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Nature Spirits

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 05:43 AM
First of all I would like to say hi to everyone. I am new to ATS and I have scoured through the website and found many interesting topics and have learned quite a bit of new information on things I didn't even know. I find myself on this website more often than the other websites I frequently visit. I heard about this site on Coast to Coast AM which I am an avid listener as I'm sure a bunch of you are as well.

One of my favorite past shows of Coast to Coast AM was about Nature Spirits and I was wanting to know what some of you feel about the subject. First of all if you don't know what I mean by Nature Spirits I'll explain as much as I can as well as share two stories that I've had with nature spirits. Nature Spirits are what are legend and myth call Gnomes, Faeries, Elves and that sort of thing. The specific Coast to Coast AM episode I am talking about was with two guests who claim to have seen and interacted with such beings and that people can see them if they train themselves. They hold conferences where they can teach anyone to see them in less than 45 minutes or so, according to them. They have a few books out that I plan on buying and getting more information on the subject.

Now I am a Pagan and have been for well over five years. When I first started practicing a lot of my fellow pagans were telling me of faeries and dragons and well I was a bit skeptical on the subject, even though it did pique my interest. I am the type of person that I have to see to believe. Well there were two such instances in which I got to see and experience these Nature Spirits.

The first time I encountered a Nature Spirit was back in 2006. I had a friend who was having a rough time with his family life. His parents treated him awfully and there was really nothing I could do. I talked to my best friend at the time and asked him if there was something we could do with magick that would help him out. He suggested that we get a faery to help protect him. Of course like I said I was skeptical but instead of saying no I was intrigued by the idea. Not knowing where to find a faery my friend told me he knew where a bunch of them lived. Now at the time neither of us had a car so instead we walked at least 2 miles to the location of where the faeries lived. It was a large willow tree right outside someone's house. Now mind you it was early in the morning, around four AM when we decided to do this (probably not the best idea but we were young and weren't thinking properly). My friend had told me that in order to entice a faery to come back with us we had to give them a gift so I brought with us a fake rose made completely out of wood I had gotten at the local fair a few weeks before. I placed it before the tree and asked the faery to accompany us, feeling completely stupid the whole time. My friend informed me that a faery had decided to come with us and help us. Still very skeptical I left the willow tree and my friend and I started walking back to the house of the friend in need. On the way there is when strange things started happening. I kept feeling my ear being tugged at and in certain parts of my body like the back of my leg, my neck and my arm I felt something poking me. Another strange thing that happened was my lighter was flipped over to the lowest set so when the flame came out it was very small, which is not how I have my lighter. Now I'm sure some smokers out there will agree with me when I say that some lighters, including this one, have those small latches on them you push to one side for a larger flame and the other for a smaller flame are not something that can move on its own while being in your pocket. Yet there it was my flame was small. My friend laughed at me and said that faeries are very mischievous. However even with all this strangeness I wasn't totally convinced. We eventually reached our friends house who was having the problems and let the faery loose to watch over him. I was finally convinced something did happen when things started getting better at his house almost immediately.

Of course I wasn't fully convinced until I heard the Coast to Coast AM episode. I was absolutely floored by what I was hearing on the radio and even took some of their advice on trying to communicate with the Nature Spirits. They were saying that everyone has a gnome with them and or a leprechaun. If I remember correctly, and bare with me because its been a while since I've listened to it, they said that it was the leprechauns that glamor things. Glamoring basically meaning that objects that we were sure were in one place was not there when we looked again but then ended up back at that same spot later. I know we've all experienced that! They said that it was there way of trying to communicate with you. So when this started happening to me I began trying ways to communicate with it. After a while I began feeling tugging at my pants and when I would look down I wouldn't see anything. Small objects such as tiny bits of rolled paper would be thrown at me. Then I started catching glimpses of them. First it was in the corner of my eye. Something would run past my vision and when I would look nothing. Then one day I was heading to the bathroom and I saw a Nature Spirit with my own eyes. Now you don't have to believe me, but there it was. A small little person standing in the corner just looking at me. I noticed it briefly and even did a double take but there was nothing there. I wasn't thinking about them at the moment as my mind was on using the restroom. Some may say that it was my eyes playing tricks on me and trust me I thought the same thing except that the little figure I saw was so detailed, even if such a brief moment that I doubt it was a trick. My roommate has also claimed to have seen a small little man walking the house even when I didn't even say anything to him! I got him to listen to the Coast to Coast AM episode and he is now a firm believer as am I.

