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Social issues and my look on it

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posted on May, 1 2011 @ 11:15 AM
Ladies and gentleman on ATS I wish to share my thoughts on a couple of social issues today, of which I feel the urge to share my mind..

I will try and include all kinds of social problems, illegal ways and health care BS I'm so thinking it's a load of crap with a purple ribbon knotted in a lovely model.

I will let it first be over viewed by Stargate command to avoid being banned of course. I'll try to understand but my views might be considered simple and cru, but don't let yourself guide you by it, it is just my view which has been thought about and changed a lot before it could simplified in my mind.

My apologies if I say things I expect others to be familiar with, as I'm watching the world turning more broad and wide then most people I know do... Not Bragging , but people actually tell me on occasion and I notice my thoughts to be as various as they are shared by the majority.

I'll try to sound classy and smartypants by the way... But that is actually all you are gonna get as my vocabulary is sadly disturbing limited.

Also are none of my words intended to discriminate, create hate, or as an insult. I like to say things for what they are and I'm not afraid to point out differences, this has occasionally been taken out of my initial context , most likely because of the lacking emotional response that is important to understand ones motivations and reasons to say stuff...

part one: society:

I am convinced that our differences set us apart, but for the better as they make us who we are and the to me these are the most important reasons for being attracted by the differences that make us different, alone , in groups and even as ethnic communities, which are multi cultural as it is in the Western world.

nice effected to our rulers of old who were possessed by money , power and, greed, and envious narcissistic ways of thinking that made them corrupt and tyrannical at the worst or revolutionary obsessed and totalitarian at best, in times where power meant to take what you want, whenever you want, by whatever ways necessary, and more importantly made possible by their predecessors and those who empowered them to rule...

The fact is that most Monarchs, states, governments and any other form of rule, did not get that place of power for smiling nice, shake hands and kiss the occasional baby.
Most boundaries are set with blood and sweat of unlimited people that either played that game and lost or were trying to prevent it from happening to them.

Ultimately we are divided as deep as brothers kill each other over what I think about as unimportant fleeing moments of life as it passes, or end for those who draw the short straw...

Conclusions :

We are to be blamed for the mess we so often have to put through in life, as our leaders aren not only those who can herd a flog' but at the same time the ones with negative motivations for their reasons wanting them to rule.
We have allowed ourselves either by negligence or stupidity to be played and fooled into the creation of these ruling class places in society.

For as long as scripture takes us back to a time of Sumerian s,Gods, Demons, and wars, very much similar as wars we have today, for similar goals, reasons and stupidities even today... as a species we have been put on hold. For the same crap as 6000 years ago.

So please mystical shamans and new age enlightened ones, go ponder about that for while before creating the same scenarios for another 6000 years in the future.

Ay one coming fort with a savior , as in Christ, Aliens, or mutual agreeing people will be sot on site... For wating time we could have used to better ourselves instead of simply accepting their little part as a dadr in a clock waiting fo a watchmaker that has made it walk by itself.. A true and everlasting ( for as long as it lasts ) Perpetual motion device

**I will address my thoughts in topical boundaries for reasons of possible removal due to ATS terms and conditions.**

After some good advice and reassessment of what I actually wrote I removed this part accept for a tiny bit neccessary to mention the second reason.
They are notoriously bad for your health

But I'm rambling on issues I have of my own lacking talent in hitting a ball with a body part created for running.
**** are illegal because when left in the open, they can cause whole societies to simply stop working properly, unable to defend or steered in ways the ruling class had hoped it would be.

It is a weapon.

You can thank my old rulers for that. when they created the first corporate bossinesses called the VOC

By the way also herbal cures and remedies are now illegal to be sold in public. or so it seems.

It's called the Codex alimentary in Europe I belief the states have a better name for it but strikingly similar. So people won't get hurt and die from bad poison ivy.

Study that one it holds in a lot more then you would think and will lead to individual control beyond what your doctors advised you not so long ago.

I do not believe the whole world is out there to get you actually... I believe there is more good then bad in mankind... Only the bad is way better organized and its only true weapon is dividing the masses... It is not persé a dead end loop IMHO

Last and final on my list of 3 basic ingredients. Health care !

part 3 ]Healthcare:

These days everything is bad for you and it all causes cancer and pain an agony..

Well lets face it cancer these days is almost a given once you top 50 or 60 years of age, but people died at that age not too long ago .. But now nobody is even allowed to die before they have paid of their pension funds and broke a hip... again to many of that happening and you become a financial loss of future profit... So people please behave. will ya.

The industrial age has made us watch our health and given us the means of actually prevent sickness and death to a point where there have never been so many people on this world as they are now in the last 100.000 years.. or ever since Lake Toba went all mental un our mothe and caused a massive zit to splatter the survace as nast as it could possibly get, without getting hit by a space rock that is or beam of laser or whatever.

We've also managed to create so much waste and produce so much toxic waste the livable planet for us has become a hazard zone... Cancer is mutation on a cellular level usual causing a out of control cell dividing. Which will either consume or suppress any normal cells from their area. These kind of mutation are only possible by two things and two things alone. Radiation that causes our DNA to mutate and form unstable bonds and trades that will lead to cancer, and our immune system which is our only true way of protection against thes mutations by repairing the damage or make it harmless.

Ring a bell ?

Everything we do too much will cause your immune system to work less good... Over stimulation and even destruction of it will make cancer a dead give away.. But... it is not the smoking or drinking, or papillae germ that causes cancer. or better said creates a perfect scenario for it to develop.
It is all the wast and chemicals we've been polluting in our environment since we started creating these toxins... That now create the perfect setting for smoking or whatever to actually become a factor capable of causing the bucket to overflow...

We are bound to hit rock bottom and we still let them go through with the dividing and propaganda, and polluting whatever else we all think is bad...

We will die before the end of this century.. but IMO it would be a crime from us to simply stand and look how the survival of our species and gene line will become so disturbingly low...

And all we did was waiting for our spiritual here who appears to us when we are to crazy...
Fact is life will flourish with or without our presence... at least give the ET's out their the finger... And have the guts to respect our mother enough for actually trying to stop us from destroying her stuff. And for the sad reason on not having to tell our grand children... We just stand there and watched... How it went down all of it one by one...

For those of you still reading. Please my out most respect for your ability to read me whine and write some of my thoughts.

Thank you very much.

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posted on May, 1 2011 @ 06:23 PM
I would love to hear any comments... Here which I will be willing to discuss

That was the point a bit


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