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New GOLD LEVEL CONTRIBUTOR??? - Reward For SPAM, OCD & ZERO Life or The Latest SLAP In Face To Us Lo

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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 05:22 AM
New Revised Award w/ Graphics For The ATS Elite?

WHY? Seriously, we deserve an explanation for this unannounced honorarium. Not jealous, as I am searching for answers, just puzzled as to the ATS owner's motivation. How does this further "DENYING IGNORANCE"?

Notice who and what is POSTING and then observe the NEW GOLD CONTRIBUTOR LEVEL Status Symbols, There is NO DENYING THIS HYPOCRISY:
Content Contributor - Gold - Silver - Bronze
A new way to thank our members who contribute consistent quality -- no ads!
New colored tags to replace the mystery colored bar...

Note: that OP used the words:

...contribute consistent quality...

in his/her explanation thread.
PLEASE Note, It States QUALITY, Not Quantity:

But wait, why stop there? Don't you think we should start sorting this GOLDEN hierarchy beginning with ZEUS and then work down to Pan or into the very pit of Hades, whichever is considered lower to said ATS member.
I guarantee you we will have a battle over who gets to be called ARES
LINK to Ares

ATS's First Step Towards Irreversible Sorcha Faal-ism.-- i.e: when ATS is mentioned, most will just laugh and not even bother with any attempt to it has already been done.

Couldn't ATS just reward those deserving of higher praise with a gift certificate of BitCoins, TGIFriday's or a puppy?

I have zero interest in being associated with the next online BeforeItsNews and/or GodLikeProductions

OK, Sooooo....What's my motivation?

Oh that's right, Hollywood Twist, DENY IGNORANCE...In The Face Of Narcissism!!!

Please, nobody pinch me as I never want to wake up to this Mickey Mouse Nightmare..


posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 05:24 AM
Here is an existing thread on the topic. Please add your thoughts there.

Thread closed.

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