I'm hoping that there are others out there who have had some experiences with Nature Spirits.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 06:48 AM
thanks for posting.
very intriguing, and i will leave out a gift for a leprechaun.
a couple of months ago i was outside work having a smoke, and thought i would look for a 4 leaf clover.
no luck with the clover, but when i went back into the building, and lift #2 opened for me, there on the floor was a $5 note. Then, when i walked home after work, i thought that was a lucky consolation prize, and thought 'all i need now is to find a small baggie of smoke', and that would top my day off. About 200 yards away from home, and... there it was! Got home, and had a nice smoke of it.
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 07:27 AM
Hey there
Brave and optimistic post
When you said "I find myself on this website more often than the other websites I frequently visit"
I thought "Oh Oh this will lead to trouble!"
But you are right the little buggers are everywhere
I live in the wilds of Tasmania and the domesticated or imported varieties are rare
We have 'Sticknstones' here
One to two foot high conglomeration of leaves, sticks, rocks, and moss with eyes
They are indifferent but like to watch you
They cannot be tasked but will lead you to what you need
Which is not always what you want!
In my case I am often lead to a small family of Psilocybe in the forest
Or occasionally to a life threatening situation or accident
You get that if you are prepared to step into the dark
Good luck separating the subjective from the objective


posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 07:57 AM
I too am a pagan, although very few people who know me would ever realise ( As I work in an iron ore mine full of 'real men' and also have a few Christian friends and conservative parents etc etc). I don't get to practise to much these days either as i now have a young family and i basically don't have the time. But it is always be in my heart..

I've also encountered a few nature spirits in my time. I prefer not to call them faeries or gnomes etc as not only do i think this pidgeon holes them when they are all so very different. But I also think itkinda casts them in a kiddy, childish sorta way which makes people think they don't have to give them the respect they are due.

But let me tell you a true story about one particular spirit which is very close to my heart.

I live in Brisbane Australia and for the past 12 years I've known about a sacred spot approximately a mile into the Mt Coot-tha forest in valley with a stream circling around it. Myself and 2 friends found it when we were in our mid-teens and something has continually drawn us, and especially me back to it. We've camped there, had parties there, and slowly over time we cleared out all the weeds, replanted many of the local native species, created a stone circle of boulders. I now go there to perform some of my most powerful magick.

I have little doubt that the area was once used by the local Aboriginies for a similar purpose as I have found a stone axe head there of a rock that is not known to occur anywhere wihin a 5 mile radius (I work as a geologist so I know about these things lol). During a particularly 'lively' party we decided to name the place Nam-mador for some reason that made sense at the time, but afterwards we ended up just calling it 'The Spot'

Many strange and wonderful things have happened to myself and others there. Once I was sitting by the stream and some native finches were playing in the trees. I sensed they wanted to drink in the stream but were to afraid to come down due to my presence. Silently I called to them saying they had no need to be afraid as I meant them no harm, and suddnely one flew down and landed on my outstretched hand. It wasn't afraid at all and chittered to me in some little bird language. The others then flew down, one on on my shoulder and the other two to the stream which was just a foot away from me. Another time I was camping there with my then gf (now just friend). We'd gone there to escape life for a day or 2 and as it was our 3month aniniversary we thought we'd celebrate by making sweet lurve under the moonlight. It had rained for days and we'd been trying for hours to start a fire, but with no luck. Eventually we just gave up and went for a walk up the small cliff on the opposite side of the stream. We were pretty pissed off about the fire and my gf in frustration pointed at it and shouted "JUST LIGHT UP PLEASE!!!" All of a sudden the sodden wood started smouldering like a smoke bomb had been let off. 5 seconds later large flames burst forth from the wood and by the time we got down the cliff it looked like it had been on fire for hours.

