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LYBIA, democracy and little arrangement between friends

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posted on May, 1 2011 @ 12:19 PM

i was reading articles about lybia when i found this article on ufo blooger i was very suprise, i don't know very well lybia and the much i know was about Ghadfi and his relation with france... they was good before the war.

i'm just providing an information so please don't start the same old bashing without good statement.

thank you

first this video

this what you found out on watching this video.

* Libya GDP per capita - $ 14,192
* Libyan Unemployment benefit - $ 730
* Each Libyan family member subsidized by the state gets annually $ 1.000
* Salary for nurses - $ 1.000
* For every newborn in Libya is paid $ 7.000
* Libyan bride and groom receive a $ 64 thousand to purchase flats.
* Major taxes and levies prohibited.
* To open a personal business a one-time financial assistance of $ 20.000
* Education and medicine are free in Libya.
* Educ.Internships abroad - at government expense.
* Stores for large families with symbolic prices for basic foodstuffs.
* Part of pharmacies - with free dispensing.
* Loans for buying a car and an apartment - no interest.
* Real estate services are prohibited.,
* Buying a car up to 50% paid by the State.
* No Payment for electricity for the population in Libya.
* Sales and use of alcohol is prohibited.
* Petrol is cheaper than water. 1 liter of gasoline - $ 0.14.

don"t tell me i 'm doing probaganda i'm just quoting i'm still looking for all this number ish-off.html

now i"v read some article on wikepedia about lybia

the relation with lybia and western was how could i say ,like a roller coaster... and i caught this

The United States removed Gaddafi's regime, after 27 years, from its list of states sponsoring terrorism.[133]

On October 16, 2007, Libya was elected to serve on the United Nations Security Council for two years starting in
January 2008.[134]

In February 2009, Gaddafi was selected to be chairman of the African Union for one year.

In 2009 the United Kingdom and Libya signed a prisoner-exchange agreement and then Libya requested the transfer of the convicted Lockerbie bomber, who finally returned home in August 2009.[135]

ok this is obvious this guy was on the game despite all the things he has done in the past, but something has change... why all our great leader are running like this did they jump on the opportunites to enjoy the black oil form there ex friend Ghadafi for free ? do they are preparing something much bigger... something don't fit the picture, this not the good against the bad, this is not Sadam hussein, or ben laden, why this sudden compassion for the north africa... remember the shirts in red in THAILAND blood flowed per liter on the sidewalk but no one has say let's call THE UN and lets free thoses people, why ?

there is something more insidious in all this business ... we'll know very quickly

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posted on May, 1 2011 @ 12:39 PM
Clearly this whole war is a ruse. Even if your facts do not check out we all know that someone wanted to take Gaddafi out for their own reasons it had nothing to do with protecting the innocent citizens. We are not stupid we just have no governments anymore we are the ones living with terrorist leaders and living with dictatorships.

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by Char-Lee

what could say...this is wired, but i think it will divide people within the same country, the one who think all this is a mascarade and the other who stil have faith on there governement
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