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Israeli-Palestinian conflict goes online

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posted on May, 28 2011 @ 09:26 PM
I found this article rather interesting. It is from Russia Today.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has reached an unlikely new field of battle, where there are no borders and no generals calling the shots. The battle is raging all over the internet, where everybody can post their point of view on the events in the Middle East.

It discusses the use of Wikipedia as a opinions forum- primarily from the Israeli standpoint

“There is no fact-checking committee or something like that [on Wikipedia],” said Dror Kamir, a board member of Wikimedia, Israel. “There is no chief editor or anything like that.”

It is said that Israel is conducting such PR operations

Naftali’s Yesha Council, which represents the Israeli settler movement, has been organising workshops to teach people how to post, revise and even rewrite some of the most disputed pages online. There is disagreement around terminology such as the word “occupation”, the history of what happened in certain conflicts, even the names of certain cities and towns.

The 'battle-field' is also un-even.

However, the Palestinians have less people to send in, which is why the battlefield is not equal, according to Abed al-Nasser, who heads the Association of Palestinian Journalists.

On these forums groups such as the Jewish Internet Defence Force are already well known. It is sad that the lies of Israel "knows no bounds" and that in order to provote a positive image they pay internet users to promote their message and they provide training for this as well.
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posted on May, 28 2011 @ 09:28 PM
this has been going on for a while now...I'm pretty sure we've seen some of them on boards here as well trying to sway public opinion in different ways

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