There have been numerous other incidents (never when we actually expect them) but those two are the standouts in my miind

About 4 years ago we had problems with some of the other local kids who would follow the stream up to the spot and trash the place. It was around the same time asleep at the the spot and dreamt of a being called 'Jehobi'. It was one of the most vivid dreams I can ever remember. Jehobi was the spirit of the valley. He appeared to me as a naked little boy approximately 8 years old with curly blonde hair and small horns like a calf. I decided to call upon this being, Jehobi, and ask if he would serve as protector of the spot for me.

I came back a week later on the night of the full moon with some smoking sticks made of local aromatic trees and shrubs, my wand, a brass censer for burning and some candles, and within the boulder circle a performed a simple but powerful (in my mind at least) ceremony asking Jehobi to become the caretaker of the spot. During the ceremony 3 powerful owls alighted on the branch above me. I also began hearing light footsteps circling me just out of the light of the candles. Towards the end of the ceremony the largest of the 3 owls scratched its belly and a very large clump of feater down floated down through the air. It drifted towards the smoking censer and as it landed it flared up much larger than I would have expected.

And then I knew it had been done.

The owls themselves actually hung around the spot for nearly a week, and were there even during the day which is quite amazing. And the kids, never trashed the place again.... And nor has anyone else which is really cool considering it isn't too far from civilization. In fact the next (and only) evidence I've ever found of someone other than myself or my firends being their was a wildflower offering someone had laid upon the main alter stone. The weeds downstream (toward surburbia) have really grown impassable since then so that helps. But the wierd thing is I've known of that stream for may years even prior to discovering the spot, and it had always been fairly easy to walk up

Sometimes when I go there now, (which is pretty rare) I think I can see Jehobi in the corner of my eye, especially around dawn or dusk. Other times I get a very benevolent vibe. But my encounters with him have never been so so vivid as that time I fell asleep, or that night under the full moon.

Hope this helps validate your own encounters with the spirits of nature and maybe opens the mind of some of anyone else who reads your post.

Peace out


posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by CitizenNum287119327
Then, when i walked home after work, i thought that was a lucky consolation prize, and thought 'all i need now is to find a small baggie of smoke', and that would top my day off. About 200 yards away from home, and... there it was! Got home, and had a nice smoke of it

Originally posted by earthbell
In my case I am often lead to a small family of Psilocybe in the forest

Sweet.....I only hope I encounter some of these nature spirits someday. Possibly an offering of fresh buds under the moonlight on midsummers eve....?

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:47 AM
Cool stories, i've always lived in the country and have never see squat. Some people are just more sensitive to the paranormal. As far as people selling books and offering courses to see nature spirits, that just screams scam to me.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by Xandyr101

Interesting post - I don't know much about nature spirits personally, but I have read alittle here and there.

Aren't fairies, gnomes, trolls and the like interdimensional beings as opposed to permanent residents of actual locations? When you say you knew where they lived it just struck me as curious. The only stories I heard where people interacted with them (as you stated in your op) they were very mischeavous and untrustworthy towards humans, so why would you pick them to protect a human? Another word, whats in it for them?


posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by 1littlewolf


I enjoyed your post very much and could relate to the sacredness you felt at your spot.

Although I'm not of any religion or particular belief system I do have a strong affinity to nature and can feel certain energies. I will say I feel particularly "bonded" as times with trees and digging in the dirt with my bare hands.LOL

Do you feel more like the location picked you as being worthy a person to visit as opposed to you happening upon this location?

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 12:18 PM

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by Xandyr101

Interesting post! I'm on the fence about nature spirits but anything is possible. I've seen things in the sky that have made me wonder if just maybe they are a lifeform like an amoeba or protazoa. Some have called these sky slyph or something like that.

Hmm... Your post just may explain my mom's experience. She had a brain hemorrage after I was born, and saw tiny Leprechauns dancing on the hospital table, along with a few pychic experiences as well...
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 10:04 PM
reply to post by itsallmaya

Hey there itsallmaya.

I myself doen't really subscribe to any particular religion or belief system either, as I believe they're all different facets upon the gem of truth, and I believe they over-complexify something which I believe deep down is actually very simple. I do have a few leanings toward wicca as my normally uptight, conservative mother decided to go out with a pagan high priest for a few years in my teens and opened me up to an exciting world of colorful people and amazing experiences. I also find the theatrics of it a good way to concentrate intention to produce external results.

