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Update on DSK: The Hookers, CIA White Hats, Ron Paul & Fake Gold Bars

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 09:12 PM
I searched to see if this was posted, but did not see that it had. As always, take this with a grain of salt. I had first come across this delicious news bit on Max Keiser's website today, but didn't give it much thought. However, after reading another article on Harvey Organ's Blog (which is a pretty conservative, though gold/silver bullish site), I thought I would share it.

Before you begin reading, you may like to click play on this goldie but goodie as background music:

Here is a nugget quote:

According to this FSB secret report, Strauss-Kahn had become "increasingly concerned" earlier this month after the United States began "stalling" its pledged delivery to the IMF of 191.3 tons of goldagreed to under the Second Amendment of the Articles of Agreement signed by the Executive Board in April 1978 that were to be sold to fund what are called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as an alternative to what are called reserve currencies.
This FSB report further states that upon Strauss-Kahn raising his concerns with American government officials close to President Obama he was ‘contacted’ by ‘rogue elements’ within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who provided him ‘firm evidence’ that all of the gold reported to be held by the US ‘was gone’.

And the oddball hooker quote:

Within the past fortnight, this report continues, Strauss-Kahn reached out to his close friend and top Egyptian banker Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar to retrieve from the US the evidence given to him by the CIA. Omar, however, and exactly like Strauss-Kahn before him, was charged yesterdayby the US with a sex crime against a luxury hotel maid, a charge the FSB labels as ‘beyond belief’ due to Omar being 74-years-old and a devout Muslim.
In an astounding move puzzling many in Moscow, Putin after reading this secret FSB report today ordered posted to the Kremlin’s official website a defense of Strauss-Khan becoming the first world leader to state that the former IMF chief was a victim of a US conspiracy. Putin further stated, "It’s hard for me to evaluate the hidden political motives but I cannot believe that it looks the way it was initially introduced. It doesn’t sit right in my head.

Throw in everyone's favorite Libertarian, Ron Paul:

Interesting to note about all of these events is that one of the United States top Congressman, and 2012 Presidential candidate, Ron Paul [photo bottom left] has long stated his belief that the US government has lied about its gold reserves held at Fort Knox. So concerned had Congressman Paul become about the US government and the Federal Reserve hiding the truth about American gold reserves he put forward a bill in late 2010 to force an audit of them, but which was subsequently defeated by Obama regime forces.
When directly asked by reporters if he believed there was no gold in Fort Knox or the Federal Reserve, Congressman Paul gave the incredible reply, "I think it is a possibility."

A little China:

"In October of 2009 the Chinese received a shipment of gold bars. Gold is regularly exchanges between countries to pay debts and to settle the so-called balance of trade. Most gold is exchanged and stored in vaults under the supervision of a special organization based in London, the London Bullion Market Association (or LBMA). When the shipment was received, the Chinese government asked that special tests be performed to guarantee the purity and weight of the gold bars. In this test, four small holed are drilled into the gold bars and the metal is then analyzed.
Officials were shocked to learn that the bars were fake. They contained cores of tungsten with only a outer coating of real gold. What’s more, these gold bars, containing serial numbers for tracking, originated in the US and had been stored in Fort Knox for years. There were reportedly between 5,600 to 5,700 bars, weighing 400 oz. each, in the shipment!"

Most of this was already on the books, however, it was interesting to see it all tie together, if this is accurate. Further, for a little dig on our own MSM:

The American peoples ability to know the truth of these things, and as always, has been shouted out by their propaganda media organs leaving them in danger of not being prepared for the horrific economic collapse of their nation now believed will much sooner than later.

Anyway, I am sure others may enjoy reading the full article, which is included at the top. Peace.

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 10:54 PM
Something didn't smell right on the DSK accusation/arrest from the start. Some would say that it's because he's a lecherous old rapist bastage and they just plain stink. I tend to agree with that sentiment. That said, I thought from the time the story broke that there was more to below the surface of the alleged rape. Hadn't considered the possibility that he was onto the missing gold. To me it seemed that the banksters were displeased with DSK's unwillingness to press receivers of lMF assistance to follow the often draconian (or simply impractical) requirements attached to the loans. Or that he was going to trounce Sarkozy in the French Presidential elections.

Now I have to go drill my gold bars to see what color they are on the inside...

EDIT: While looking for my drill, I noticed that THIS ATS POST indicates the source for the first quote in this post is none other than Sorcha Faal. Bummer.
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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by Tripnman

Good find, Tripman. My bad ... I extremely hate that disinfo site or whatever it is. Out of disappointment, I am going to have another scoop of ice cream and piece of blueberry pie.

That would have been a good story and I hate to believe my folks got fooled, but I guess that often happens with gold.


P.S. If you did drill your gold to test them, I'll take your shavings.

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:14 AM

From Zero Hedge:

A Quick Note On Internet Hoax Stories

Typically we don't do this, but since our inbox continues to be flooded with a story posted in, which unfortunately did exactly zero fact checking and source validation (and is now being distributed by sellside desks!), sourced by famous internet hoax master "Sorcha Faal" aka David Booth, titled "Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone" and which is 100% non-factual and based on a loose scattering of data. A quick google check of the source would have been sufficient for everyone who has been fooled by this complete fabrication, to quickly dismiss it. Alas, with the world now approaching The Onion in factual headline flow, we can see how it is easy for many to have been fooled. We just wish to caution readers to be wary, and always, and that is absolutely true for anything read on Zero Hedge as well, always, to validate and double check the factual veracity of anything read on the Internet, especially if it sound like a B-grade Hollywood thriller and cites "sources."

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