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A brand new Memorial on this day.

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posted on May, 29 2011 @ 07:00 PM
I was watching the local news before work this morning, what I saw and heard was so disturbing and twisted I can't find the right words to describe it, but I'll try.
A local kid was killed in Afghanistan, it was the usual method, roadside bomb. His parents were crying and his mother said we should bring our troops home, she didn't want another parent to live through what was happening to her. Like most I'm a little jaded when these stories come on, they seem to happen almost weekly around here, but this one had a twist.
A local politician was there to dedicate a memorial to this "fallen hero", a monument where all could come and remember this kid and how he died for his country. The camera fell upon a small wood and metal park bench with a tiny placque screwed to the upper most slat.
I became so angry, so utterly enraged by the incredible tragedy of a young man in the prime of life sent overseas to guard a fuc*ing pipeline that I couldn't see straight, I actually had blurred vision with a red tint to it. I wanted to tear the slats off that bench and push them straight up the politicians ass, but that would be wrong wouldn't it?
They showed still photos of the kid with family and friends as the story ended, he looked happy.
We don't need a FEMA camp. We need an AWOL camp, a camp where moms and dads can hide their kids from the scumbags who use them as pawns in their little game of chess. Take that fuc*ing uniform off and burn it, or at the very least pack it away until we really need you, like when some foreign army crosses our border and starts kicking in our doors and killing our people, kind of like we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The next generation needs to kick all the old greedy heartless evil scumbags off the stage and scrub it down so this never happens again. Vote for teachers and artists and poets not lawyers and millionaires, we see where they have taken us.

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