I also believe in the existance of non corporeal entities, but the form they take (if you're lucky/open enough to see them) depends entirely on the filter your mind, its beliefs and prior experiences, casts upon them. So what appears as a golden haired boy with calves horns to me may well be a grey, or an angel, or an ancestor spirit to someone else.

As to whether the spot picked me or visa versa I cannot really say. I like to think maybe its a mixture of both for I do not believe in coinicidence. When me and my friends were found it we were wandering through the bush trying to find somewhere picturesque to smoke weed. When we were well and truly 'relaxed' my mate decide he wanted to have his 16th birthday out there. Now Mt. Coot-tha is a fairly sad excuse for a mountain (I believe it is only just makes mountain status by about 12 metres). It is also not the most ideal place to hold a wild 16th b'day party as it is just a collection of fairly steep valleys and ridges, with very few flat areas.

After a aimlessly wandering for an hour or so i said the only place we're gonna find somewhere flat was either on top of a ridge, or down in a valley. None of felt like walking up another ridge so we headed downwards and were stoopped by a small cliff overlooking a stream at the bottom. The stream in this particular area curled around leaving a flat area in the middle surrounded on 3 sides by a stream. It was also covered to a depth of approximately 8 foot with an invasive weed called lantana. I said this was perfect, my friends thought I was crazy, but having volunteered in a few revegetation projects in my local area i knew lantana is very easy to clear. It also burns like nothing else so after 2 hours work we had a nice flat, vegetation free area, and were enjoying our remaining beer and bongs infront of a massive bonfire of lantana.

Our next problem was how the f#ck are we gonna get 50 or so teenagers up here in the dark, as it had taken about 3 hours in total of randomn wandering to find the place. We decided to follow the stream out instead of going back over the ridges, and within forty minutes we'd come out straight in the middle of our suburb, and in fact I'd played along this stream as a kid.

The party happened and needless to say it went off. We managed to get 50 people up there, a generator, mirror ball, # loads of blankets and cushions, beer, cake, music, and 2 tabs of '___' for everyone. Now nothing imprints an area into the landscape like 50 kids on an acid trip, and afterward the party we began to venture back there on a fairly regular basis.

It was not until a few years later we began to realise how special this place is. I love wandering through the bush and have since found other areaas within the Mt. Coot-tha area that are also very beautiful, but something keeps drawing me back to this one spot. I know a few doubters out there are gonna conclude it was probably just the drugs, but there is definately something more. The examples of amazing things that have happened there I gave in my prior posts were all hallucinogen-free. And like I also mentioned I have no doubt that local Aboriginies once used the area as well. Not only cos of the stone axe-head I found but also it is the only large flat area within a 1.5 mile radius.

Now I'm the only one who regularly goes back there. All my friends but one (My crazy dj wannabe buddy who's currently in London) have grown up and gone all mature. I've got a little family myself now. The fact that the stream between the spot and surburbia has become impassable due to the overgrowth of weeds over the past few years means I have to go there via an alternate route now. This would also make it very hard for other people to find it.

So to cut a long story short (sorry....having a slow day at work), I think the spot and I found each other. I needed somewhere like this to escape to. I have enjoyed clearing weeds, planting seeds, dragging around large boulders and building the fire pit. The spot itself needed someone to remember it again. Someone to honor it, and maybe even set it up for use unknown to me in the future. The massive boulders we moved, the tiny fig trees we planted......these will here for many hundreds of years. And I feel priviledged and honored to be the one who instigated the process.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by itsallmaya

Good question.

From what the guests on Coast to Coast AM said it seems that the nature spirits don't live on another plane but on ours but that we chose not to see them and that we have to train ourselves to see them. It kinda reminded me of the whole thing about how humans have forgotten these creatures, yet they seem to be in all our literature across the world. I've heard from many people who claim to see them all the time. It sounds like your interested in it and I suggest that you look into the subject. I don't know how to make a clickable link, but I know that if you google Nature Spirits you will come upon the website of the guests that were on Coast to Coast.

