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Knowing Too Much Is Not A Burden, But A Blessing.

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:54 AM
There are some out there that fear the "unknown". But, "unknown" to whom? Since the beginning there has always been those who were in the know, and based on what "we" know they were the ones who formed history. I clearly understand the need to be afraid, but I embrace it.

Understanding that many of us are not living in our world, is strange enough, but being outcast, or ashamed of knowing to much is beyond the spectrum of those who choose to listen to his-story as opposed to those who choose to make it. Due to some internet difficulties lately I have not been able to share as much as I would like, and this was the first day back for me. I thought that this was something that I wanted to share with those that sometimes have a chance to reflect, and still see the same things.

I choose to believe that as long as I stay informed, curious, open minded, understanding, and yes many times skeptical, is what makes me different, but also a leader of my own fate. As I am sure many of us are. I have awakened in a new day, knowing that I am still lost... but not as much as yesterday, and tomorrow I will awaken more.

Peace, NRE.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

Kudos for a thought stimulating OP. Made me think about fear of the unknown, primitive fear that is inherent in humans. Like when you have to venture into the dark, hear a noise in the house when you're home alone, or when you're home and something tips over in the basement. The unknown can produce fear.

I was also reminded of mean-spiritedness amongst schoolchildren that taunt classmates for standing out in the classroom. Maybe it comes from underlying jealousy. Children are cruel to each other on so many levels.

Your post also reminded of something I read recently, perhaps here on ATS. It regarded the on-going problem of a minority group in America whos children consistently score lower than classmates on average. There was mention of different variables like socio-economic status, parents education, difficulty due to poor nutrition etcetera. Someone in that thread or article made mention of a strong social stigma which blocks participation and the encouragement of receiving a good education based on public/group shunning from the days when these people were lorded over as if they were livestock.

For these people an education was mostly out of reach because their overlords had them put to work instead being put in classes. There was exceptions to the rule, TTBOMK a very few who may work in the 'main house' might have learned something here and there. Perhaps a member of the main family that was in contact with a house worker found shame in the conditions and treatment slaves endured and took the time to provide a basic education. Supposedly slaves that learned to read & write were scorned by the many who were assigned to manual labor. While each had to do their assigned tasks or receive punishment, house workers may have been viewed with disdain as 'teacher's pets'.

I do not know if it was also illegal to provide slaves with an education back in the day but I wouldn't be surprised if that were so. Eventually slaves in America were given free man status by the politicians in Washington DC which took them from the fire to the frying pan. A large group of people that had been mis-treated at best now had a long road ahead of them with more abuse and scorn. The scars of long ago still carry the hurt for many while the past 50-60 years are filled with many well-known stories of social injustice, mistreatment, bigotry and lack of opportunity.

Because of mistreatment by some whites and hate groups there exists a bond of mistrust that is yet to be broken. Descendants of slaves and those who have been mistreated in modern times are subjected to scorn and ridicule by peers who view an attempt to receive a good education in an unfavorable light. Although there are many variables and much history in this scenario, it is tinged with fear of the unknown by association. It is an example of not being able to be enlightened by choice, with reason, and it impairs many peoples ability to fulfill their wants and needs.

I am also reminded of another fear of the unknown, this one based on a few sayings we encounter here and there. There is a school of thought in which people are actually better off --not-- knowing all they wish to know, based on the philosophy that there are things said and done that are so horrific and repulsive they may forever damage one's outlook, hope for humanity, etcetera. This take-off on 'ignorance is bliss' may well serve to shield and protect some in a good and just manner. Children for example should be allowed to play and live as children, growing and maturing naturally as they learn lessons in school from books, teachers and by interacting with classmates. Exposing children to certain adult privileges, habits or language best reserved for poker games in the basement isn't necessarily wise as this may result in having to dispense behavior correction that may have avoided to begin with.

In a partial manner I have to agree that there probably exists some things I as an adult would rather not know. We see in many form of news media the horrific, violent and insane manner in which people engage on a daily basis around the world. Several times every year there are those in positions of responsibility and power that are exposed for perverting others that the supposedly work to protect.

Entertainment TV continues to reach for higher ratings by continually raising the bar on the severity of subject matter. Over the years the different 'Law & Order' franchise titles has made use of real-life based incidents that expose viewers to the more vile side of mankind:

the tragedy & suffering behind the diamond / mining industry in Africa

sex tourism trade in Asian countries

underground 'white slavery' rings that abduct and sell teenagers

domestic and international paedophile rings

And it goes on and on. Sometimes I feel that things I see on TV shows and in the news, the creepier stuff, makes me lose a little more faith in humanity. I'll agree that we should not live our lives with our heads buried in the sand. On the other hand, I do not feel I grow as a person when I read about some monster in a suit & tie that was finally found out after he's been touching children for the last 30 years.


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