leadership also is accused of humanitarian lapse in al-Obeidy situation

A high-level U.S. State Department source said Sunday al-Obeidy had left Libya and was on the way to Malta with her father. Al-Obeidy, who is being accompanied by a U.N. Human Rights Commission representative, will eventually head to a processing center in Europe before leaving for a final destination, the source said.

On Saturday, British Foreign Secretary William Hague and International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell traveled to Benghazi and reiterated support for the Transitional National Council. "These people at the top of this organization are genuine believers in democracy in the rule of law," Hague told the BBC Sunday.


Well well this is quite development we have here, remember al-Obeidy the fake rape actor? well it seems she isnt even wanted nor welcomed in any east Libyan rebel held areas by the same people she helped in return, so she was exiled in Malta by the same rebels that a few months ago stated she was welcomed into east libya but she hasn't.

Her whole family has been exiled into Malta by the Transitional National Council and why have they exiled her? the lies, protection? or the fact she has played her role as an actor and to avoid a possible Retaliation in the future agaisnt her by the people in libya, well whatever it maybe theres always a reason.

And now we have CNN for the first time reporting on the rebels showing there true colors libyan rebels who are arbitrarily detaining dozens of civilians suspected of being loyal to ruler Moammar Gadhafi and are holding them without trial or due process.

Just imagine if something like that happens in any of the western countries.

It is difficult to tell exactly how many civilians are being held without charge because some are held by militias and because the rebels do not clearly distinguish between civilian detainees and captured pro-Gadhafi fighters, Human Rights Watch said.

Off course they cant distinguish the rebels are paid mercenaries and terrorists.

William Hague can say what he wants but it shows he is defending the terrorists, the rebels aren't believers in democracy, they are just power hungry been controlled by foreign interest.

i dont have any more words to put, if true this quiet twisted what the rebels are doing to unarmed civilians in east libya held areas.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 09:13 PM
It's about time they show the true face of these so called freedom fighters nothing more than a bunch of thugs


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