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Getting past the ‘Viability’ Marketing Scam & ‘Wasting Vote’ Misconception

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 12:41 PM
In this very very good article, called "The Anatomy of a Viable Candidate- Getting past the ‘Viability’ Marketing Scam & ‘Wasting Vote’ Misconception" Sibel Edmonds- arguably one of the most famous whistleblowers ever, shows us how she deals with the seeming never ending paradox of how to justify voting for someone when your vote may SEEM wasted.

During the last two years I have been engaging in a certain ritual each time I get together with friends or acquaintances. Usually this is how it goes: we chat about how much ‘worse’ things have gotten since Obama became president, on issues from expansion of our imperialistic wars to illegal domestic spying to fiasco-ridden bailouts to the continuation of torture and assassination programs… At some point during these intense discussions I lean over the table, look directly in my companion’s eyes and say the following: ‘Come on, admit it, and admit it loud and clear, with no ifs or buts. Say it; say I wasted my vote.’ The reaction is usually something like this: ‘I really had hopes for this guy,’ or ‘considering the other evil I didn’t have much of a choice,’ or something along these lines. But as you may know I don’t give up that easily, so I press harder: ‘whatever the reason, do you now see your vote as completely misplaced and wasted?! If so, just say it.’ To make a long story short, I usually succeed. I get them to admit, loud and clear, with each syllable emphasized: Yes! I wasted my vote.

Let me explain my intentions before you take me as someone who gets some sort of a perverse pleasure in being proved right, or, rubbing people’s noses in their mistakes. Because I don’t take any pleasure whatsoever from this particular ritual, neither do I consider myself some sort of winner in a competition. I engage in this ritual because I truly believe in ‘admitting to our fallacies’ as the first step in getting over them and or not repeating our past mistakes. It is one thing to be objective enough to criticize one’s chosen candidate, but it is a totally different ball game when we take responsibility and own up to our own role in creating or putting in place the wrong candidate. And I believe three major mistakes we as a nation repeatedly commit are the following:

1- Buying into our Media’s Marketing Scam in Creating a ‘Viability’ Illusion

2- Believing in & Repeating the Myth of Wasting One’s Vote

3- The Lesser of Two Evils Mentality

Visit the article on her website for the complete and compelling version:

Now considering her inside knowledge of what goes on in Washington, and who the players are, I found it curious that it appears she supports Ron Paul. The logical choice. The man is the only hope this country has of getting out from under the oppressing thumbs of the Fed and the MIC. Vote for anyone else, and you are INDEED wasting your vote. SCREW that "lesser of two evils" BS. It is time to put someone in office not beholden to the elite.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 09:15 AM
In light of the fact that our hero Ron Paul has just announced his candidacy for 2012, I am raising this thread again. It will help understand how to get out of the dangerous mindset of voting with the mainstream, and offers insight on how to feel even better about voting for Ron Paul.

I am surprised not even a single comment on this excellent article?

Ok, maybe I am not surprised. The trite is what matters around here anymore. ATS= entertainment. So read and be entertained with the truth.


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