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Texas in Line of Fire - Radiation Particles Fuelling Fires!

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 04:36 AM
The issue being overlooked is the presence of radiation in the burned areas. Radioactive particles cling to the ash being generated by the fires and swept across the state, bringing the radiation from the atmosphere down to the ground. This radiation contaminates the soil and the things that the soil produces. The radioactive particles in the soil send out invisible Gamma Radioactive rays, like an invisible fire.

Each and every one of those tiny particles is radioactive, but in a slightly different way. You can think of the lighter elements, like Iodine, as if they are the mellow yellow coals, barely hot and turning to ash quickly. The heavier elements, like Plutonium, are immensely hot and throwing sparks, they are the white hot burning coals. The more radioactive ash that is spread emits stronger and more concentrated Gamma rays.

This is a real doomsday scenario - TSHF

Ash spreads to neighboring states
Reported by CNN

"We're actually seeing Texas burn from border to border. We've got it in west Texas, in east Texas, in north Texas, in south Texas -- it's all over the state," Forest Service spokeswoman April Saginor told CNN Radio. "We've got one in the Dallas area that's four fires that have actually merged together."
As the ash spreads towards the borders of Texas, surrounding areas must brace for the impact. Local recordings must be taken and reported to ensure the safety of the population.

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 04:52 AM
lmao.. Real World Scenario:

THE WORLD: "Awe that sucks.. But you know what is exciting?! Seeing what assholes we get playing for the Dolphins this year! and OMG the HEAT ARE SUCKING! That's really bad news guys.."

LAKER FANS: "Hey you know what? Lets burn Le Bron James jerseys because he left the Lakers!!"

GUY: "Hey, I have a better idea.. you know how the federal reserve stole our money? Lets burn our money!!!"

THE WORLD: "You must be out of your mind! How about, YOU burn YOUR money, and I'll keep mine? Or you know what? If you feel like destroying money so much, how about you let me have it and I'll get rid of it for you?"

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