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I finally listen to ATS Live & I have to tell you....

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 09:55 AM
It was Awesome. I got to hear Springer and the host discuss various things and the music that was played was just as great. Being a noob, I have a few questions but most importantly, if you haven't checked it out----I suggest you do.

Now, can the Host/ATS Live get U2U's or do you have to send them to the host by their name(s)?

Can they see that I have activated the program, like when you sign on to ATS?

Can anyone "appear" on the show or do they do their own research for guest etc?

Do they have a pre-arranged list of topics to be discussed and/or guest to appear? (

Since I didn't get a chance to listen long, the one part I did hear was about them wanting someone/anyone to call in and discuss Chemtrials (on the Pro side). I couldn't believe the phones didn't ring off the hook from ATS members. Which got me to thinking.

I, for one, need to learn about this venue more


ATS has to get the word out even more about the program.

One thing for sure, they got a new member/fan here. I hope to see/hear more of you-there.

I again, LOVE IT. Thank you for having it available.

(Springer--I enjoyed the accent story in Texas

MOD, if this is the wrong area to ask these things, please remove. thanks.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 10:24 AM
I agree...the show is awesome! There is always plenty of time before the show to check out what is going to be talked about, and it gives me a chance to brush up on the topics, read through the threads, and get an idea how the members on ATS feel about whats coming up on the show.

I hated the fact that Skype was the only way to call in, but that problem was remedied for me, and they are happy to call you if you ask them to in a U2U...most of the time callers are in short supply it seems. If you want to check Skype out here is the link...its pretty easy to download and use, I just don't personally care for it.

The show does rock though and it is good solid listening enjoyment for this follower of the ATS forums.

Great thread...Thanks for letting me share!

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by jerryznv

Only via Skype? Mmmm. I don't like that. I do like the U2U to them and they may call.

You have enlighted me already.

And, I do agree, one should brush up on the topic from recent threads/postings. Especially if you are the one who disagrees with the main concept.

Where do I find the show's line up for day/night?

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by anon72

Here's some information on the ATS Live family of shows and how to listen. and participate..

Here's the dedicated ATS Live page where you can listen to the latest episodes on demand...

Thanks for listening, hope to hear you soon

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by JacKatMtn

Boy am I glad I posted something. I feel like a total noob but I just had such a good time in that brief period.

It maybe hard to explain so you'll have to listen-but I'll try.

Simply said- you feel like you are in a room of like minded people. Like you can actually say UFO/Aliens or Cattle Mutlilations or Chemtrails or Obama B.C etc etc etc... and not get laughed out of the room or stares from the unlike minded ones....
Shunning comes to mind...

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 03:32 PM
ATSLive will be getting some amazing upgrades in the near future... If everything goes as planned we'll have a real "800" number anyone can call in on and Skype will no longer be involved.

Thanks for the kind words and stay tuned.

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by Springer

I would definitely call if I didn't have to deal with skype.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 05:11 PM
Eh.That show is ok. *shrug*

^^That was my poor attempt at being funny

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by greeneyedleo

Okay... hehehe

I am listening right now. Both the wife and I. Loving this music. Different that what we get around here.

I will listen for some time to get the hang of things around the place. So far-modern alternative-I guess they would call it now-a-days.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by anon72

Those tunes are probably from a rebroadcast of AfterMidnight or the new version of Unleashed.

Both great shows and the music is awesome. You ain't going to hear that on your local commercial radio and we try to get some exposure for really great but little known bands.

Thanks for checking us out.

We appreciate it and do it for you folks.
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 10:29 PM
To be honest... I never listened because of how ATS used to shove it at the members with pop-ups, etc. But lately, since it is not constantly thrown at me immediately every time I come to ATS.... now..... I've been thinking of giving it a try.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 08:47 AM
reply to post by dreams n chains

Well, guess I understand what you are saying but in hind sight I understand why they promoted the program as they did.

Hard to get the word out sometimes on here. I was honest... I never even considered listening before. Was always to busy (I would tell myself). I actually click on the icon by accident the first time I heard it. So....

Check out the info others posted above. It helps.

I am building up my courage to do a call in .....

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 10:05 PM
Thx for the thread
I've been meaning to check it out

What kind of topics are there and who are the speakers and who calls in?

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

You can see what the shows are about by either going here...

and that shows the crew.

Or use the ATSLive forum itself. All the shows are there in thread form with the topics in the OP and whatnot.

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 02:11 AM
I have been listening to the rebroadcasts and really like the give and take. I like hearing the members whom I have come to admire for their pros and cons of a subject. This is a great idea. Mostly I lurk and read the posts from my favorite members, this takes a lot of time that I don't really have. Now. on ATS live, I can listen and still be productive otherwise. Thanks for this new forum.


posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 02:24 AM
All the shows on ATS are great shows, the hosts are a great buncha folks and love listener input

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 02:24 AM
I listened for the first time today and it really was awesome. I'll probably become a more frequent listener now.

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 09:46 PM
Just as a heads up for you folks that are just discovering the show/s, tonight at midnight EST, the Aftermidnight show airs.

Lots of amazing, under appreciated bands get some airtime. If you like music, regardless of the genre, you'll like this show.
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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by anon72

You can actually talk about chemtrails? And not be tarred and feathered and put on a rail to be forever humiliated?
Sounds good. Must check it out.

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by GAOTU789

Checking it out, right now!

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