Well, my friend is the one who told me that Faeries lived in Willow trees and from my own research into the subject its true that they do seem to live in Willow trees. In fact in a lot books you can find out where a lot of these creatures do haunt.

Now I have always heard that they were mischievous (and many of them are) and that they distrusted humans. But from research and the Coast to Coast episode it seems that these creatures seem to love to be around humans and even mimic them in many ways. Some of the stories the guys were talking about on the show seemed a little out there, especially the one about Oprah and her Gnomes, but I have a very open mind and believe anything is possible. Plus with having seen these beings myself I believe that they are real.

As for whats in it for them? Well if I'm correct I believe this question was brought up by George Noory or a caller, but I specifically remember the guests saying that when the humans disappear off this planet that it will be there turn to rule the world. Once again it seems a little out there and I'm doing all I can to learn more about these creatures which is why I'm hoping that in the near future I can get their books.

One thing about the guests who talked about this that made me think they were credible was that many of the conferences they hold are completely free for people to join to learn how to see these creatures. Not sure if that makes them credible to a lot of people, but from someone who has seen them I find it to be credible enough at this point.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 01:23 AM
The Earth being inhabited, as I have before said unto thee, by a great number of
Celestial Beings and Spirits, who by their subtlety and prevision know the places
wherein treasures are hidden, and seeing that it often happenneth that those men who
undertake a search for these said treasures are molested and sometimes put to death
by the aforesaid Spirits, which are called Gnomes; which, however, is not done
through the Avarice of these said Gnomes, a Spirit being incapable of possessing anything,
having no material senses wherewith to bring it into use, but because these
Spirits, who are enemies of the passions, are equally so of Avarice, unto which men are
so much inclined; and foreseeing the evil ends for which these treasures will be
employed have some interest and aim in maintaining the earth in its condition of
price and value, seeing that they are its inhabitants, and when they slightly disturb the
workers in such kind of treasures, it is a warning which they give them to cease from
the work, and if it happen that the greedy importunity of the aforesaid workers oblige
them to continue, notwithstanding the aforesaid warnings, the Spirits, irritated by
their despising the same, frequently put the workmen to death. But know, O my Son,
that from the time that thou shalt have the good fortune to be familiar with such
kinds of Spirits, and that thou shalt be able by means of what I have taught thee to
make them submit unto thine orders, they will be happy to give thee, and to make

Things are hidden from us. Get rid of this nature spirit as it is not for us to command any more. It is no longer needed..

That insert above was written by a Christian...named Solomon.

Im not trying to push my faith on you , however , the SPirit world is a very mysterious place even for Christians. God leaves things out of the Bible for a reason. Jesus is our intecessor now , no need to fool with spirits any longer.

Im not pushing my Faith on you , im just trying to get you to need to be Careful with this Spirit.
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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 04:49 AM

Originally posted by SeekerLou
reply to post by Xandyr101

Interesting post! I'm on the fence about nature spirits but anything is possible. I've seen things in the sky that have made me wonder if just maybe they are a lifeform like an amoeba or protazoa. Some have called these sky slyph or something like that.

Hmm... Your post just may explain my mom's experience. She had a brain hemorrage after I was born, and saw tiny Leprechauns dancing on the hospital table, along with a few pychic experiences as well...
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What a fascinating story and sorry to hear that happened to your mother.

I believe these creatures called Leprechauns are around a lot of humans. As I said in my OP that Leprechauns are the creatures that glamor things and try to get your attention. The dance that she saw them doing may have been a way to heal her or something to that degree. Of all the Nature Spirits, Leprechauns happen to be may favorite. I highly rec recommend that you listen to the Coast to Coast AM episode I am talking about to get more information. I hope one day that the guests return so that I can possibly call in and get some answers myself.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 09:33 AM
Have always loved the lore of the Leprechaun and would love to train myself to see one in 45 min if any truth to that. That'd be awesome! May be because of the Scotch-Irish descent .

Studied a bit on it on nature spirits ..only a bit. Because of my sighting and while driving out in the country I spotted a HUGE faerie ring , so I had to investigate that! Because of all the lore. But to my disappointment found that those rings were fungi.

Never heard about the willow tree... we did have one at my childhood home.

Gonna start listening to Coast to Coast more often!
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