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ATS, You reach that place! (words of encouragement to all).

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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 09:21 AM
People of ATS, you are all providing a great world community service for the very love and interest of taking the time to read and contribute here.

I am very thankful particularly these last few months, when so much has been happening around our home - The Earth, for ATS being here.

Like many people here I have become so unsure after learning all that I have of even the very ground beneath my feet.

I live quite a solitary life these days, my own decision. My very favorite thing in life is to have deep and open discussion with people and to be able to let the guard drop a little without feeling vulnerable.

I had to let go of so much of my social life because it would not allow me to be who I really was. In real terms, ATS is the only place right now I am getting any kind of social buzz, from being with very bright, thinking, turned on, fascinating, usually very polite, THINKING people. There is a great concentration of that here. Gifted thinkers and questioners, so much talent.

Don't ever think what you write is wasted. There are many here who try and read as much as they can. Once I read anything that "sparks", which happens often here, know it that it has been you who has taught me something and that is the greatest honour to be able to help another grow, in their thinking and in their soul.

How strange that a site like this could achieve that? For me I get a better buzz out of reading and contributing here than I do with even listening to and making music these days. It is the only forum I use day to day for getting the "REAL NEWS", where you are the journalists!

Well, whatever, right here and right now is the place I wanna be. Learning from my brothers and sisters all over the world. No post I read is wasted, I am just experiencing what you all think and what interests you!

For me it is like a never ending Book of People writing about the stranger areas of our reality and experience in this very odd Creation. What could be better than that for someone who enjoys reading?

The greatest score here at ATS is diversity of opinion, the vast and diverse subject matter, yet strangely on a high quality plain of relatedness. Birds of a feather flock together, indeed!

Bless ya, one and all!

ps; the theme tune for ATS should be "People Are Strange" by The Doors???
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